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On November 8th each year, we celebrate World Town Planning Day. This is a day dedicated to acknowledging the significant role planning plays in shaping sustainable and thriving communities. It offers a platform for urban planners across the globe to exchange unique insights and success stories about addressing worldwide urban development issues such as housing deficits, climate shifts, social disparities, and environmental harm.

The day also underscores the profound impact of urban and regional planning on improving living conditions in human settlements, prompting conversation about imaginative tactics and effective methods for building sustainable, inclusive, and resilient cities.

History of World Town Planning Day

World Town Planning Day, also known as World Urbanism Day, was the brainchild of Professor Carlos Maria della Paolera from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina back in 1949. He put forward this initiative with the aim of highlighting the significance of planning in making communities more habitable and organized.

It was Professor Paolera’s vision to dedicate an entire day to increasing recognition of urban planning and to inspire different parts of the world to make a conscious effort towards it. He felt this event would not only bring to light the importance of environmental planning to the community but also connect professionals working in this field on a global platform.

The concept quickly found popularity and by 1950, had been adopted in 30 cities across North America along with 54 countries worldwide. While it is seen as a professional celebration, it also provides an opportunity to educate the general public and academic communities about the crucial role planning plays in managing urban spaces.

Now celebrated every year on November 8 in 30 countries across four continents, World Town Planning Day serves as a platform to bring planners together and laud the success of town planning across the world. It is particularly useful in underlining the significant contributions that good planning has made to the quality of our settlements and the environment in which we live.

World Town Planning Day Timeline

First World Town Planning Day

World Town Planning Day was founded in 1949 by the late Professor Carlos Maria della Paolera of the University of Buenos Aires.

Global Recognition

The American Institute of Planners and the American Society of Planning Officials (now both parts of the American Planning Association) endorsed the event shortly after its conception.

Habitat II Conference

Increasing urbanisation worldwide led to the UN's Habitat II conference, producing the Habitat Agenda which focused on urban management policies.

Adoption of Millennium Development Goals

The UN's Millennium Development Goals included several targets related to urban planning.

Introduction of Smart Cities

Concept of Smart Cities was introduced around the world, encouraging innovative approaches and technology-oriented solutions to urban planning problems.

Sustainable Development Goals

The UN adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in September 2015, where Goal 11 was dedicated to making cities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.

Ideas to Celebrate World Town Planning Day

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Urban Sustainability Workshop

Invite local architects, environmental consultants and other planning professionals. Discuss new trends and technologies in sustainable urban planning. Do not forget to consider the public's opinion and encourage them to voice out their ideas and concerns about your local area.

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Virtual City Tour

Provided that the city permits, arrange a virtual tour of exceptional urban planning and sustainable initiatives in your city using 360 cameras. This could encourage citizens to appreciate the design and planning of their city, and contribute ideas to further make it more livable.

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Panel Discussion

Create a panel discussion with professionals in the field of urban planning and development. Involve municipal authorities, city planners, and other local decision-makers. Discuss topics relating to the enhancement of the city or town, challenges in town planning, and how to create a more sustainable and inclusive urban environment.

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Interactive Exhibition

Showcase various fascinating aspects of town planning through an interactive exhibition or fair. This may include city model displays, information boards, presentations on the planning process, virtual reality tours, etc. Do not hesitate to invite schools and other educational institutions to educate the younger generations about urban planning.

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Planning a Dream City

Encourage young minds to imagine and design their dream city. Schools can hold an art competition where students may create an art representation of what they envision their city should look like in the future. This will foster early awareness and interest in urban planning.

6 Interesting Facts About World Town Planning Day


Worldwide Recognition

The day is recognized in more than 30 countries across the world.


Main Objective

The main objective of this day is to promote the role of planning in the creation and management of sustainable communities, highlighting the contributions sound planning has made to the quality of global human settlements and environments.


Online Conferences

Started in 2009, online conferences are held to mark this day where industry professionals come together to discuss various aspects related to town planning.


Different Themes Each Year

Each year, World Town Planning Day is celebrated with a different theme, focusing on a particular aspect of planning. Past themes have ranged from housing, transportation, energy and climate change, to infrastructure.


Planning School Activities

Many planning schools around the world organize special events for their students such as alumni gatherings, lectures, panel discussions and site visits in honour of World Town Planning Day.


For Future Generations

World Town Planning Day emphasizes the responsibility and commitment of planners to future generations, particularly in terms of sustainable development and careful planning of our communities.

World Town Planning Day FAQs

Next World Town Planning Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 November 8th Wednesday
2024 November 8th Friday
2025 November 8th Saturday
2026 November 8th Sunday
2027 November 8th Monday
What is the pattern? Every November 8th

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