World Hunger Day is a worldwide initiative focused on bringing attention to chronic global hunger and its devastating impacts, as well as promoting sustainable solutions for its eradication. This day, observed every year on May 28, underlines the reality that hunger is less about an absence of food and more about a web of intertwined socio-economic and political complications.

Everyone from individuals to organizations, and governments band together on this day to tackle this urgent problem in the quest for a world where everyone can access sufficient, nutritious food and thus, live a healthy life.

History of World Hunger Day

The Hunger Project in the UK launched World Hunger Day for the first time on May 28th, 2011. This worldwide annual observance aims to highlight and boost understanding about issues of hunger and the necessity for long-lasting solutions to hunger and poverty. The core mission of The Hunger Project revolves around eradicating hunger and poverty by pioneering ground-level, female-led strategies and advocating for their adoption at a global scale.

Each year, World Hunger Day focuses on specific hunger and poverty-related themes. For instance, the debut event revolved around ‘Durable Solutions to Hunger and Poverty’. The year after that, the event underlined ‘Sustainable Self-Reliance’, putting emphasis on the critical need for individuals to lead self-reliant lives.

The prime goal of World Hunger Day across the years has been to shed light on the lives of those dealing with chronic hunger and also to acknowledge the strides made in reducing hunger.

Present day sees World Hunger Day gaining prominence and attracting a wider audience, with involvement from various entities like governmental bodies, non-governmental organizations, local communities, and individuals spread across the world, all joining hands on this day to tackle the ongoing problem of global hunger.

World Hunger Day Timeline

Establishment of the World Food Programme

The UN establishes the World Food Programme with a mandate to end global hunger and improve nutrition worldwide.

First World Food Conference

The first World Food Conference is held by the UN calling for urgent action to resolve the food crisis and improve global food security.

Millennium Declaration

The United Nations Millennium Declaration includes the aim to halve the proportion of people who suffer from hunger by 2015.

Global Food Crisis

Rising food prices worldwide lead to a global crisis, affecting the poorest populations the most and increasing global hunger.

Establishment of World Hunger Day

The Hunger Project establishes World Hunger Day to raise awareness of the ongoing issue of global hunger and celebrate sustainable solutions.

Sustainable Development Goals

The UN introduces the Sustainable Development Goals, replacing the Millennium Development Goals.

Ideas to Celebrate World Hunger Day

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Food Drive

Hold a community-wide food drive where everyone can participate by bringing canned goods and nonperishable items. These resources can be donated to local food banks for distribution to those who are struggling with hunger.

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Virtual Fundraiser

Organize an online fundraiser or webinar that can be focused on the problem of world hunger with an optional donation. The funds raised can be donated to any reputed nonprofit organization that works toward ending hunger.

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Awareness Campaign

Run a social media challenge or campaign that raises awareness about global hunger. Encourage participants to post content related to the topic, and share facts and resources for combating hunger both locally and worldwide.

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Volunteer at a Local Food Bank

Gather a group of people and spend a day volunteering at a local food bank or soup kitchen. This hands-on experience can be highly rewarding and educational.

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Educational Webinar

Organize an online webinar with experts on world hunger issues. They can address its causes, consequences, and potential solutions, thus raising awareness among the attendees and empowering them with knowledge.

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Workshops for Sustainable Farming

Conduct workshops on sustainability and farming. This can include presenters showing how to grow vegetables and herbs even in small spaces like home windows or balconies, promoting self-reliance.

6 Interesting Facts About World Hunger Day


Global Participation

World Hunger Day events happen worldwide. People across the globe unite to raise awareness and inspire solutions for ending hunger.


Focus of World Hunger Day

World Hunger Day focuses not only on raising awareness about the 800 million people living in chronic hunger worldwide, but also on celebrating sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty.


15 Million Children Affected

According to UNICEF, 19 million children under the age of 5 suffer from severe acute malnutrition due to insufficient food, also known as famine.


Impact on Women and Girls

Hunger disproportionately affects women and girls. 60 percent of the world’s hungriest people are women and girls.


Human Capital & Economic Growth

World Hunger Day highlights how solving hunger and poverty leads to sustainable environmental, social and economic changes, including economic growth and the creation of job opportunities.


Role of Sustainable Agriculture

World Hunger Day emphasizes on the importance of sustainable agriculture in eradicating hunger and transforming lives.

World Hunger Day FAQs

Next World Hunger Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 May 28th Sunday
2024 May 28th Tuesday
2025 May 28th Wednesday
2026 May 28th Thursday
2027 May 28th Friday
What is the pattern? Every May 28th

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