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Honoring National May Ray Day each year on the 19th of May is all about embracing the positive energy that the sun provides. This joyous occasion motivates people to spend quality time outside, basking in the sun’s radiance.

The essence of this day is to understand the value of the sun’s power and absorb it in meaningful ways, such as unwinding in a sunny spot or going on a nature-filled daytime adventure.

History of National May Ray Day

National May Ray Day, celebrated annually on May 19th, cleverly combines the term “rays”, a nickname for sunshine, with the month of May, a time when spring is in full bloom in many parts of the United States. Its purpose seems to be celebrating the enjoyable and healthful benefits of sensible sun exposure after the chilly winter months and unpredictable spring weather.

This day isn’t just about soaking up the sun and Vitamin D, however. It simultaneously emphasizes the importance of sun safety. While attendees are encouraged to get outside and enjoy the glorious weather, they are also reminded to shield themselves from the sun’s harmful effects— using hats, sunglasses, and liberal applications of sunscreen to protect against sunburns, skin cancer, and eye damage.

Over the years, the celebration of National May Ray Day seems to have evolved to include picnics, sunbathing, walking, or any enjoyable outdoor activities. Though the holiday originated in the U.S., the pleasure of spending time in the sunshine on a beautiful day is a global sentiment, leading to some international recognition.

National May Ray Day Timeline

Introduction of May Ray Day

Richard Ankli, an artist from Michigan invented May Ray Day, celebrated every year on May 19th.

May Ray Day Spreads Nationally

May Ray Day started gaining national recognition just a few years after its introduction, encouraging people across the country to step outside and soak up the sun.

Global Recognition

May Ray Day gains global recognition as more countries begin to participate in this celebration of the sun and its rays.

Raising Awareness about UV Rays

National May Ray Day also started being used as a platform to raise awareness about the harmful effects of UV rays.

Record sunbathing

Record-setting participations in May Ray Day worldwide. Millions bask in sunlight in appreciation of the warm rays.

Ideas to Celebrate National May Ray Day

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Picnic Under the Sun

Arrange a fun picnic at a local park with friends and family. Enjoy the warm rays of the sun while munching on some delicious food and snacks. Don't forget the sunblock!

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Outdoor Art Session

Grab your art supplies and conduct an outdoor painting or sketching session. The sunshine will provide perfect lighting and will inspire creativity.

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Sun Safety Awareness Campaign

Celebrate the day by educating others about sun safety. Share informative brochures, social media posts, and tips on how to protect oneself from harmful UV rays while still enjoying the beautiful day.

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Sunrise or Sunset Yoga

Early morning or late afternoon yoga sessions under the mild rays of the sun can rejuvenate you physically and mentally. Promote it among your friends, colleagues, and neighbors.

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Visit a Botanical Garden

Spend the day enjoying the sunshine in a botanical garden or greenhouse. Take time to appreciate the warmth and light that the sun brings, which aids in the growth of these plants.

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Backyard Sunbathing

Treat yourself with a peaceful sunbathing session in your backyard. Set up a cozy spot, bring your favorite book and spend the day basking in the soft rays of sun.

4 Interesting Facts About May Ray Day


Purpose of May Ray Day

May Ray Day is celebrated every May 19th to appreciate the sun and spend some time outdoors. The day invites everyone to bask in the rays of the sun and enjoy the warmth, which is especially welcomed in areas that have long, cold winters.


Activities on May Ray Day

People celebrate May Ray Day in various ways. Some people organize picnics, while others engage in outdoor sports or activities such as hiking, gardening or simply walking in the park. It's an excellent day for any activity that allows people to enjoy the sun.


Connection with Health

Spending time outdoors and getting some sun has numerous health benefits. Sunlight helps the body produce vitamin D, which is important for bone health, immune system function, and mood regulation. May Ray Day thus serves as a reminder to take advantage of these health benefits.


Rain Check

If there's rain on May Ray Day, not to worry! Some people celebrate 'Rain Check Day' the following Saturday, giving them another chance to soak up the sun!

National May Ray Day FAQs

Next National May Ray Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 May 19th Friday
2024 May 19th Sunday
2025 May 19th Monday
2026 May 19th Tuesday
2027 May 19th Wednesday
What is the pattern? Every May 19th

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