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National Hug a Bear Day -

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Every year on November 7th, we take time to appreciate our soft and cuddly teddy bear friends through National Hug a Bear Day. This day isn’t meant for embracing real bears, but to celebrate the special bond we share with our endearing teddy bears.

National Hug a Bear Day is a day that harks back to our earliest years and evokes a wave of nostalgia, while also reminding us of the joy and comfort these fluffy companions bring into our lives.

History of National Hug a Bear Day

In 1903, in the United States, the teddy bear was born from a touching tale involving President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. The President showed a noteworthy act of compassion during a Mississippi hunting expedition when he declined to shoot a captured bear, citing it as unsportsmanlike.

The story quickly gained attention across the country, inspiring a cartoon by Clifford Berryman that showcased the event. This led Brooklyn candy store owner Morris Michtom to create a cuddly toy bear he named “Teddy’s bear”. The soft, huggable bear toy resonated with both adults and children, representing comfort and companionship.

The exact inspiration behind a discrete National Hug a Bear Day remains elusive, but the focus lies on the plush toys’ capability to offer emotional reassurance. The November timing of this event may also symbolize the pending winter hibernation for real bears. Moreover, the day may serve to acknowledge the symbol of comfort, protection, and companionship that these soft toys offer.

National Hug a Bear Day Timeline

Teddy Bear Inception

U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt inspired the creation of the Teddy Bear, after refusing to shoot a cornered bear during a hunting trip.

Winnie the Pooh Introduced

The first collection of stories about the character Winnie-the-Pooh was released by author A. A. Milne, further increasing the popularity of bears in society and culture.

Debut of Baloo

Disney's Jungle Book released with the character Baloo, a fun-loving and carefree bear, reaching an even wider audience with the love for bears.

Hugging A Bear in Pop Culture

The phrase started appearing as a theme in songs, movies, and literature, further popularizing the term.

National Hug a Bear Day

National Hug a Bear day is celebrated on November 7 to celebrate Teddy Bears and the comfort they provide.

Ideas to Celebrate National Hug a Bear Day

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Teddy Bear Picnic

Organize a teddy bear picnic in your local park. Invite friends and family along with their favourite teddy bears. You can set a time for everyone to gather and have a group hug with their bears.

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Bear Toy Drive

Organize a toy drive where people donate teddy bears that will be given to children in need. Emphasize the comfort and love a teddy bear can provide.

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Craft Your Own Teddy Bear

Host a teddy bear making party. Provide materials and guide guests in making their very own teddy bears to hug.

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Support Bear Conservations

Pay homage to actual bears by donating to a bear conservation charity or adopting a bear through a wildlife foundation on behalf of you and your cuddly bear.

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Teddy Bear Story Time

Call upon storybooks featuring the beloved teddy bear characters like Winnie The Pooh, Paddington Bear, and more. Arrange a story telling session with kids and end it by hugging their own bears.

4 Interesting Facts About Hugging a Bear


Purpose of the Day

The name may be misleading but on the National Hug a Bear day, people are actually encouraged to hug their teddy bears. It symbolizes the comfort, security, and companionship that these cuddly toys provide.


Teddy Bear Significance

Teddy bears, the main characters of the National Hug a Bear day, are named after U.S. President Theodore 'Teddy' Roosevelt, after he refused to shoot a bear cub on a hunting trip in 1902.


Bear Conservation Efforts

Whilst celebrating the comfort of teddy bears, National Hug a Bear Day also helps raise awareness about the protection of bear populations globally and the need for conservation efforts.


World's Largest Teddy Bear

The world’s largest teddy bear constructed by Municipio de Xonacatlán, Ideas por México and Agrupación de Productores de Peluche, Mexico in 2019. It was 19.41 m (63 ft 8 in) in length.

National Hug a Bear Day FAQs

Next National Hug a Bear Day Dates

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2023 November 7th Tuesday
2024 November 7th Thursday
2025 November 7th Friday
2026 November 7th Saturday
2027 November 7th Sunday
What is the pattern? Every November 7th

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