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Every year on January 19th, popcorn enthusiasts from around the world express their love for this cherished snack, marking the celebration of National Popcorn Day. Be it the sweet caramel-coated variety or the classic buttery flavor, popcorn holds a special corner in many people’s hearts.

National Popcorn Day serves as an opportunity to not only enjoy popcorn in all its delicious forms but to also learn about its interesting history and explore new flavors.

History of National Popcorn Day

As a light and enjoyable snack, popcorn boasts an impressive historical trajectory. Ancient remnants resembling popcorn, believed to be around 5,600 years old, were discovered by archaeologists in west-central New Mexico’s. These findings were bolstered by the discovery of 1,000-year-old corn cobs similar to popcorn in northern Peru. It is well-documented that Native American tribes were indulging in popcorn long before the arrival of settlers.

During the harsh economic period of the Great Depression, popcorn’s popularity surged due to its affordability. The snack’s popularity soared once more during World War II when the rationing of sugar meant that candy was not as readily available.

Popcorn has since become synonymous with the cinema experience and cherished movie nights at home. The introduction of microwaveable popcorn in 1981 extended its reach, further cementing its status as a much-loved American snack.

National Popcorn Day is popular among popcorn enthusiasts, businesses, movie theaters, and popcorn manufacturers. The date serves as a celebration for popcorn aficionados, offers an acknowledgment of popcorn’s impact on history, and raises awareness of its enduring significance beyond its typical association as a cinema snack. The day gives a nod to its status as a nutritious, versatile grain which has been a dietary staple for many thousands of years.

National Popcorn Day Timeline

Discovery of Popcorn

Archaeologists discovered that people have known about popcorn for thousands of years in Mexico.

Popcorn in Funeral Burial

Popcorn was used by the Aztecs in the rituals for burying their dead.

Native Americans and Popcorn

The native Americans were popping popcorn and consuming it as well as using it for decorative purposes.

Popcorn Poppers

Charles Cretors invented the popcorn machine that popped corn in oil, which eventually replaced popping corn over an open flame.

Microwave Popcorn

General Mills releases the first microwave popcorn which uses shelf-stable ingredients instead of refrigeration.

Popularity of Popcorn

Popcorn continues to be a popular snack food at the cinema, fairs, carnivals, and homes around the world.

Ideas to Celebrate National Popcorn Day

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Popcorn Movie Marathon

Host a daylong movie fest and make popcorn the star snack. Get everyone's favorite films queued up, and keep the popcorn coming! Consider experimenting with flavors - try sweet options like caramel, or savory ones like cheese or chili.

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Popcorn Tasting Party

Throw a popcorn-themed party where guests can sample various flavors of this popular treat. You could add a fun twist by asking everyone to contribute a bag of unusually flavored popcorn.

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DIY Popcorn Seasoning Bar

Set up a homemade popcorn seasoning station. Collect different herbs and spices, and invite your friends to experiment with creating their own popcorn flavors.

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Visit a Popcorn Factory

If there's a popcorn manufacturing plant or farm locally, plan a visit there. It's an intriguing way to find out how popcorn goes from being a humble kernel to the fluffy treat we all love.

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Popcorn Social Media Challenge

Kick-start an online challenge where people share images or videos of themselves popping popcorn in imaginative ways. Remember to include a themed hashtag like #NationalPopcornDayChallenge to promote participation.

6 Interesting Facts About Popcorn


Popping Science

Every popcorn kernel is a mini pressure cooker waiting to explode. It holds a tiny drop of water trapped within a shell of starch which when heated turns into steam leading to it popping.


USA Popcorn Consumption

Roughly 14 billion quarts of popcorn are consumed by Americans annually. That's the equivalent of 43 quarts per person.


World's largest popcorn ball

The biggest popcorn ball ever is located in Iowa, USA. This mammoth-sized ball has a circumference of 24 feet and a whopping weight of 9,370 pounds.


Popcorn at the movies

During the economic downturn of the Great Depression, popcorn gained fame in movie theaters for being an affordable alternative to other costly snacks.


Popcorn in Space

Popcorn isn't just an earthbound treat. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have enjoyed it too! It makes the journey pre-popped and in an airtight package.


Unpopped Kernels' Name

Ever wonder what the name is for those unpopped kernels that remain at the bottom of your popcorn bag? They're called 'old maids' or 'spinsters'.

National Popcorn Day FAQs

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