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Every year on January 9th, we dive into a special celebration, National Word Nerd Day, which is designed specifically for those who can’t help but appreciate words and their incredible power. This day offers an opportunity for language enthusiasts, amateur linguists, dedicated writers, fans of word games, and passionate readers to celebrate and expand their vocabulary.

It’s a day to embrace and enjoy the complexities of language in all its forms, from learning new and obscure words to creating our own. National Word Nerd Day is all about rejoicing in the beauty of words and our continuous interaction with them.

Ideas to Celebrate National Word Nerd Day

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Scrabble Tournament

On National Word Nerd Day, you can create a sense of friendly rivalry amongst family and friends with a spirited game of Scrabble. This board game, centered around vocabulary, is an excellent tool to bring out the inner word nerd in everyone.

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Word Nerd Party

Consider hosting a fun social event, themed around words, where attendees can come as their favorite word. This not only serves as an ice breaker, but broadens everyone’s dictionary as they learn new words.

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Haiku Contest

Invite your friends to compose a Haiku. It's an interesting and meaningful way to celebrate the beauty of words, thanks to its traditional 5-7-5 syllable structure.

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Dictionary Challenge

Cultivate a love for words by challenging yourself and friends to learn as many new words as possible in one day, thereby expanding your vocabulary.

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Book Club

To celebrate National Word Nerd Day, initiate a book club with your buddies, and hold your inaugural meeting on the day. Opt for language or word-related books to kick start your journey that honors the versatility of words.

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Crossword Puzzle Race

How about a rush against time to solve a crossword puzzle? This thrilling word quest is a fitting way to mark National Word Nerd Day.

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Spelling Bee

Revisit the good old school days with a fun-filled spelling bee. Invite close ones for a gathering filled with word showdowns worthy of National Word Nerd Day.

8 Interesting Facts About Word Nerds



Pangrams are like adventure for word nerds. Essentially, these sentences use each letter of the alphabet at least once. So, 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog' is rather famous.



In the word nerds community, a lexophile is someone who loves puns and enjoys exploring interesting and alternative uses of words.


Obscure Words

Exploring unusual and underused words is an adventure thrill for word nerds. It's part of their quest to further enhance their knowledge of language.



Words that read the same both ways, frontward or backward, are known as palindromes. They're intriguing and appealing to word nerds. For instance, 'racecar', 'kayak', and 'madam'.


Crossword Puzzles

Crossword enthusiasts are commonly word nerds. Among all, The New York Times crossword puzzle is often considered the most esteemed.


Scrabble Competition

Scrabble contests attract many word nerds. Particularly, the World Scrabble Championship stands as the most respected Scrabble event around the world.



It's natural to find word nerds with a love for language diversity, with many being fluent in multiple languages.



Word nerds enjoy playing with anagrams - words or phrases formed by rearranging the letters of different words or phrases.

National Word Nerd Day FAQs

Next National Word Nerd Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 January 9th Monday
2024 January 9th Tuesday
2025 January 9th Thursday
2026 January 9th Friday
2027 January 9th Saturday
What is the pattern? Every January 9th

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