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National Wear Red Day, observed annually on the first Friday of February, is a profound initiative that brings attention to the vital issue of heart disease, specifically targeting the high rates among women. This day signifies a nationwide call to wear the color red as a show of solidarity and awareness about women’s heart health.

Everyone is urged to participate by wearing red to symbolize unity and dedication towards tackling this deadly health issue. This day emphasizes the importance of heart health, urging everyone to understand the associated risks and how to prevent heart disease.

History of National Wear Red Day

National Wear Red Day is an annual event held on the first Friday in February in the United States. The day was created through the efforts of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) in 2002.

The idea behind National Wear Red Day was born from the need to challenge the mistaken belief that heart disease is only a risk for men. The NHLBI recognized that the number one health threat for women was, in fact, heart disease, and yet many women were oblivious to this fact. To counteract this ignorance and elevate public comprehension, the AHA and NHLBI launched the inaugural National Wear Red Day.

The event, which started in 2002, is part of a wider initiative called “The Heart Truth”. This program is dedicated to empowering women to be proactive in maintaining their heart health and to understand their potential risk for heart disease.

From its humble beginnings, National Wear Red Day has evolved into a major movement. Everyone, regardless of their gender, is encouraged to wear red - be it a dress, a tie, or a simple button - in support of the cause. The goal is to raise awareness about the ongoing fight against heart disease, specifically among women.

Over the years, the campaign has achieved remarkable successes. It has managed to reduce female mortality rates from heart disease by more than half and has been instrumental in funding scientific research focusing on women’s heart health.

National Wear Red Day Timeline

Beginning of Heart Health Month

President Lyndon B. Johnson declares February national heart health month.

Establishment of National Wear Red Day

National Wear Red Day was first observed by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI).

Go Red For Women

The American Heart Association launched the Go Red for Women movement, encouraging red dress emblem as a symbol for women's fight against heart disease.

Increase in National Support

National Wear Red Day gained support from individual cities, states, and organizations across the United States, spreading the campaign's message nationwide.

Global Support for National Wear Red Day

The day is marked by a global outpouring of support with people and landmarks participating worldwide.

Ideas to Celebrate National Wear Red Day

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Workout in Red

Put on your red athletic wear and cook up a health-activity function like a brisk walk, jog, or even an aerobic dance-off. Associating physical fitness with the event promotes cardiovascular health.

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Red Craft Day

Set up a day dedicated to arts and crafts with your family or friends, using only red supplies. These crafts could symbolize hearts in line with the day's initiative.

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Social Media Challenge

Spark a social media trend by prompting everyone to share pictures in red attire with a unique hashtag signifying the cause, amplifying awareness about cardiovascular health.

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Donate to a Heart Foundation

Grab this opportunity to contribute to a heart-related foundation near you. Inspire others to do the same and contribute to the fight against heart ailments.

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Educational Session

Commence a learning session in your vicinity focusing on heart disorders and habits promoting heart health. Encourage attendees to wear red in support of the cause.

7 Interesting Facts About National Wear Red Day


Community Participation

Everyone from local schools and businesses to official government bodies takes part in National Wear Red Day, donning red attire to stand against heart disease.


Heart Disease Awareness

The primary aim of the day is to increase consciousness about the risks of heart disease, which happens to be the number one killer of women in the U.S.


Involvement beyond wearing red

Beyond adding a splash of red to their ensemble, the public is also heartily encouraged to make charitable donations, set up events, and spread heart disease facts to help boost awareness.


Symbolic Color

Red, known for its eye-catching and vibrant qualities represents the courage and determination of women combating heart disease and was, therefore, the chosen color for the event.


Global Impact

The impact of National Wear Red Day extends far beyond American borders, with similar events being organized worldwide.


Association with February’s American Heart Month

National Wear Red Day is not a standalone event. It forms a crucial component of the all-encompassing American Heart Month, celebrated throughout February.


Research Support

Funds accrued on National Wear Red Day contribute significantly to scientific endeavors where life-saving heart disease-related discoveries have been made.

National Wear Red Day FAQs

Next National Wear Red Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 February 3rd Friday
2024 February 2nd Friday
2025 February 7th Friday
2026 February 6th Friday
2027 February 5th Friday
What is the pattern? First Friday of February

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