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Interns across the globe are celebrated and honored on a special day known as National Intern Day. This occasion usually takes place on the last Thursday of July each year. National Intern Day is more than just a date on the calendar; it’s a chance to recognize the crucial role of internships in forming a solid foundation for anyone’s career. It provides an opportunity for employers to show their appreciation for the significant contributions made by interns.

This day underscores the tireless efforts of these young achievers as they learn, adapt, and strive towards realizing their professional goals.

History of National Intern Day

The inception of National Intern Day took place in 2017, initiated by WayUp, a business platform targeted for students and young professionals at the early stages of their career. The day was set apart to honor the work and contributions made by interns on a national level.

The founders, Liz Wessel and JJ Fliegelman, saw a gap in the industry in 2014. Many young people were facing difficulties when it came to landing their first internships and jobs. In response, they established WayUp, a platform designed to simplify this transition.

A few years later, in 2017, they introduced National Intern Day. It is an occasion where businesses are encouraged to acknowledge, appreciate, and celebrate their interns. It occurs annually on the last Thursday of July.

In its inaugural year, the celebration included more than 1,000 companies. This list incorporated businesses of various sizes, from fledgling startups to well-established Fortune 500 companies. The annual event has grown progressively since its founding, thus increasing awareness of the significance and benefits of internships.

One key aspect of National Intern Day is the recognition of exceptional interns. Businesses can nominate their interns for the “Intern of the Year” award. The selected top 100 interns are then evaluated by a panel that chooses the winners. This day has also kindled discussions regarding the rights of interns and fair pay. These conversations bolster WayUp’s mission which primarily focuses on aiding young professionals in their preliminary career stages.

National Intern Day Timeline

National Intern Day Conceptualization

WayUp, a job site and mobile app for college students and recent graduates, came up with the idea of celebrating interns globally.

First National Intern Day

WayUp held the first National Intern Day, and it was an instant success. It was celebrated by companies and interns across the US and soon across the globe.

Growth of National Intern Day

More companies across industries started recognizing and celebrating the day, highlighting the importance of internships.

Global Recognition

The trend quickly spread worldwide, with companies and learning institutions marking the day with career development activities for interns.

Continued Celebration

Despite ongoing global challenges, companies continue to celebrate National Intern Day, recognizing the essential role that interns play in their organizations.

Ideas to Celebrate National Intern Day

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Appreciation Speech

Schedule a time where the CEO or manager expresses appreciation for the interns' hard work and publicly acknowledges their efforts.

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Ceremonial Recognition

Hold a symbolic event, like awarding certificates of recognition or badges of honor, to show appreciation for their contribution.

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Professional Development Webinar

Organize a webinar or workshop on professional development subjects. This can range from how to network successfully, writing a standout resume, or enhancing their presentation skills.

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Mentor-Mentee Lunch

Arrange a lunch where interns can sit with their mentors. This informal setting can foster better relationships and meaningful conversations.

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Intern Showcase

Give your interns a platform to present a project or task they’ve worked on during their internship. This aids in their confidence and gives them presentation experience.

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Career Advancement Discussion

Provide interns with a session discussing potential career paths, job opportunities, and the skills they will need to develop.

8 Interesting Facts About Interns


United States: The Land of Interns

The United States has the highest number of internships in the world. Each year, thousands of students and young professionals land various internships across the country.


Internship at the White House

The White House offers one of the most prestigious internships. These interns work in one of 16 different departments including the Domestic Policy Council, the National Economic Council, and the Office of Cabinet Affairs.


Unpaid Internships Controversy

While internships offer valuable experience, unpaid internships have become a topic of controversy. Critics argue that it favors those who can afford to work without pay, creating socioeconomic imbalances.


Google's Luxurious Intern Experience

Google is known for providing its interns with a luxurious experience, including free housing, free meals, and a competitive salary. The company treats its interns almost like full-time employees.


The Origins of Internships

The concept of internships originated in the medical profession, where students would take on residencies in hospitals to complete their practical training.


Interns not just for Summer

Although many people associate internships with summer breaks, companies offer internships throughout the year. Off-cycle internships tend to be less competitive, providing more opportunities for those interested.


Not all Interns are Students

Contrary to popular belief, not all interns are students! Many companies offer 'returnship' programs for adults re-entering the workforce after a long hiatus.


Benefits beyond Career

Apart from the experience, internships can lead to lasting personal and professional relationships. They provide a platform to meet and network with individuals in specific industries.

National Intern Day FAQs

Next National Intern Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 July 27th Thursday
2024 July 25th Thursday
2025 July 31st Thursday
2026 July 30th Thursday
2027 July 29th Thursday
What is the pattern? Last Thursday of July

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