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National Pet Bird Day, celebrated annually on September 17th, is a day dedicated to recognizing and appreciating the joy and companionship that pet birds bring to their owners’ lives. This special day aims to raise awareness about the proper care, enrichment, and the positive impact these feathered friends have on humans.

Bird enthusiasts and owners alike take this opportunity to celebrate the diverse range of bird species that can be kept as pets, from the colorful parrots and parakeets to the melodious canaries and the intelligent mynahs. National Pet Bird Day serves not only as a celebration but also as a platform for education on responsible bird ownership and the unique needs of avian pets.

History of National Pet Bird Day

Keeping birds as pets has been a human practice for millennia, beginning with ancient civilizations like Egyptians who valued birds for companionship and prestige. Aviculture likely originated in the Middle East and Asia, with the Indian peafowl being one of the initial domesticated species.

The Greeks and Romans were known to keep conversational birds, such as parrots and mynahs, for entertainment. Bird keeping spread with trade, becoming more prevalent across the world. In Europe, the Middle Ages popularized falconry, though this reflected a more utilitarian relationship with birds.

The Age of Exploration introduced Europeans to exotic birds from afar, making parrots especially sought after for their mimicking abilities. By the Victorian period, middle-class families commonly kept birds, with elaborate aviaries reflecting their owners’ status.

The inception of National Pet Bird Day serves as a platform for bird owners and enthusiasts to exchange stories and experiences, emphasizing the commitment required to keep these pets healthy and happy. On this day, various activities and educational events are often organized, including gatherings for bird lovers, workshops led by avian experts, and online campaigns that celebrate our winged friends. Pet retailers may even join in with special promotions to support the event.

National Pet Bird Day Timeline

Pigeons in Mesopotamia

Records indicate that pigeons were kept in Mesopotamia, possibly for food, messaging, or as pets.

Falconry in the Middle East

Evidence of falconry, which involved training birds of prey, appeared in the Middle East.

Bird Keeping in Ancient Greece

Aristotle made numerous references to various species of birds kept by the Greeks, including doves and quails.

Birds in Medieval Europe

Bird keeping became popular in Medieval Europe. Falcons and hawks were used in falconry, while other species like parrots and songbirds were kept as companions.

Parrots in European Homes

Exploration of the New World brought parrots and other exotic birds to Europe, where they became high-status pets.

Victorian Aviculture

The keeping and breeding of birds, particularly canaries and various parrot species, became a popular hobby in Victorian England.

Pet Birds Worldwide

Advances in bird care, including nutrition, hygiene, and veterinary medicine, improved the lives of pet birds significantly.

Conservation and Welfare

Growing awareness of conservation and animal welfare has influenced how people keep pet birds, emphasizing the importance of proper care and environmental enrichment.

Ideas to Celebrate National Pet Bird Day

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Whistle a Tune Together

Birds love to communicate through song. Celebrate by learning a new tune to whistle with your pet bird. You can spend the day practicing together and enjoy your bird's attempts to mirror your melody, strengthening your bond.

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Create a Birdie Spa

Set up a mini spa for your feathered friend with a new birdbath or a misting bottle for a gentle spray down. This not only helps keep your bird's feathers in top-notch condition but also provides a fun and refreshing activity for your pet.

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Host a Bird-Friendly Brunch

Prepare a special meal for your pet bird with safe and bird-approved fruits, veggies, and seeds. Make sure all foods are non-toxic to birds, and remove any seeds or pits. You can even invite friends with pet birds over for a group feast, provided the birds are comfortable with each other.

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Educational Birdie Movie Night

Spend the evening watching documentaries about birds with your pet. This will not only be entertaining but also informative for you. Choose films with lots of bird sounds and visuals to keep your pet engaged and entertained.

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Bird Photography Session

Capture the beauty of your pet on National Pet Bird Day by doing a fun photoshoot. Create a natural backdrop or use props that are safe for birds, and snap some memorable photographs of your pet in its element.

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Visit a Bird Shelter

If you can, visit a local bird shelter or rescue center and consider donating supplies, time, or funds. This is a great way to give back to the community and help birds that are less fortunate than your pet. You might even find a new feathered friend to join your family.

8 Interesting Facts About Pet Birds


Vocal Copycats

Certain species of pet birds, such as African Grey parrots, are known for their remarkable ability to mimic human speech and sounds. Their vocal abilities are so advanced that they can learn entire songs and even mimic the voice of specific individuals.


Monogamous Avians

Many bird species, including parrots, form lifelong partnerships. This monogamous behavior extends to sharing responsibilities, such as taking turns incubating eggs and feeding their young. Some bird pairs even engage in courtship rituals each year to strengthen their bond.


Masters of Escape

Pet birds, especially parrot species, are often quite intelligent and curious, which can sometimes lead to them figuring out how to open their cages. Bird owners frequently have to come up with creative locking mechanisms to keep their clever pets secure.


Miniature Dinosaurs

Birds are the direct descendants of dinosaurs. The relationship is most noticeable in birds like chickens, which share many characteristics with their theropod ancestors. In many ways, having a pet bird is like having a tiny, feathered dinosaur in your home!


Avian Architects

Many birds are natural builders, creating elaborate nests that serve as homes for raising their young. Some pet birds retain these instincts and may try to build nests using available materials in their cages or around your home.


The Painting Parrot

A famous artist within the avian world is a parrot named 'Griffin.' This African Grey parrot has been trained to paint with a brush, demonstrating not only the species' fine motor skills but also their capacity for creative expression.


Color-Changing Feathers

The color of a bird's feathers can change due to factors such as diet, age, and exposure to sunlight. For example, some parrots may develop more vibrant hues if their diet is rich in pigments known as carotenoids.


Aerial Acrobats

Many parrots and other pet birds are known for their playful nature and love of toys. They often exhibit acrobatic feats like hanging upside down, swinging, and climbing, which help keep them entertained and physically active.

National Pet Bird Day FAQs

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