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Every 15th of February, people around the world revel in Singles Awareness Day. This day is a humorous counter celebration to Valentine’s Day, dedicated specifically for those not in a romantic relationship.

Singles Awareness Day reinforces the positive aspect of singledom, reminding that it is an enjoyable, thrilling, and rewarding journey rather than something sad or undesirable. Many celebrate this day through parties and gatherings, or by pampering themselves and practicing self-appreciation.

History of Singles Awareness Day

The idea of Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.) was initiated by Dustin Barnes around 2001 for his group of high school friends to enjoy being single on February 15, as an antagonism to Valentine’s Day. The selection of February 15 also provided the opportunity to acquire love-themed items and candies at discounted rates after Valentine’s Day. Barnes continued this tradition at Mississippi State University and in 2005, Singles Awareness Day got officially copyrighted.

The way this holiday is observed varies, with participants exchanging gifts, throwing parties, and going on friend dates. Now celebrated by adults of all ages, S.A.D. reminds us that we don’t need to be in a relationship to acknowledge and express love. The focus of the day is self-love, love towards family, and love towards friends. It’s not a day to feel isolated, but a day to celebrate love in all forms.

Given that about half of the U.S. population is single, it’s no surprise that S.A.D. has gained wide acceptance. Besides the United States, the day has garnered recognition in many countries worldwide. In essence, S.A.D. is a celebration of independence, self-worth, and self-love, acting as a reminder that being single can in itself be a reason for celebration.

Singles Awareness Day Timeline

First Mention of Singles Awareness Day

The day was first mentioned by Dustin Barnes as a celebration for single people.

Official Observance

Singles Awareness Day Singles Awareness Day receives its copyright, making it an official observance.

Global Recognition

The day became widely acknowledged and celebrated globally, making it a popular event among singles.

Continued Celebration

Despite societal pressure, singleness continues to be celebrated as a choice, with more individuals opting to live alone.

Ideas to Celebrate Singles Awareness Day

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Explore Your City Alone

Embrace your solo status by venturing out into your city. Visit art galleries, local parks, or quaint coffee shops that you've always wanted to see. Experiencing new places on your own can boost your self-assurance and versatility.

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Movie Marathon

Indulge in a movie marathon featuring all your much-loved films or series. It's the perfect opportunity to catch up on those movies you've been wanting to watch but never quite manage to see with others.

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Learn a New Skill

Use this day to embrace a new hobby, like picking up a cooking class, mastering knitting, or beginning that novel you've always fantasized about writing. Embracing a challenge can be a fantastic way to celebrate your ability to rely on yourself.

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Host a Singles Party

Gather your single buddies for an evening filled with laughter and fun. Maybe opt for a themed party, game night, or even a potluck dinner. It's a wonderful way to cherish your friendships and your singlehood.

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Get Active

Set a date for an outdoorsy day – join a local marathon, go biking on a trail, or explore a scenic hiking path. Exercising is great for physical and mental health.

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Self-Care Day

Dedicate the day for some loving self-care. Draw yourself a relaxing bath, listen to your favourite playlist, dive into a good book, or take a long nap. Self-care is a significant element of good health and well-being that deserves to be celebrated.

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Start a Personal Project

Take this day as a cue to start a project that's been on your mind, be it crafting a blog, indulging your artistry in a painting, or nurturing a garden. Investing time in your passion project can be a great means to honor your individuality.

5 Interesting Facts About Singles Awareness


An Alternative to Valentine’s Day

Singles Awareness Day, sometimes shortened to SAD, is often seen as a substitute for Valentine's Day. It's a day that's all about embracing your single status instead of experiencing societal pressure to be part of a couple.


Different ways to celebrate

The celebration of Singles Awareness Day is marked in a variety of ways. For some, it means organizing parties for single friends, while others might dine out with other single mates. There are also those who take the opportunity to travel or self-date to honor their life's independence.


Self-care is a key theme

A large part of Singles Awareness Day emphasizes self-care activities. It might be a day reserved for treating oneself to a luxury spa, spending quality time engaging in a favorite hobby, or embracing other ways of valuing and caring for oneself.


Not just for single people

Singles Awareness Day, despite its name, is not only for those who are single. Even those in relationships partake in the celebration, either by expressing their appreciation for their single pals, or by recognizing their autonomy within their relationships.


A Positive Spin

Singles Awareness Day also serves as a reminder that being single isn't something to be looked down upon. The day provides an opportunity to reflect on the advantages and positive aspects brought by a single status, including self-reliance and unrestricted freedom.

Singles Awareness Day FAQs

Next Singles Awareness Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 February 15th Wednesday
2024 February 15th Thursday
2025 February 15th Saturday
2026 February 15th Sunday
2027 February 15th Monday
What is the pattern? Every February 15th

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