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World Breast Pumping Day -

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The 27th of January marks a significant global event known as World Breast Pumping Day. This annual celebration acknowledges and applauds the efforts of millions of mothers worldwide who embrace the commitment to breastfeeding and pumping milk for their little ones. The day aims to foster empowerment, togetherness and provide much-needed encouragement to mothers who express milk for their babies.

Apart from promoting community support, this important day also raises awareness about the challenges faced by breastfeeding mothers and how breast pumping serves as a convenient solution, particularly for working mothers or those who encounter difficulties with direct breastfeeding.

History of World Breast Pumping Day

The history of breast pumping dates back to ancient times, when women performed manual milk expression for various reasons. Significant development in breast pump technology didn’t take stride until the mid 19th Century. The first patent for a manual breast pump, essentially a syringe that sucked milk out from the breast, was issued during this period. Although these designs weren’t comfortable or hygienic, they marked a starting point for future innovations.

In the 1920s, mechanical breast pumps were introduced. These pumps were among the first to emulate a suckling infant’s pattern, marking a significant milestone in the advancement of breast pump technology. However, these mechanical pumps were impractical for everyday use.

Notable advances in design occurred in the 1940s, credited to Swedish engineer, Einar Egnell. He developed a pump design that mimicked an infant’s sucking pattern almost perfectly, revolutionizing breast pump technology and setting a standard for hospital-grade pumps that still influences designs today.

The invention of the first electric breast pumps in the 1950s brought a substantial improvement, particularly for mothers who couldn’t nurse. These pumps were generally large, noisy, and not user-friendly but were a significant advancement over manual pumps. The first portable electric pump, the Medela Classic, arrived in the market in 1991, enabling easier pumping at home or work.

Modern-day breast pumps have evolved in efficiency, portability, and affordability. Nowadays, they range from manual pumps to hands-free models and smart pumps that can track and control pumping through a mobile app. The purpose, however, remains the same across time: to aid mothers in providing breast milk for their infants when direct breastfeeding is not possible.

World Breast Pumping Day Timeline

First Breast Pump

The first patent for a breast pump was filed by Orwell Needham in New York.

Hands-Free Breast Pump

Joel S. Gilbert invented a breast pump with two bulbs for milk collection and suction.

Introduction of Egnell SMBTM

Swedish engineer Einar Egnell developed the first hospital grade electric breast pump

Hospital Grade Pumps

Medela introduced the first hospital-grade breast pump available for rental or purchase.

Portable Breast Pumps

Medela introduces its first breast pump that is not intended for in-hospital use.

Modern Day Breast Pumps

Modern-day breast pumps have added features like lightweight portability, quiet operation, and smart capabilities to track pumping sessions.

Ideas to Celebrate World Breast Pumping Day

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Donation Drive

Coordinate with healthcare facilities or local groups to conduct donation campaigns for breast pumps and associated breastfeeding equipment. This will greatly help mothers in financial strain.

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Workshop Series

Get lactation experts and mothers who've experienced breastfeeding together for insightful workshops, either online or physically. Subjects addressed could include selecting an appropriate pump, storing breast milk and creating a breastfeeding-friendly environment at work.

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Pumping Appreciation Photoshoot

Arrange a photographic session portraying mothers comfortably pumping their breast milk at ease. Celebrate their commitment and acknowledge the effort it takes to nourish their babies.

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Breast Pump Tech Fair

Invite representatives who manufacture or sell breast pumps to showcase innovative or upcoming products. This technology fair can be held online or at local community venues.

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Promote Pump-At-Work Policies

Advocate for work environments that support breastfeeding. Encourage businesses to incorporate lactation breaks along with providing suitable areas or rooms for pumping mothers.

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Fostering Mommy Friendships

Facilitate a social event for mothers who express milk. This will help them to create a solid support system and exchange experiences from their breastfeeding journey.

6 Interesting Facts About Breast Pumping


Same Illness Resistance

Breast milk is renowned for offering baby's digestive system a shield against germs, protecting them from diseases. Even as an mother's body fights off illness, it sends protective antibodies to the infant via her milk. This protective advantage prevails, even when breast milk is pumped, stored and consumed later.


Breast Pumps Help Maintain Your Milk Supply

Breast pumps are beneficial when a mother is unable to nurse directly due to being away from her infant. Regular use of breast pumps sends signals to the mother's body to continue producing breast milk.


Pumping is not a True Indicator of Milk Supply

One should understand that the quantity of milk a mother can pump is not equivalent to the quantity of milk she produces. Infants are far better at extracting milk than a pump.


Breast Pumps Can Alleviate Engorgement

Engorgement, an uncomfortable condition where the breasts are overwhelmed with excess milk, can be relieved by using a breast pump to remove enough milk and alleviate discomfort.


Breast Pumps and Milk Expression

Breast pumps are not just tools for milk extraction. They assist in expressing milk by stimulating the nipples and boosting levels of oxytocin, a hormone that aids in the let-down reflex, thereby facilitating the process of breastfeeding or pumping.


Created by a Woman

The modern-day electric breast pump owes its existence to a woman, known as 'The First Lady of Breast Pumps', Einar Egnell, who patented it in the 1950s. This revolutionary invention enabled gentler and more efficient suction, mimicking an infant's natural suckling pattern.

World Breast Pumping Day FAQs

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