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On the 29th of May every year, we recognize World Digestive Health Day. This international observance emphasizes the importance of understanding, preventing, and treating issues related to our digestive health. The World Gastroenterology Organisation spearheads this initiative and each year the spotlight falls on different aspects of digestive health.

The overall objective is to raise awareness, facilitate access to necessary treatments, and propagate knowledge on prevention strategies for a variety of digestive ailments.

History of World Digestive Health Day

World Digestive Health Day (WDHD) is a global initiative established by the World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO) and the WGO Foundation. The objective is to enhance knowledge and generate awareness about the prevention, incidence, diagnosis, control, and treatment of digestive health diseases and conditions. The inaugural WDHD was commemorated on May 29, 2005, and since then, it is celebrated every year on the same date.

The WGO, each year, emphasizes a specific digestive disease or disorder to concentrate attention on for the planned day. In partnership with its member societies, WGO runs a variety of global campaigns, educational initiatives, and scientific events to disseminate vital information globally. Over time, WDHD has offered a platform for the global community to illustrate and comprehend an assortment of digestive health issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diseases related to the liver, gut microbes, the correlation of diet and gut health, heartburn, and cancer that affects the digestive tract.

WDHD aims not just to heighten awareness among the public and professionals, but also to foster the application of more useful preventative and control measures, along with improving health care services for these health issues. It seeks to motivate more in-depth research into these conditions. The focus changes yearly; nonetheless, the continuous emphasis is on enhancing knowledge about digestive health problems, embracing both professionals in the field and the general public.

World Digestive Health Day Timeline

Hippocrates’s Views on Diet

Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates believed that ‘bad humours’ in the body, affected by diet, were behind disease.

Introduction of Herbal Medicine

Herbs were used in Europe as a common form of treatment for digestive issues.

Stethoscope Invention

Rene Laennec invented the Stethoscope revolutionizing the diagnosis and study of the digestive system.

Gastric Acid Study

Significant progression in the study of gastric acid and its role in digestion.

Probiotic Revolution

Intensive research began into the use of probiotics for digestive health.

Prebiotics Emergence

Introduction of prebiotics as an essential part of maintaining gut health.

Inauguration of World Digestive Health Day

The World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO) launched the World Digestive Health Day (WDHD) for the first time.

Ideas to Celebrate World Digestive Health Day

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Healthy Cooking Workshop

Organize a workshop where a nutritionist or dietitian cooks delicious and healthy foods that are easy on the digestive system and offers tips on how to maintain digestive health.

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Digestive Health Awareness Marathon

Host a marathon or a fun run event that promotes activity for better digestive health. Encourage participants to come dressed in costumes related to the digestive system to make the event more fun and educational.

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Morning Yoga for Digestive Health

Invite a yoga instructor to teach a special class focused on poses that aid in digestion. End the class by offering healthy snacks and drinks that are good for the gut.

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Educational Seminar

Invite a specialist in digestive health to give an informative session about common digestive problems and how to prevent them. This could be done in a community center or even as a webinar.

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Healthy Recipe Contest

Organize a healthy recipe contest, inviting participants to submit their best recipes that promote digestive health. The winning recipe can be distributed in the community or online as a way of educating about good digestive health practices.

8 Interesting Facts About Digestive Health


Your Gut, Your Second Brain

The digestive system, specifically your gut, is often referred to as the 'second brain'. This is due to the enteric nervous system, which can operate independently from the rest of the nervous system and is responsible for managing every aspect of digestion.


Bacteria Buddies

The human gut contains about 100 trillion bacteria, far more than the number of cells in our bodies. These bacteria, also known as gut flora, play a vital role in our health by helping digest leftovers food, producing essential vitamins and providing protection against harmful micro-organisms.


Gut Feeling

Ever had a 'gut feeling'? This could be due to the connection between the gut and the brain. Certain types of gut bacteria can help produce neurotransmitters which impacts mood and behavior.


Stomach Acid Strength

The acid in your stomach is powerful enough to dissolve metal. This is because it has a pH of 1.5-2, about the same as vinegar.


Digestion Starts in the Mouth

Digestion starts in the mouth - not the stomach. Saliva not only breaks down food into simple sugars, causing sweet foods to taste sweeter, but it also helps to soften the food into a bolus that can be easily swallowed.


Diet Affects Gut Bacteria

The food you eat significantly impacts the types of bacteria that live inside you. Those who consume diverse plant-based foods tend to have more diverse gut bacteria which is linked to better health.


Power of Fiber

A high-fiber diet helps to reduce the risk of developing diverticulosis, haemorrhoids and constipation. It also helps to maintain a healthy weight.


Super Speedy Absorption

Your small intestine, if spread out would cover a tennis court. It's in the small intestine that most of the nutrition absorption takes place.

World Digestive Health Day FAQs

Next World Digestive Health Day Dates

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2023 May 29th Monday
2024 May 29th Wednesday
2025 May 29th Thursday
2026 May 29th Friday
2027 May 29th Saturday
What is the pattern? Every May 29th

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