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Celebrated every year on the 8th of January, World Typing Day is a recognition of the importance of speed, accuracy, and safety in written communication. The tradition acknowledges the vital role typing skills play in our modern, technology-driven world.

This occasion is more than just a nod to keyboards and typing equipment. It underscores the value of correct and systematic typing, especially within professional settings. World Typing Day is a celebration of this universal skill that facilitates swift, accurate, and effective communication.

Ideas to Celebrate World Typing Day

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Typing Contest

Why not turn this day into a fun-filled competition of typing? You could challenge those close to you with a simple yet thrilling typing contest, to see who types the fastest or who has the most accurate speed when typing a standard passage.

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Teach Typing

Take advantage of this day by offering a typing class with no fee. This initiative helps in improving the typing skills within your community or even beyond.

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Record Setting

Take a shot at breaking or setting your personal best in typing speed. Do this by measuring your speed on your own device, or make use of the online tools available.

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Online Typing Games

Spend some relaxing time playing online typing games. You will come across several free games that are not solely about enjoyment but also about enhancing your typing speed and accuracy.

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Appreciate Typists

This is the opportunity to show your gratitude to the typists in your workspace. Acknowledge them and their incomparable skills and thank them with a possible token of appreciation.

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Social Media Challenge

Launch a challenge on various social media platforms using a unique hasthag. This could engage people to talk about their fastest typing speed or share interesting typing anecdotes.

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Create a Typing Guide

Make a simplified 'How to Type' guide particularly for beginners and distribute them in schools or digital communities.

7 Interesting Facts About Typing


Fastest Typist

The speediest typing record is held by a woman named Barbara Blackburn who was able to reach a stunning speed of 212 words per minute during a 2005 examination.


Comfort Sculpting

The peculiar arrangement of staggered keys is a throwback to the days of typewriters. This style was used to work around the restrictions of mechanical linkages. The design has remained, despite no longer necessary with digital keyboards.


QWERTY Dominance

Christopher Sholes, the person we credit with the invention of the typewriter, patented the QWERTY layout in 1873. The layout has withstood the test of time and strongly outperforms other designs.


Typist Uniqueness

Interestingly, a person's typing pattern can be as individual as their fingerprint. It's extremely distinctive to the point where it can be used to validate someone's identity with outstanding precision.


Typing and Gender

A study found that women often outpace men when it comes to typing, with women averaging about 70 words per minute, compared to men's average of 65.


The Space Key

The most extended key on the keyboard, the space bar, came from typewriters, where it was used to establish a clear space in typed copy.


Dvorak Layout

Dvorak is another keyboard layout that some believe is more efficient than QWERTY. It's designed to keep the most commonly used keys on the middle or 'home' row.

World Typing Day FAQs

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2027 January 8th Friday
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