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Bearded friends and fans, get ready to mark your calendars! The first Saturday in September is not just any ordinary day - it’s World Beard Day! It’s a time to come together and celebrate the glory of beards in all their shapes and styles. This event isn’t limited to a single country; it’s a worldwide affair, where people with beards, and those who love them, participate in everything from fun gatherings to beard-themed competitions.

It’s not just about showing off your whiskers; the day often includes doing good deeds, too, as many events are linked with local charities. So, whether you’ve got a chin curtain, a handlebar mustache, or just a fondness for facial fuzz, this is the day to embrace the joy of beards.

History of World Beard Day

Beards have been a symbol of many things — strength, wisdom, masculinity, and status — throughout history in different societies, and their popularity has swung back and forth over the centuries. Today, we have World Beard Day, a yearly event where folks around the world celebrate the bearded lifestyle.

The celebration happens on the first Saturday of September, a day when people who sport facial hair get together to have fun and show off their beards in all their glory. Folks mark the day with all sorts of activities: from friendly meet-ups and outdoor BBQs to full-on competitions awarding prizes for different beard categories like ‘Wildest Beard’ or ‘Most Creative Shape.’

Alongside fun and games, World Beard Day also encourages people to take pride in their facial hair, with many events focusing on grooming and styling. Charity also plays a big role, with many beard lovers using the day to raise money for good causes – making it more than just a celebration of facial hair but also a day of giving back.

The recent boost in beard popularity has a lot to do with contemporary culture. “Hipster” trends brought back vintage fashion, including bearded looks, and helped beards become cool again. The rise of beard clubs and the magic of social media have nurtured a sense of community among beard enthusiasts and helped spread the word about World Beard Day.

Groups like the “Beard Liberation Front” in the United Kingdom and the “World Beard and Moustache Association” — the folks who throw a world championship for beards and mustaches — have further promoted this celebration, giving it a more official vibe. These kinds of organizations have been instrumental in making World Beard Day known and recognized across the globe.

World Beard Day Timeline

Ancient Egyptian Beards

Pharaohs were known to sport stylized beards, often made of metal, as a symbol of divinity.

Persian Empire Beards

In the time of Cyrus the Great, beards were seen as a sign of dignity and wisdom among Persian men.

Alexander the Great's Influence

Alexander the Great reportedly encouraged his soldiers to shave to prevent enemies from grabbing their beards in battle.

The Beard Tax

Under the reign of Henry VIII in England, a beard tax was introduced. This later influenced other regions, including Russia under Peter the Great.

Decline in Beard Popularity

Beards became less popular in Europe as wigs and clean-shaven faces became the fashion trend among the aristocracy.

World War I Impact

With the need to fit gas masks tightly on the face, clean-shaven soldiers became more common, affecting civilian fashion.

Counterculture Movement

Beards became associated with the hippie movement and a form of rebellion against conservative norms.

Beard Renaissance

Beards saw a resurgence in popularity, with the rise of beard care products and a trend toward more natural looks.

Ideas to Celebrate World Beard Day

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Beard Grooming Workshop

Host a workshop or visit a local barbershop where beard enthusiasts can learn about proper beard care, grooming techniques, and products to keep their facial hair healthy and stylish. This could include live demonstrations, Q&A sessions with professional barbers, and free samples of beard care products.

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Beard-Themed Party

Organize a beard-themed celebration with friends and fellow beard lovers. Encourage guests to dress up in costumes that highlight or complement their beards. Offer beard-related games, contests for various beard categories (longest, most creative, best maintained), and provide party favors such as fake beards for the non-bearded guests.

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Beard Photo Contest

Launch an online beard photo contest where individuals can submit pictures of their beards and the public votes for their favorites. Categories could range from 'Full and Thick' to 'Creative Styling'. Winners could receive prizes donated by local businesses or online beard care retailers.

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Learn the History

Organize an educational event or create an online campaign that shares the history and cultural significance of beards throughout the centuries. This could include a timeline, notable figures with memorable beards, and the evolution of beard styles in different cultures around the world.

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Best Beard Awards Ceremony

Host an awards ceremony to honor those in the local community with noteworthy beards. Categories can include 'Community Builder Beard', 'Most Unique Beard', 'Best Groomed Beard', and more. This event could add a formal touch to the day's celebrations and include a dinner or banquet.

8 Interesting Facts About Beards


Ancient Beard Significance

In many ancient cultures, beards were seen as a symbol of wisdom and virility. The ancient Greeks, for instance, believed that a full beard was a sign of honor and maturity. Philosophers like Socrates and Plato sported beards as a marker of their intellect.


Beard Growing Speed

On average, a man's beard will grow approximately half an inch per month, which is about 6 inches per year. However, the rate can vary widely depending on genetics, hormones, and nutrition.


Beard Tax in History

In 1535, King Henry VIII of England, who himself wore a beard, introduced a tax on beards that varied with the wearer's social position. His daughter, Queen Elizabeth I, continued this peculiar taxation, which was even re-enacted in Russia by Peter the Great in an effort to encourage Western fashion.


Beards and Germs

A common myth suggests that beards are full of germs and bacteria. However, studies have shown that clean-shaven faces may actually harbor more harmful bacteria than bearded ones because of the tiny abrasions caused by shaving, which can support bacterial growth.


Beard Second

The 'beard second' is a humorous unit of measurement that denotes the length a beard grows in a second, which is roughly around five nanometers. Although not a standard or scientific measurement, it does give some perspective on the slow pace of facial hair growth.


Beard Hair is the Coarsest

Beard hair is generally coarser than hair on the head or the rest of the body. This is due to the flat, triangular shape of beard hair follicles, in contrast to the rounder follicles that produce head hair.


The Longest Beard Ever Recorded

The longest beard ever recorded belonged to Hans Langseth who was of Norwegian descent but lived in the United States. When he died in 1927, his beard was measured at a phenomenal 17.6 feet (5.33 meters) long and is now kept at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.


The Fear of Beards

Pogonophobia is the term for an irrational fear of beards. People with this fear can experience anxiety upon seeing or being near someone with a beard, although it's a relatively uncommon phobia.

World Beard Day FAQs

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