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Every year, we relish in the joy of pies on January 23rd, a day famously known as National Pie Day. This mouth-watering celebration is about cherishing the world of pies, those delightful baked goods packed with various sweet and savory fillings.

Whether you’re a fan of apple, cherry, pecan, pumpkin, or savoury delicacies like pot pies or shepherd’s pie, there’s something for everyone. On National Pie Day, why not embrace the tradition of pie-making and partake in a delicious slice of your favorite? After all, it’s a day to honor this quintessential dish that’s loved in many corners of the world.

History of National Pie Day

Pies originated from the Ancient Egyptians. They were initially made with oat, wheat, rye, or barley, and filled with honey. Greek bakers refined the pie recipe, and Romans popularized the savory version of it. The pies traveled through Europe during the Middle Ages, and each country adapted it according to their culinary traditions.

During the 14th Century, pies arrived in England, with apple pies gaining popularity in the 14th century. American settlers brought pies to the USA in the 17th century and made innovations such as “Pumpkin Pie”. The tradition of pies varies around the world, with changes in fillings and crusts, but the basic concept remains the same.

The man responsible for initiating National Pie Day is Charlie Papazian, a nuclear engineer from the United States who also has a passion for brewing and writing. He set his own birthday, January 23rd, as National Pie Day in the mid-1970s.

For a while, National Pie Day remained a niche food celebration. However, it didn’t take long for the American Pie Council (APC) to step in and give it proper national attention. Since 1986, the APC has been dedicated to keeping the tradition of pie-making alive and promoting the love for pies across the United States.

National Pie Day Timeline

Origin of Pie

The concept of pie dates back to the ancient Egyptians. The first pie, called galettes, were made from honey and baked over hot coals.

Pies in England

During the 14th century, pies became a popular dish in England. Various kinds of pies were developed using different fillings.

Sweet Pies and Tarts

In the 16th century, sweet pies and tarts started to gain popularity. Queen Elizabeth I was served the first cherry pie.

Pies in America

Pies were brought to America by the English settlers. Here, pie crusts were more about function than taste.

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie recipes could be found in English cookbooks.

Charlie Papazian's Birthday

National Pie Day was created by Charlie Papazian after he declared his own birthday, January 23, to be National Pie Day.

American Pie Council Marks National Pie Day

The American Pie Council becomes the official sponsor of National Pie Day.

Nationwide Celebrations

The event continues to grow in popularity with a variety of activities.

Ideas to Celebrate National Pie Day

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Bake a Pie at Home

Roll up your sleeves and dedicate some time to baking your most-loved pie right at home. It's an ideal way to commemorate National Pie Day while involving the whole family. Post your baking journey online, and make a toast to the day with your friends across the digital space.

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Host a Pie Potluck

Call over some relatives or buddies for a Pie Potluck. Request everyone to bring pies of varying kinds, and spend the day indulging in diverse flavors. It's an awesome opportunity to sample different pies and honor the holiday in a communal way.

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Pie Tasting Contest

Line up a pie sampling event. It could be carried out virtually or face-to-face. Invite parties to bake or procure an assortment of pies and decide the most delicious one, introducing a fun competition to the day's celebrations.

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Pie Donation

Prepare or pick up a handful of extra pies, and distribute them to a local shelter or non-profit group. This act of sharing will bring smiles to the faces of those in need and enrich your Pie Day experience.

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Savory Pie Day

Pies often bring to mind sweet fillings, but this National Pie Day switch gears by cooking savory pies. Be it a chicken pot pie, a spinach-filled gratin or a hearty meat pie, it's an innovative approach to commemorate the day.

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Pie Bake Sale

Set up a pie bake sale within your neighborhood. You can donate the money raised to a deserving charity. It's an occasion that satiates sweet cravings while simultaneously fostering community spirit.

4 Interesting Facts About Pies


American Favorite

England, not America, is the birthplace of the apple pie! The first documented recipe for this sweet treat can be traced back to 1381 in England.


Thanksgiving Staple

The tradition of eating pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving stems from the initial Thanksgiving feast between the pilgrims and the Native Americans, as per insights from The American Pie Council.


Massive pumpkin Pie

The record for the largest pumpkin pie ever baked was set on September 25, 2010, in New Bremen, Ohio. It was a 20-foot diameter pumpkin pie.


World’s Most Expensive Pie

World’s most expensive pie was created in 2005 and costs $14,260. It was made with wagyu beef, matsutake mushrooms, truffles, and gold leaf.

National Pie Day FAQs

Next National Pie Day Dates

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2023 January 23rd Monday
2024 January 23rd Tuesday
2025 January 23rd Thursday
2026 January 23rd Friday
2027 January 23rd Saturday
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