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Annually, on November 7th, we observe Notary Public Day to commemorate the vital function these professionals play in our legal system. This day is designated to acknowledge and celebrate notaries public, whose invaluable work includes certifying crucial documentation and administering oaths within their communities.

Notary Public Day is a moment to pause and appreciate the tireless efforts of these integral, but often overlooked, pillars of law and order.

History of Notary Public Day

November 7th is recognized each year as Notary Public Day. The idea for this day was first put forth by the National Notary Association in 1975. The purpose of establishing this special recognition was to highlight the significance of the role notaries public play in the arena of legal matters, fraud detection, and maintaining outstanding customer service.

The institution of notaries public harks back to the times of the ancient Romans, where they were chosen by religious leaders such as the Pope or Archbishop. Over the centuries, their role expanded, becoming integral to legal proceedings and document verification across cultures and societies.

In the United States, notaries public are entrusted with duties such as verifying signatures, overseeing oaths, and bearing witness to affidavits, among other things. Their role as an unbiased party helps in preventing fraudulent activities and ensuring due process in the signing of significant documents.

The establishment of Notary Public Day in 1975, and the continuing acknowledgement and appreciation of notaries public, is a recognition of their pivotal role in law and business sectors. These professionals are celebrated through speeches, involvement in community activities, and engagement in professional seminars by individuals who appreciate their services.

Notary Public Day Timeline

Early Notary Role in Roman Law

Evidence of notary-like roles existed during the Roman Empire, where certain administration roles involved record-keeping and documentation of financial transactions.

First English Law Notaries

The Papal Legate in England, appointed five notaries to handle secular business matters.

Statute of Frauds

It required contracts for the sale of land, contracts of surety, and testamentary trusts to be proved by evidence in writing and signed in the presence of a notary.

American Society of Notaries

The American Society of Notaries was founded, one of the main professional organizations for notaries in the USA today.

Electronic Notarization

Virginia becomes the first state in the US to allow remote notarizations, opening the way for modern digital notary services.

National Notary Public Day

November 7 is designated as National Notary Public Day to honor notaries for their public service and their contribution to national and international commerce.

Ideas to Celebrate Notary Public Day

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Notary Public Appreciation Lunch

Organize a luncheon at a local restaurant or in your office to show your appreciation for the notaries. Invite all the notaries you know and use the opportunity to thank them for their service.

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Exhibition on Notarial Works

Host an exhibition showcasing various important documents and deals that were made possible because of a notary's work. This can be anywhere from historical treaties to important business contracts.

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Educational Seminar

Hold a seminar explaining the role of a notary public and the importance of notarial acts. Many people may not fully understand what a notary does, so this can be enlightening both for adults and children.

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Create a 'Thank a Notary' Campaign

Launch a social media campaign encouraging people to thank a notary they know. They could do this by using a dedicated hashtag, or perhaps sending a small gift or note of appreciation.

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Host a Recognition Award Ceremony

Establish an awards program to honor outstanding Notary Public professionals in different categories. This will not only recognize their commitment but also inspire others in the profession.

6 Interesting Facts About Notary Public


Long-standing Tradition in the US

Notary Public has been a part of American law and society since the colonial era. Thomas Fugill of New York was the nation's first notary, serving from 1639. However, he was thrown out of office for falsifying documents


Not Allowed to Provide Legal Advice

Despite their legal roots, notaries public in most states in the U.S. are not allowed to offer legal advice or services unless they also hold a license to practice law.


A Handful of States

In certain US states like Virginia, notaries public are empowered to perform marriage ceremonies. It's always a good idea to check local laws on what a notary public can do!


Strong Bond

In some states, notaries are required to have a surety bond. This is a financial guarantee that compensates anyone harmed by a notary who wrongfully performs their duties.


Harvard’s Tradition

Harvard University has its own Notary Public office within its University Financial Services to provide notarial services to its faculty, staff, and students.


Literary Notaries

Notaries have featured prominently in many works of literature. One such notary public is fictional character Hercule Poirot, the detective in many of Agatha Christie's novels.

Notary Public Day FAQs

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