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Celebrated worldwide on the third Sunday in January, World Snow Day is an initiative led by the International Ski Federation (FIS). This worldwide event aims to encourage everyone to explore the exciting recreational activities and sports that snow offers. Appreciation of the beauty and benefits of winter is also championed on this day.

On World Snow Day, people of all ages can get involved in various events including snowboarding and skiing competitions, building snowmen, hot cocoa parties, as well as many other exciting snow activities. These events are open to all, from novices to experienced professionals.

History of World Snow Day

The inception of World Snow Day took place on the 22nd of January, 2012, and it was brought to life by the International Ski Federation (FIS). The origin of this idea stemmed from 2007 when a noticeable reduction in participation in snow sports across many countries began to concern the federation deeply. To counteract this trend, especially among young people, the federation decided to promote these sports.

Thus, after several years of thorough planning, the very first World Snow Day was held in 2012. This groundbreaking event witnessed hundreds of activities in 39 different nations. The principal aim was to give children and their families a chance to revel in the snow’s beauty, enjoy, and understand it in a secure, well-planned environment. Encouraging participation in a variety of winter fun activities was a significant part of this plan. Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and engaging in different snow games were just some of them.

Fast forward to the recent past, in 2019 to be precise, World Snow Day had managed to capture global attention with over 400 events taking place in 45 countries. The day is now a widely celebrated event, observed on every third Sunday of January each year, encompassing global participation. It’s evolved as one of the significant global endeavors centered around snow activities and winter sports.

The main aim of FIS remains the same, to introduce snow activities and sports to a wider audience who may not have had exposure to such experiences before. Ultimately, encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle forms the crux of World Snow Day. Additionally, the preservation of winter environments is equally stressed and placed high in its agenda.

World Snow Day Timeline

First Skis

Rock carvings in Norway suggest the use of skis.

Word 'Ski'

The word 'ski' enters the Old Norse language, which means 'cleft wood'.

First Ski Competition

The first public ski competition is held in Tromsø, Norway

Modern Skiing

Sondre Norheim, the father of modern skiing, invents the telemark ski and ski binding.

Inception of World Snow Day

The first-ever World Snow Day was organised by the International Ski Federation (FIS).

Increased Participation

World Snow Day continues to gain momentum with events even in countries without natural snow.

Ideas to Celebrate World Snow Day

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Snow Art Contest

Arrange a fun-filled contest where everyone makes unique artworks using snow. It could range from sculpting to making two-dimensional drawings on the snow surface. Celebrate the winning creations with special awards.

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Snow Sports Challenge

Arrange different snow-related sports such as skiing, snowboarding, or old-school snowball fights. Engage all participants in a warm spirit of sportsmanship, and top off the day with delicious hot chocolate.

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Winter Photography Contest

Call upon all shutterbugs to capture the beauty of a snow-filled landscape or the joy of family members playing in the snow. The best snaps can win exciting prizes or tokens.

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Snow Science Experiments

A day filled with interesting snow-themed science experiments would be a hit among kids and adults alike. This may include fascinating insights about snowflakes, ice-related experiments, or even finding and studying animal footprints in the snow.

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Ice Sculpture Event

An event that invites local artists or residents to fashion stunning ice sculptures could be a great addition to World Snow Day. There may be an ice carving contest with a prize for the best sculpture.

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Winter Wildlife Watching

Take a group out on a guided tour to observe and appreciate wildlife in a snowy environment. Provide everyone with binoculars and information guides for a fun day in the wild.

7 Interesting Facts About Snow


No Two Snowflakes are Alike

You've probably heard the expression that 'no two snowflakes are the same.' This is fundamentally true, given that even though two snowflakes can appear similar, differences at the microscopic level ensure that each one is uniquely structured.


Snow is not White

While we perceive snow as being white in color, it's actually colorless. The reason it appears white is that it scatters light in every color, and when these colors blend, our eyes interpret it as white.


Record for Largest Snowflake

The largest snowflake ever documented was observed in 1887 in Montana, USA. It was reported to have a diameter of 15 inches (38 cm).


Echo-free Snow

The acoustical silence following a snowfall is because fresh snow absorbs sound due to its porous structure, making the environment nearly free of echoes. Hence, it often seems quieter outside after a substantial snowfall.


Snow in Sahara

Although exceedingly rare, snowfall has occurred in the Sahara Desert. One such instance happened in January 2022 when snow fell and remained on the ground near Ain Sefra, Algeria — marking the fifth time in 40 years


Igloos are Warm

Contrary to what one might think, igloos can maintain an internal temperature of up to 16 degrees Celsius even when the external temperature plummets to -45 degrees Celsius. This is a testament to snow's remarkable properties as an insulator.


World’s Biggest Snow Maze

The largest snow maze in the world is situated in Canada, specifically in St. Adolphe, Manitoba at a place called 'A Maze in Corn.' This incredible snow construction was recognized by the Guinness World Records in 2019.

World Snow Day FAQs

Next World Snow Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 January 15th Sunday
2024 January 21st Sunday
2025 January 19th Sunday
2026 January 18th Sunday
2027 January 17th Sunday
What is the pattern? Third Sunday of January

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