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The 5th of February is a day of unity and joy for all Nutella enthusiasts as we celebrate World Nutella Day. This annual event is set aside to honor and relish the sweetness of the globally recognized chocolate-hazelnut spread, Nutella. It’s a day to showcase the many ways you can enjoy Nutella—be it piled high on a pancake, generously spread across a slice of toast, or simply savored directly from your spoon.

On World Nutella Day, we invite you to join in the delicious festivity and revel in the rich and delectable flavor of your beloved spread.

History of World Nutella Day

World Nutella Day is a tradition that began back in 2007 and was conceived by Sara Rosso, an American expat residing in Italy. A big fan of Nutella herself, Sara established this day to pay tribute to this beloved hazelnut spread and introduce it to more people worldwide.

Originally, she celebrated the day by playing around with Nutella-based cuisines, trying new recipes, and inviting fellow Nutella lovers to share in the joy. The idea was to create a cheerful, enjoyable, and unique celebration around Nutella.

What began as a simple love for Nutella soon appealed to a global audience. Nutella connoisseurs started using the day to share their own creations, pictures, poems, and art, showcasing the love for this famous spread.

However, in May 2013, a small hiccup arose when Ferrero, the company behind Nutella, requested Sara to cease utilizing the brand name, citing trademark protection. Thankfully, the issue quickly resolved in a manner beneficial for Sara, Nutella-lovers, and Ferrero, after a show of support on social media for World Nutella Day.

Recognizing the enthusiasm and reach of World Nutella Day, Sara handed over the reins to Ferrero in 2015, and since then, World Nutella Day has only increased in popularity. Now, on February 5th each year, fans celebrate World Nutella Day in various countries worldwide. As part of the celebration, fans share their love for Nutella on social media using the hashtag #worldnutelladay and share innovative ways to enjoy the spread.

World Nutella Day Timeline

Pietro Ferrero's Confectionery Shop

Italian pastry maker Pietro Ferrero opens his small confectionery shop in Alba, in the Piedmont region of Italy.

Launch of Giandujot

Pietro Ferrero launched a solid block of chocolate and hazelnuts called 'Giandujot', which would later evolve into Nutella.

Transformation of Giandujot

Giandujot was transformed into a creamy version called 'SuperCrema' due to a change in the recipe.

The Birth of Nutella

Michele Ferrero, Pietro's son, modifies the composition of 'Supercrema' and renames it 'Nutella'.

Inauguration of World Nutella Day

The inaugural World Nutella Day. It was initiated by American blogger Sara Rosso in Italy to celebrate the spread.

Ferrero Officially Recognizes World Nutella Day

Ferrero officially recognized World Nutella Day, and took over its organization to celebrate the product internationally.

Ideas to Celebrate World Nutella Day

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Nutella Bake-Off

Organize a fun cooking contest with friends or family where Nutella is the key ingredient. Whether it's Nutella-inspired cupcakes, pizzas, or tailored creations, this flavorful event will sure to be a hit.

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Nutella Breakfast Day

Start your day with a palatable Nutella treat. You can indulge in a Nutella toast, a stack of Nutella-filled pancakes, or a refreshing Nutella and banana smoothie. It's a sweet way to start the day.

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Nutella Themed Party

Why not arrange a Nutella-themed gathering? Request every guest to create and bring a dish with Nutella. Accompany the delicious spread with decorations inspired by Nutella for a fully-themed experience.

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Nutella Donation to Local Shelters

Consider giving jars of Nutella to nearby food pantries or homeless shelters. Celebrating the day by providing comfort and love through Nutella could mean a lot to those who need it.

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Share Nutella Love

Share a jar of Nutella with someone special. More than a delicious treat, it's a simple gesture that shows you care.

5 Interesting Facts About Nutella


Originally a Loaf

In the beginning, Nutella had a different form. It was a sliceable loaf called 'Giandujot.' Then post WWII, it was transformed to 'SuperCrema' spread before becoming the Nutella we know today.


Palm Oil usage

Nutella is a substantial consumer of global palm oil, taking up about one-fourth of its total production.


Nearly Swept the Globe

If you could weigh the annual production of Nutella, it would be the same weight as the Empire State Building in New York City.


German War History

The historical origin of Nutella traces back to Italy during the second World War. It was the invention of a local baker who wanted to extend his limited chocolate rations.


One of the Largest Buyers of Hazelnuts

Ferrero, the parent company making Nutella, is responsible for purchasing a whopping 25% of all hazelnuts produced worldwide.

World Nutella Day FAQs

Next World Nutella Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 February 5th Sunday
2024 February 5th Monday
2025 February 5th Wednesday
2026 February 5th Thursday
2027 February 5th Friday
What is the pattern? Every February 5th

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