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February 15th is a day marked on sweet-lovers’ calendars as National Gumdrop Day. This celebration is dedicated to the world-famous candy - the gumdrop. These small, colorful sweets filled with juicy flavors have been a favorite for people across generations.

National Gumdrop Day is more than just an ordinary day; it’s a festival that invites us to enjoy the sweet and tangy taste of gumdrops in all forms - be it for baking, crafting, decorating or just a treat to our taste buds.

History of National Gumdrop Day

The invention of the gumdrop can be credited to Percy Trusdale, a candy manufacturer and chemist. He invented it in 1801 and his aim was to manufacture a type of candy that wasn’t sticky and could be enjoyed for its pleasant and sweet taste.

Initially, gumdrops were made with a simple recipe that involved stale bread, sugar, and various flavors. But as technology improved, the recipe was improved with heated sugar syrup, flavorings, and gelling additives like pectin or gelatin replacing the original ingredients.

The gumdrop has remained a favorite in the United States confectionery scene over the years, with variations like spearmint leaves and spice drops also becoming crowd favorites. The influence of the gumdrop extends beyond just candy; it has made its way into culture with Christmas tree decorations and even made an appearance in the game Candy Land, featuring a character named “Jolly” which is a nod to Jujubes, a type of gumdrop.

In recent years, certain candy companies started creating and promoting several candy-related “holidays.” Such holidays included Gumdrop Day, Candy Corn Day, and Jelly Bean Day, among others. This was done as a marketing technique to boost their sales. Nevertheless, Gumdrop Day is considered my many as a day to celebrate and appreciate this traditional, brightly colored, and chewy treat.

National Gumdrop Day Timeline

Gumdrops Invention

The gumdrop candy was first invented.

Popularization of Gumdrops

Gumdrops became a popular candy treat in America and started being mass-produced.

Introduction of Various Flavors

Various flavors of gumdrops were introduced to market, adding more variety and popularity.

Introduction of Gummy Bears

The gumdrop evolved into the gummy bear, another popular form of chewy candy.

Gumdrops in Video Games

Gumdrops started being used in popular video games like Candy Crush as a reward system.

National Gumdrop Day

The celebration of National Gumdrop Day acknowledges the beloved candy.

Ideas to Celebrate National Gumdrop Day

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Guess the Gumdrops

Setup an amusing game where you fill a jar with gumdrops and each participant guesses the number inside. The winner, who guesses closest to the correct amount, receives a cool present!

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Gumdrop Art

Utilize gumdrops for crafting remarkable 2D or 3D art pieces. Then, take photos and conduct a mini art exhibition in your living room.

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Gumdrop Donation

Commence a meaningful initiative of procuring several gumdrop packets and contributing them to a nearby charity, healthcare facility, or educational institution.

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Gumdrop Tasting

Procure an assortment of gumdrop flavors and hold an exhilarating gumdrop tasting get-together, grading each and every flavor.

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Making Homemade Gumdrops

Search for a sweet gumdrop recipe online and attempt to whip up your own handcrafted gumdrops at home. Why not play with flavors while you're at it?

6 Interesting Facts About Gumdrop


Origins of Gumdrop

The birth of gumdrop candies can be traced back to 1801, credited to a pharmacist named Percy Trusdale. He originally embarked on a quest for a common cold remedy, but his journey led him to the unexpected invention of gumdrops.


Gumdrop in Games

Board games, such as the beloved Candy Land and the adventurous Dungeons & Dragons, often incorporate gumdrops. Typically, these candies symbolize tempting rewards or magical potions.


A Popular Christmas Decoration

When festive time arrives, gumdrops are commonly used for adding a touch of sweetness to gingerbread houses, making them a favorite holiday decorative item.


A Variety of Flavors

Gumdrops present a palette of flavors, ranging from intriguing spices like clove and cinnamon to refreshing fruit notes like orange, cherry, and lemon.


A Spacecraft Named Gumdrop

In an interesting coincidence, 'Gumdrop' was the nickname given to the command module of NASA's Apollo 9 mission. The name came from its blue protective covering resembling a colossal piece of candy upon arrival at Kennedy Space Centre.


Gumdrop in Literature

The world of literature isn't devoid of gumdrops either. The 'gumdrop trees' of the mystical Narnian land in C.S. Lewis' books stand as a testament.

National Gumdrop Day FAQs

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2027 February 15th Monday
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