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National Gorgeous Grandma Day, celebrated every year on July 23, is a special day dedicated to recognizing and celebrating all the amazing grandmothers out there. It is a time to appreciate their wisdom, accomplishments, and their unconditionally loving hearts. The beauty and essence of a grandmother does not simply rely on physical appearance, but rather her strength, resilience, and the love that she constantly pours into her family.

On this special day, we honor and cherish all the ‘gorgeous’ grandmas around the world.

History of National Gorgeous Grandma Day

Each year, National Gorgeous Grandma Day brings joy and recognition to grandmothers around the globe on July 23rd. This special occasion not only celebrates grandmas but also aging, life, and the invaluable connection between family members.

The inception of National Gorgeous Grandma Day dates back to 1984, born out of the collaboration between Alice Solomon and her granddaughter. They were inspired to pay homage to the often overlooked, yet influential and dynamic elderly women in society.

Alice Solomon, a Wellesley College alumna, who completed her graduation at the age of 50 in 1984, observed a discrepancy between societal views and the reality of the lives of modern grandmothers. She realized that society’s stereotypical image of grandmothers being old, unattractive, and housebound was incorrect. The elderly women she encountered were full of life, active in various fields including professional workplaces, public service, businesses, sports, health, and social activities.

Alice Solomon felt compelled to challenge and change these stereotypes, leading her to coin the term “Gorgeous Grandma.” She aimed to inspire older women to thrive, discard outdated norms, and acknowledge the fact that elegance, charm, and beauty are not qualities lost with age, but rather attributes that flourish over time.

National Gorgeous Grandma Day acts as a moment of reflection for all aged women to keep their playful spirit alive and live life to the fullest measure. This special day has evolved and gained momentum over time, with people either opting to spend quality time with their grandmothers, sharing photographs on social media, or simply recognizing older women in their communities for their valued contributions.

National Gorgeous Grandma Day Timeline

Begin of 'Gorgeous Grandma'

The concept of 'gorgeous grandma' started being broadly embraced as older women started embracing their age and beauty more publicly.

Gorgeous Grandma Day Initiated

Alice Solomon graduated from Wellesley College at the age of 50 and proclaimed 'Gorgeous Grandma' Day on July 23.

Increased Recognition of Gorgeous Grandma Day

The early 2000s saw a rise in the recognition and celebration of 'Gorgeous Grandma Day,' with more people acknowledging the significance of appreciating aging and grandmotherhood.

Digital Explosion

With the spread of social media platforms, 'Gorgeous Grandma Day' gained more prominence online. Posts, messages, and photos praising grandmothers exploded on these platforms.

Annual Celebrations

People across the world now celebrate 'Gorgeous Grandma Day' every year on July 23, recognizing and honoring the incredible women who have influenced, nurtured, and shaped their lives.

Ideas to Celebrate National Gorgeous Grandma Day

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Refresh Her Wardrobe!

Take your gorgeous grandma for a shopping spree. Help her select stylish, comfortable clothes that she can wear and feel beautiful in. Don't forget some glamourous accessories to complete her look.

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Pamper Grandma

Book a spa day for your grandma. Let her relax and get pampered with a full-body massage, facial, pedicure, and manicure. It's a perfect way to show appreciation and make her feel special.

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Special Photo Shoot

Hire a professional photographer and plan a surprise photo shoot for your grandma. Celebrate her timeless beauty with this gesture and create new memories in the process.

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Classy Evening Out

Take your grandma out for a classy evening. The plan can include a fancy dinner at a restaurant she likes, followed by a theater or opera show.

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Create a Tribute Video

Create a heartfelt tribute video showcasing how much she means to your family. This could include messages from family members, photo montages, and shared memories. Present this to her on National Gorgeous Grandma Day.

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Cooking Her Favorite Meal

A personal effort can speak volumes. Cooking her favorite meal and dessert will show your appreciation and love for her.

6 Interesting Facts About Gorgeous Grandma Day


Origin of the Day

Gorgeous Grandma Day was created in 1984 by Alice Solomon, after she graduated at the age of 50 from Wellesley College to honor all women of a certain age whether they were grandmothers or not.


Purpose of the Day

Gorgeous Grandma Day is a time to celebrate the beautiful grandmothers in our lives and to remind them how gorgeous they are.


Global Celebration

Although it originated in the United States, Gorgeous Grandma Day is now celebrated across many parts of the world.


Day's Motto

The unofficial motto for the day is 'Get out there and flaunt yourself, Granny!'


Not Just for Real Grandmas

Although it's titled 'Gorgeous Grandma Day', the day can be acknowledged to honor any woman of age, even if they’re not technically a grandma.


A Day of Reinvention

An underlying theme of Gorgeous Grandma Day is the idea of reinvention. Alice Solomon, the day’s founder, hopes to inspire older women to redefine their sense of self and challenge age stereotypes.

National Gorgeous Grandma Day FAQs

Next National Gorgeous Grandma Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 July 23rd Sunday
2024 July 23rd Tuesday
2025 July 23rd Wednesday
2026 July 23rd Thursday
2027 July 23rd Friday
What is the pattern? Every July 23rd

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