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Every year on the second Friday of July, we come together to celebrate a well-loved snack food – the delightful french fry, in an event known as National French Fry Day. This day sees individuals worldwide pay homage to this crisp, golden, and perfectly salted snack that has a special place in the hearts of many.

National French Fry Day is a day packed with reminiscing over favorite moments involving french fries, exploring the array of methods in which they can be served, and their part in various cultures. Regardless of your preference, whether it’s for straight, curly, crinkle-cut, shoestring, or waffle fries, National French Fry Day is the ideal day to honor these iconic global comfort foods.

History of National French Fry Day

The history of French fries is subject to much speculation, despite the hints given by its name. These delicious, golden, deep-fried potato strips are rumoured to have been first cooked in the late 1600s, not in France, but in Belgium. According to tales, residents used small river fish for frying, but in the chilled seasons when the Meuse River would freeze, they would instead turn to potatoes, slicing them to mimic the shape of the fish.

The phrase “French Fries” is believed to have surfaced during World War I. American troops stationed in Belgium supposedly attributed the word “French” to the fries because the Belgian Army predominantly used French as their official language.

Thomas Jefferson is credited with the introduction of this now prevalent dish to America. Having developed a taste for them while serving as an ambassador in France, he chose to add them to the menu for a White House dinner in the 1800s. By the middle of the 19th century, French fries had steadily started to make a name for themselves on menus across both American and European eating outlets.

In the modern-day world, French fries are celebrated in an array of forms and toppings, including but not limited to, curly fries, waffle fries, shoestring fries, chili-cheese fries, and poutine. They retain their popularity as a globally enjoyed side dish and snack, despite recent health warnings associated with their consumption.

National French Fry Day Timeline

French Fries Origin

French fries were believed to be introduced by street vendors on the Pont Neuf bridge in Paris.

Introduction to America

French fries were introduced to America by Thomas Jefferson when he served them at a White House dinner.

Naming of French Fries

The term 'French fried potatoes' first appears in English in Cookery for Maids of All Work by E. Warren.

McDonald's Serves French Fries

McDonald's, one of the biggest sellers of French fries, began operation. Their fries become famous worldwide.

Frozen French Fries

The J.R. Simplot Company invented the frozen French fry and quickly monopolized the market.

National French Fry Day

National French Fry Day is observed on July 13th to honor this popular snack.

Ideas to Celebrate National French Fry Day

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Fry-making Party

Invite family and friends over for a fun evening of making homemade fries. Experiment with sweet potato fries, curly fries, shoestring fries, and more. Participants can enjoy cutting and frying their own potatoes.

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French Fry Cook-off

Get competitive with a French fry cook-off. Participants can utilize different styles and flavors. The best tasting, most innovative, and beautifully presented fries win awards.

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French Fry Tasting

Arrange a blind tasting of different restaurant fries. Participants rate each sample and guess where they're from.

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Visit a Potato Farm

What better way to celebrate than by getting to know where potatoes are grown? Visit a local potato farm for a guided tour and learn how your favorite comfort food originates.

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French Fry Bar

Set up a 'fry bar' at home where you create the ultimate loaded fries. Think cheese, bacon bits, gravy, onions, jalapenos and anything else you can think of. Makes for great pictures and even better eating!

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French Fry Themed Movie Night

Watch a food-themed movie (like Ratatouille or Chef), while enjoying a plate full of tasty fries. It could be a great family or friend bonding activity on National French Fry Day.

7 Interesting Facts About French Fries


Origin Controversy

Despite their name, French Fries are not of French origin. They are believed to have originated in Belgium in the 17th Century, but have their name from American soldiers who arrived in Belgium during World War I and tasted Belgian fries. They named them 'French' as it was the official language of the Belgian army.


Global Popularity

French Fries are globally loved, from America to Asia. They are popularly served with burgers or eaten alone as a snack with a variety of dips. Countries have their own versions too, like the poutine in Canada or the Patatas Bravas in Spain.


High Consumption

The average American consumes approximately 40 lbs of French fries per year.


Unique Dips

Different regions have different dips for French fries. In America, they are typically served with ketchup, while in the United Kingdom they are often eaten with vinegar. Belgians enjoy them with mayonnaise, and Canadians love their fries in a dish called poutine – covered in gravy and cheese curds.


The Longest French Fry

The record for the longest French fry is held by a 18-year-old, who made a fry that measured 34 inches long.


McDonald’s and French Fries

McDonald's, one of the largest fast food chains in the world, makes a third of its profits from selling fries.


Variations in Shape

French fries can be cut in a variety of shapes, including shoe string, steak cut, crinkle cut, waffle cut, and curly fries. Each shape offers a varying amount of softness and crunch.

National French Fry Day FAQs

Next National French Fry Day Dates

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2027 July 9th Friday
What is the pattern? Second Friday of July

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