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National Strawberry Day -

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On the 27th of February every year, we commemorate National Strawberry Day. This annual celebration pays tribute to one of the world’s most cherished fruits - the strawberry! Iconic for its heart-inspired shape and bright red hue, the strawberry is adored for its sugary and aromatic flavor.

This mouth-watering fruit can be savored in a multitude of ways, whether it’s embedded in pastries, blended into smoothies, stirred into ice creams, or enjoyed on its own. National Strawberry Day is the ultimate moment to applaud this naturally sweet treat that contributes so much to our gastronomic adventures.

History of National Strawberry Day

The humble strawberry has a long and interesting history. Originating from Europe, the fruit was first gathered from forests before people began growing it. Ancient Romans mentioned wild strawberries in their texts, where they were frequently described for their healing capabilities.

Culturally, strawberries have often been linked with purity, passion, and healing because of their heart shape and vibrant red color. In the era of ancient Rome, the powerful symbolism of the fruit was also linked to Venus, the goddess of love.

The modern strawberry as we know it, the genus Fragaria ananassa (also referred to as the Garden Strawberry), was developed in France in the 1750s. It came from a hybrid of Fragaria virginiana from Eastern North America, which had already been introduced to Europe, and Fragraria chiloensis that was brought from Chile.

Presently, we celebrate all things strawberry on National Strawberry Day. This day underlines the importance of this beloved fruit and its nutritional benefits, and it’s actively endorsed by health institutions, food retailers, and strawberry cultivators. Usual celebrations involve picking or purchasing strawberries, enjoying them in their natural state, or utilizing them in cooking or baking recipes.

National Strawberry Day Timeline

Strawberries in Ancient Texts

Ancient Roman literature mentioned uses of strawberries for medicinal purposes.

Strawberries in European Gardens

Strawberries started appearing in European gardens during the 1300s.

Domestication of Strawberries

Strawberries were gradually domesticated in Europe in the 1500s.

Breeding of Larger Varieties

American breeding of larger strawberries began when a new species was discovered in Chile.

Commercial Farming

In the mid-19th century, strawberries began to be commercially farmed in the United States.

Uses of Strawberries

From the 1980s, strawberries started featuring in a variety of dishes and cuisines across the globe.

National Strawberry Day

National Strawberry Day celebrated this beloved fruit and its nutritional benefits.

Ideas to Celebrate National Strawberry Day

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Strawberry Themed Breakfast

Kick off your day with a breakfast menu centered around strawberries. You could whip up strawberry pancakes, blend a delicious strawberry smoothie or simply pair fresh strawberries with creamy yogurt.

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Baking Strawberry Desserts

Utilize this day to bake scrumptious strawberry-centric sweets like shortcake, pies or tarts featuring this fruit. Make it more special by sharing these flavorful treats with your loved ones or neighbors.

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Strawberry Picking

If a strawberry farm is conveniently nearby, honor the day by picking your own strawberries and choosing the most ripe ones to bring back home.

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Preserving Strawberries

Experience the process of preserving strawberries such as canning them or creating strawberry jam or marmalade. With this, you can savor the sweetness of strawberries even when they're out of season.

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Learn About Strawberries

Take time to understand more about the nutritional importance of strawberries, their health advantages, and interesting tidbits related to this fruit.

8 Interesting Facts About Strawberries


First cultivated in ancient Rome

Strawberries were initially grown as a crop in the times of ancient Rome due to their delightful sweetness.


Not a True Berry

Despite their name, strawberries are not berries in the botanical sense, such as grapes or blueberries. Instead, they fall under the category of 'aggregate fruits', which form from multiple ovaries within a single flower.


Dental Health

Strawberries contain a lot of natural malic acid which can be helpful in brightening your teeth.


Symbol of Love

In the ancient Greek culture, strawberries were considered a sign of love because they are heart-shaped and red.


High in Vitamin C

One serving, or a cup, of strawberries amounts to the full recommended daily dose of Vitamin C.


Modern Strawberry Breeding

Strawberries that we see today are cultivated to resist diseases and to ensure a uniform size.


Perennial Plants

Strawberries grow as perennials, meaning they reappear and regrow year after year.


Strawberry Museum in Belgium

Belgium has a museum purely dedicated to strawberries, aptly named 'Le Musée de la Fraise' or the Strawberry Museum.

National Strawberry Day FAQs

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