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National Sugar Cookie Day -

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Celebrated annually on July 9th, National Sugar Cookie Day is a luscious observance that pays homage to one of the most beloved sweets in America. These scrumptious cookies, commonly adorned in vibrant icing, capture the hearts of both the young and the young at heart. It’s a perfect reason to revel in the uncomplicated yet irresistible joy of freshly baked sugar cookies.

Whether you opt to whip a batch up yourself or purchase your preferred selection from a local bakery, this day invites everyone to savor the rich taste of sugar cookies.

History of National Sugar Cookie Day

The origins of sugar cookies can be traced back to 7th century Persia when sugar was first discovered. As explorations and trade flourished, the use of sugar and the making of sweet treats began to spread across regions.

It was during the 17th century when British and Dutch immigrants brought the sugar cookie to America. As inhabitants of the colonies that would later form the United States of America, they developed a unique style of the cookie, using new world ingredients like nutmeg and vanilla for flavoring.

In the 1700s, German Protestant settlers living in what is now known as Nazareth, Pennsylvania, produced a cookie that became widely known as the Nazareth Sugar Cookie. It was round, buttery, and crumbly, making it a popular choice that lead to its designation as the official state cookie by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 2001.

Over time, sugar cookies have become linked with holiday celebrations, customized and decorated accordingly. From Halloween to Christmas, the simple yet delightful sugar cookie has remained a cherished treat throughout time and various cultures.

National Sugar Cookie Day Timeline

First Known Appearance of Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies first appeared in the 7th century AD in the Persia region.

Sugar Cookie Recipe Evolves

During the course of the Renaissance, sugar was commonly used in recipes throughout Europe, which led to modern-like sugar cookies.

German and Dutch Settlers Brought Cookies to America

These settlers brought the sugar cookie recipe with them and considered cookies as a symbol of good luck while trading.

Modern Day Sugar Cookies

From its Middle Eastern beginnings to the North American tradition, the sugar cookie is eaten and baked year-round for holidays and special occasions.

Ideas to Celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day

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Cookie Baking Extravaganza

Invite your friends and family to a fun-filled day of baking sugar cookies. Experiment with different shapes, sizes, and colorful icings to create your unique cookies.

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Sugar Cookie Swap

Create an event where everyone brings a batch of their homemade sugar cookies to share with one another. This not only celebrates the day but also gives everyone a chance to taste different sugar cookie recipes.

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Cookie Decoration Workshop

Host a sugar cookie decoration workshop where you provide plain sugar cookies, icing, sprinkles, and everything one would need to make their cookies spectacular. This can be a fun family-friendly event.

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Donate Sugar Cookies

Celebrate the day by giving back. Bake a large batch of sugar cookies and donate them to a local charity, school, or hospital. This act of kindness will certainly put a smile on other’s faces.

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Cookie Recipe Exchange

Gather a group of friends or community members for a cookie recipe exchange. This gives everyone a chance to share their favorites and add some new favorites to their collection.

5 Interesting Facts About Sugar Cookies


Royal Icing Adornments

The hard, shiny icing used to decorate sugar cookies is known as royal icing. This icing is perfect for creating intricate designs due to its quick-drying and thick-textured properties.


The Cookie Cutters

Sugar cookies often take various shapes due to cookie cutters. This tradition started in the mid 1800s when ‘tinsmiths’ began creating cookie cutters.


Easy and Versatile

Sugar cookies are popular because they require few ingredients and are easy to make. They are also versatile, serving as simple snacks or elegantly decorated treats for occasions like Christmas and Halloween.


Cookie in Arabic

The word 'cookie' originated from the Arabic word 'qurabiya', which was a type of shortbread biscuit often made with ground almonds, sugar, egg white and rose water.


The Guinness Record

The largest sugar cookie ever made was displayed in Flatwoods, West Virginia, and weighed 40 pounds with a diameter of 36 inches, as recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2003.

National Sugar Cookie Day FAQs

Next National Sugar Cookie Day Dates

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2023 July 9th Sunday
2024 July 9th Tuesday
2025 July 9th Wednesday
2026 July 9th Thursday
2027 July 9th Friday
What is the pattern? Every July 9th

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