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Color TV Day is celebrated annually on June 25 and is dedicated to celebrating the vibrant world of color television that so drastically transformed the entertainment industry. Prior to the invention of color TV, families would huddle around their black and white screens, engrossed in their favorite programs. However, color television brought an entirely new dimension to viewers’ experience.

On this day, we appreciate the colorful era of broadcasting it ushered in, revolutionizing the way we watch and perceive television shows.

History of Color TV Day

Color TV Day, observed annually on June 25th, marks an important milestone in television’s evolution. This day in 1951 saw the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) give the green light to the first-ever color television standards, put forward by the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS).

The journey to color television, though, began much earlier. A German inventor named A.A. Campbell-Swinton put forth a theoretical concept for electronic television as far back as 1904. Several years later, Scottish inventor John Logie Baird developed a functional television system; however, it relied on a mechanical process and, despite its ability to display color images, couldn’t be practically used in households.

Fast forward to 1938, and a team from RCA, led by Richard H. Ranger, was granted a patent for a color television system. Their approach still had kinks to work out, requiring viewers to affix a color wheel to their sets.

By the 1940s and 50s, corporations and inventors alike were working tirelessly to develop a practical color television system. CBS’s field-sequential color system got the initial nod from the FCC in 1950. But, due to various factors including the Korean War and lack of mass production, the FCC changed course, approving the all-electronic and more practical color system from RCA in 1953.

Although superior, RCA’s system didn’t sell like hotcakes due to its high price tag. As a result, many industry stakeholders continued to produce and broadcast monochrome content until the mid-60s. The tide turned when color TVs became more affordable.

Indeed, the evolution of television didn’t stop with color televisions. It paved the way for clearer, detailed pictures with the advent of high-definition and ultra-high-definition technology. In homage to these progressions, we celebrate Color TV Day each year.

Color TV Day Timeline

Electromagnetic Spectrum discovered

James Clerk Maxwell demonstrated that white light is made up of various colors and these colors can be recreated using different light intensities.

First Mechanically Scanned Color Television

John Logie Baird created the first mechanically scanned color television using Nipkow disks.

CBS Demonstrates Color TV

CBS Laboratories demonstrated a color television system which was mechanical, unlike the all-electronic systems introduced by RCA.

First Broadcast of Color Television

On June 25, 1950, CBS gave the first color television broadcast in New York City using their own field-sequential color system.

NTSC color standard adoption

The National Television System Committee (NTSC) in the United States officially adopted RCA’s all-electronic color system.

First Commercially Produced Color TVs

RCA began producing color TVs for commercial sales.

Color TV Day

A national holiday designated on June 25th to mark the advent of color television and its impact on the world.

Ideas to Celebrate Color TV Day

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Color TV Day Marathon

Host a movie or TV show marathon featuring the colorful classics that highlighted the arrival of color TVs. Several episodes of beloved shows or technicolor films can make an alluring list.

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Retro TV Costume Party

Organize a costume party where guests will dress as a character from a favorite old colorful TV show. This will take everyone back to the initial days of color TV broadcasting, providing nostalgia and fun.

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Color Appreciation Art Party

Host an art party to appreciate the advent of colors in television. This could involve painting, sculpting, or any other medium that allows guests to express the importance of color creatively.

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Color TV Tech Talk

Invite a local technician or historian to give a talk on the evolution of TVs from black and white to color. This can be a fascinating educational experience for all attendees.

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Recreation of Iconic Shows

Arrange a fun event where participants have to recreate their favorite scenes from iconic color TV shows. This will not only bring laughter but also nostalgia.

6 Interesting Facts About Color TV


First Color Broadcast

CBS is considered to have held the world's first color TV broadcast on June 25, 1951. However, it was only available to the few who owned a color TV at the time.


Limited Early Adoption

Color TV sets were very expensive when first released, costing just as much as a car at almost $1300 in 1954. Due to this expense, it took a while before color TV became mainstream.


Popularity Uptick in 1960s

It was not until the mid-1960s that color TV started to become popular, with NBC leading the way in color programming.


Color War

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) initially approved an all-electronic color system developed by CBS in 1950 against the will of other players like RCA. However, this decision was later reversed and RCA's color system (compatible with black-and-white TVs) was adopted.


Limit in the UK

In the UK, color TVs were limited initially because BBC2 was the only channel broadcasting in color until 1969.


Revolution in India

Indians saw the color TV revolution later than other countries. The first color broadcast in India was the Asian Games in 1982.

Color TV Day FAQs

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