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World Bartender Day is an annual celebration observed on the 24th of February, dedicated to all the skilled mixologists around the globe. The day honors the creative flair and expertise of those who keep the drinks flowing while entertaining us with their wide array of spirits, cocktails, and mocktails.

Bartenders add a special flavor to our lives by crafting our favorite beverages, from the classic old-fashioned to the most avant-garde concoctions. World Bartender Day represents our opportunity to express our gratitude for their indispensable role in the hospitality industry.

History of World Bartender Day

Bartending dates back to ancient times and the tradition of serving alcohol can be traced back to sumerians in the 3rd millennium BC who developed fermentation techniques. The term “bartender” wasn’t used until the late 18th early 19th century in the United States. The phrase came from the term “bar-keeper”.

During the 19th century, bartenders were typically male and worked in hotels or taverns. They often provided many services such as serving food and cleaning rooms. In the 1830s in the U.S, the concept of free-standing bars became popular, where alcohol was the main feature and not a supplement to lodging or food.

Prohibition in the United States (1920-1933) had a significant impact on bartending, stopping legal alcoholic beverages services which led many bartenders to work in soda shops or tea rooms, or in illegal speakeasies.

After the repeal of Prohibition, the profession regained its momentum. The mid-20th century saw a rise in the popularity of cocktail culture, and by the late 20th and early 21st centuries, bartending had become a high-profile, well-regarded profession with the rise in popularity of craft cocktails and mixology.

Fast forward to the 70s and 80s, bartenders began to feature in nationwide competitions. TGI Fridays, a major international restaurant chain, launched the World Bartender Championship in 1991. This event spotlighted the skills of bartenders on a global scale, which enhanced their respect and recognition in the industry.

In recent years, specifically the onset of the 21st century, bartenders are seen as real craftspeople. Their role broadened beyond just serving drinks, they are now tasked with creating memorable experiences for their customers.

World Bartender Day Timeline

Ancient Bartending

The profession of Bartending was traced back to ancient times in Sumer (Southern Iraq) where fermented drinks are brewed.

Babylonian Beer Recipes

Several recipes for beer exist in ancient writings from Babylon, evidence of the early importance of bartender-like skills.

First Cocktail Book

A bartender named Jerry Thomas established mixology by publishing the first cocktail book, 'How To Mix Drinks or The Bon Vivant’s Companion.'

Prohibition Era

The selling, production, and distribution of alcohol was prohibited in the United States.

End of Prohibition

With the end of Prohibition, bartending saw a return to form both in America and globally.

Establishment of the International Bartenders Association

The International Bartenders Association (IBA) was established as the world’s leading organisation for bartenders.

International Bartender Day

The global celebration honouring bartenders all around the world.

Ideas to Celebrate World Bartender Day

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Mixology Masterclass

Consider hosting a class on cocktail creation, led by a bartender with extensive experience. This offers an opportunity for everyone to grasp the cocktail-making skills straight from an expert. This session can involve making classic drinks as well as creating new ones.

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Visit a local bar

Celebrate the day by heading out to your neighborhood bar and enjoying some classic or signature drinks while also tipping the bartenders generously to show your appreciation.

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Bartending Competitions

Celebrate this special day by instigating a friendly competition among local bartenders. It can involve concocting the best cocktail, and the emphasis would be on appreciating these specialists in a fun, engaging manner.

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Social Media Shout Out

Honor your favorite bartenders by giving them a special shout-out on your social media platforms, and use the World Bartender Day official hashtag to increase visibility and appreciation.

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Cocktail Party

Host a festive cocktail event and invite your friends. You might have each guest attempt to make a cocktail, giving them a taste of the demanding work bartenders undertake each day.

5 Interesting Facts About Bartenders


A Sign of Trust

In the 1800s, working as a bartender had significant value, as people placed immense trust in them. Bartenders in the wild west were usually the wealthiest individuals in their communities, all due to the direct control they had over the cash from bar sales.


Prohibition Period

At the time of the Prohibition era in America, from 1920 to 1933, when alcohol was not legally allowed, many bartenders would cautiously serve liquor at undercover establishments known as 'speakeasies'. Cocktails were invented during this period to hide the inferior taste of bootlegged alcohol.


Mind Reading Experts

Serving at a bar often comes with an unexpected role – that of an unofficial therapist. Bartenders frequently lend an ear to patrons' stories about life, problems, and festive occasions. Research suggests that this interaction enables them to gain excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to interpret customers’ emotions.


Juggling Skills

Many professional bartenders master the art of bottle juggling or flaunting their skills with creative cocktail-making techniques, a spectacle known as flair bartending. The practice gained immense popularity post the release of the 1988 film 'Cocktail', which featured Tom Cruise.


Crafting Cocktails

The artistry of coming up with new cocktail combinations is recognized as mixology. These concoction craftspeople aim to deliver unique experiences by creating the perfect drink duos that tantalize the senses.

World Bartender Day FAQs

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2023 February 24th Friday
2024 February 24th Saturday
2025 February 24th Monday
2026 February 24th Tuesday
2027 February 24th Wednesday
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