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Every year, on November 25th, we celebrate National Parfait Day, an event entirely devoted to appreciating the sumptuous combination of flavors that is a Parfait. This day unites dessert lovers worldwide in joyous celebration of this layered delight, a melange of fruits, yogurt or ice cream, whipped cream, and often nuts or granola. Each layer is crucial to creating this unforgettable dessert.

On this day, we take the time not just to admire the parfait, but to take pleasure in its rich variety of tastes too.

History of National Parfait Day

The term “parfait” stems from the French language, signifying “perfect.” The original incarnation of parfait, which dates back to France in the year 1890, is significantly different from what is known in contemporary America. In its classic form, it was created by simmering a blend of cream, eggs, sugar, and syrup to produce a sort of custard.

In contrast, the United States has seen the transformation of parfait into a layered confection that alternates between whipped cream or yogurt, and an assortment of fruits, often presented in a clear, tall vessel. Notably, it’s garnished with elements such as granola or various nuts.

The 25th of November marks National Parfait Day in the United States, a day set aside to revel in this diverse dessert. The occasion is an opportunity to explore the myriad preparations of parfait, from nutrient-rich yogurt-and-fruit combinations to lavish concoctions with ice cream and rich chocolate.

National Parfait Day serves not only as a celebration of this specific layered sweet but also as an acknowledgment of America’s culinary adaptability and the blending of international dessert traditions into its own food narrative.

National Parfait Day Timeline

Invention of Parfait

Parfait, derived from French word meaning 'perfect', was first seen in French cuisine around the 19th century.

Parfait reaches America

Parfait was introduced to America in 1900 as a delicious layered dessert.

Frozen Parfait

In the 1920s, a frozen version of parfait, made with cream, sugar, and eggs, became popular in France.

Introduction to Jell-O Parfait

Jell-O introduced the Jell-O parfait as a layered, gelatin dessert that quickly became a hit in the United States.

Healthier Yogurt Parfait

By the 1990s, people started making healthier versions of parfaits with yoghurt, fresh fruits, and granola.

DIY Parfait

With the trend of home cooking and DIY projects, the internet exploded with recipes of making your own parfait at home.

National Parfait Day

Every year on November 25, people in the United States celebrate National Parfait Day, enjoying different varieties of this tasty dessert.

Ideas to Celebrate National Parfait Day

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Parfait Party

Invite your friends and family over for a parfait extravaganza. Have a variety of ingredients on hand, from different kinds of yogurt to a plethora of fresh fruit, granola, and other fun toppings. You can each make your own unique parfait and enjoy them together.

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Parfait Cooking Class

Host a cooking class that's all about making parfaits. Teach attendees about the history of parfaits and show them how to make different types of parfaits, both sweet and savory.

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Parfait Shop Hop

Research local bakeries and cafes in your area that sell parfaits. Map out a route and visit each one, trying the different parfaits and rating them for fun.

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Parfait for Breakfast

Switch up your normal breakfast routine and serve up a healthy parfait. Your morning will feel extra special and you'll kick start the day in a healthy way.

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Parfait Contest

Organize a parfait making contest within your community or among your friends. This can stir up some friendly competition and a lot of delicious parfaits to taste. The winner could be awarded a 'Parfait Master' certificate!

7 Interesting Facts About Parfait


Origin of Parfait

The word 'parfait' comes from the French language and it means 'perfect'. It originally referred to a kind of frozen dessert in France in 1894.


Variety in Parfaits

While in the United States, a parfait is typically made with layers of ice cream, fruits, nuts, and syrup, in France, it is made from sugar syrup, egg, and cream.


Culinary Use

Parfait can be used in a variety of culinary applications, not just desserts. For example, chicken liver parfait, a type of pâté, is a popular appetizer in French cuisine.


Healthy Parfaits

Believe it or not, parfaits can be quite healthy. If you swap out the ice cream for yogurt, and add in some granola and fresh fruits, you've got yourself a nutritious breakfast or snack.


Fact About Dish's Structure

Parfaits are typically layered and served in a clear glass, which allows you to see the beautiful layers of ingredients.


Parfait in Japan

In Japan, parfait is a much fancier dessert. They often have many layers and a significant amount of decorations, and can be found in various flavors like matcha, chocolate, and strawberry.


Pop Culture Appearance

Parfaits have been referenced in popular culture. For instance, in the animated movie 'Shrek', the character Donkey declares that 'everybody loves parfaits'.

National Parfait Day FAQs

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