Join in on the fun as we honor a timeless classic in the world of sweets - it’s National Taffy Day! Taking place annually on the 23rd of May, this day is set aside to pay tribute to the much-loved, mouthwatering marvel that many have cherished since childhood. Be it the unique tang of saltwater taffy or the rich, mellow punches of other flavors, aficionados of this chewy delight eagerly await this day of nationwide celebration.

Whether you’ve always been a fan of taffy or are just someone who holds a strong fondness for sweets, National Taffy Day is your chance to savor and share this traditional candy sensation!

History of National Taffy Day

Taffy candy has an extensive history that dates back to the 19th century, especially popular in the United States. The name “taffy” possibly originated from the phrase “taffy pull”, an event that was used as a social gathering or community activity where children would stretch and pull a cooled slab of boiled sugar to incorporate air into it until it developed a light, chewy texture.

One of the most popular variations is saltwater taffy, which was created in the 1880s in Atlantic City, New Jersey. A candy store owner, David Bradley, is often credited for this creation after his store got flooded and his entire candy stock got soaked with Atlantic Ocean seawater, making it salty. However, despite its name, modern saltwater taffy does not include seawater.

Several regions and states in the U.S. have developed their own unique styles of taffy. For example, in the Midwest, a popular variation known as “molasses pull” or “horehound” taffy is produced. Utah even celebrates an annual “Taffy Day” on May 23rd.

Today, taffy comes in a variety of flavors and colors and remains a popular sweet treat, especially at fairs, holidays, and seaside resorts.

National Taffy Day Timeline

First Record of American Taffy

The first documented record of Taffy in the USA.

Commercial Production of Taffy

Joseph Fralinger popularized the candy by boxing it and selling it as an Atlantic City souvenir.

Atlantic City Salt Water Taffy

Joseph Fralinger popularized the candy by selling 'Salt Water Taffy' at the Atlantic City, NJ, Boardwalk.

Commercial Production of Taffy

The 20's saw the growth of taffy manufacturing industry with several companies starting mass production.

National Taffy Day

National Taffy Day is celebrated every year on May 23rd across the United States.

Ideas to Celebrate National Taffy Day

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Taffy Flavor Challenge

Buy a variety of taffy flavors and challenge your family or friends to a blind taste test. Whoever guesses the most flavors correctly wins a prize!

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Support Local Candy Shops

Visit your local candy shop and purchase homemade taffy. It's a great way to support small businesses while celebrating National Taffy Day.

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Taffy Inspired Desserts

Try your hand at creating taffy inspired desserts like a saltwater taffy milkshake or taffy flavored cupcakes. Share your creations on social media using the hashtag #NationalTaffyDay.

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Donation to a Children's Home

Make this sweet day special for those less fortunate. Donate packages of taffy to a local children's home or charity organization. It's a thoughtful way to spread joy on National Taffy Day.

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Taffy Inspired Drinks

Create taffy-inspired cocktails or mocktails to enjoy. Whip up a saltwater taffy martini or a strawberry taffy smoothie to sip on while you indulge in your favorite taffy.

6 Interesting Facts About Taffy


Definition of Taffy

Taffy is a type of chewy candy. It's usually sweet, chewy, and often has a shiny surface. The flavors and colors can vary widely.


Origins of Salt Water Taffy

Salt water taffy, a popular variant of taffy, doesn't contain any saltwater. Its name was originated from an apocryphal 19th century tale about a candy shop owner whose shop was flooded with seawater. When asked by a customer for a piece of taffy, he exclaimed that all he had left was 'salt water taffy' and thus the name stuck.


Variety of Flavours

Unlike some candies, taffy can be made in virtually any flavor. Traditional flavors include vanilla, raspberry, lemon, chocolate, and peppermint. However, modern candy makers have created flavors like watermelon, cinnamon, banana, tropical punch, and even popcorn.


Handmade Production

Before candy-making became mechanized, taffy was made entirely by hand. Workers would gather around a large taffy hook mounted to a wall and pull the taffy into a long, thin rope. This process, which is necessary to create the candy's signature chewy texture, was time-consuming and physically taxing.


Machine-Pulled Taffy

Most commercially available taffy today is machine-pulled. This technique allows for more even pulling, which results in a smoother, more consistent texture and flavor. The mechanization of taffy-pulling also means that more candy can be made in less time.


Taffy Uses in Pop Culture

Taffy has a place in popular culture as well. Its most famous reference being the chewing gum called 'Laffy Taffy' that’s known for the jokes on its wrapper.

National Taffy Day FAQs

Next National Taffy Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 May 23rd Tuesday
2024 May 23rd Thursday
2025 May 23rd Friday
2026 May 23rd Saturday
2027 May 23rd Sunday
What is the pattern? Every May 23rd

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