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National Football Day, observed annually on the 19th of July, is a day set aside to celebrate the country’s fervor for American football. Often regarded as more than just a sport, American football has weaved itself into the cultural fabric of the United States. On this day, fans, athletes, and football enthusiasts unite to acknowledge the thrill, the strategy, and the spirit of camaraderie this sport fosters.

Regardless of allegiance to a particular team or player, National Football Day is an opportunity to appreciate the impact and importance of American Football in shaping sports culture nationwide.

History of National Football Day

Originating from early versions of rugby football and association football in 19th century Britain, American football was shaped into its current form primarily by one man, Walter Camp. This Yale player, frequently referred to as the “Father of American Football,” adapted the rules of British football games to feature elements like line scrimmages and down-and-distance rules that are distinctive factors of American football.

With popularity growing throughout the late-19th and early-20th centuries, several professional and semi-professional leagues emerged. In 1920, the American Professional Football Association was born. It eventually developed into the National Football League (NFL) we know today by 1922.

About halfway through the 20th century, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) began establishing more concrete rules and regulations for collegiate football. This development coincided with the introduction of televised broadcasts of games in the 1950s, which increased public awareness and popularity of the sport.

In the year 1960, another major American football league was founded - the American Football League (AFL), posing as a rival to the NFL. The rivalry was concluded in 1970 when the two leagues merged, forming today’s NFL split into the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference.

Presently, American football is one of the most highly regarded sports in the U.S. The NFL’s flagship event, the Super Bowl, has become an annual television phenomenon drawing in vast global audiences. Today, the sport continues to enthrall spectators worldwide with its intricate strategies, physical rigor, and thrilling games.

National Football Day Timeline

First Game of American Football

The first game of American football was played between two college teams, Rutgers and Princeton.

Introduction of Line of Scrimmage

Walter Camp, known as the 'Father of American Football', introduced 'line of scrimmage' rules.

Establishment of the NFL

The American Professional Football Association was established, later renamed the National Football League.

First NFL Championship

First NFL Championship game was held between the Chicago Bears and the New York Giants.

First NFL Draft

The first NFL draft was held in Philadelphia. Jay Berwanger was the first player drafted.

First Super Bowl

The Green Bay Packers win the First Super Bowl, marking the end of a merger between the NFL and AFL.

Introduction of Monday Night Football

The first Monday Night Football game was broadcasted on ABC, opening doors for sports on prime time television.

Ideas to Celebrate National Football Day

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Host a Football Watch Party

Gather your friends and family for a football game viewing party. Make game day snacks and use football-themed decorations to add to the spirit.

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Organize a Football Trivia Night

Test your friends' football knowledge with a trivia night. You can have prizes for the winners, making the contest more exciting.

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Play a Game of Football

Invite friends, family, or co-workers to play a friendly game of football. This is a great way to get active and enjoy the sport.

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Football Jersey Day

Encourage everyone in your office or school to wear their favorite football jersey on National Football Day.

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Visit a Football Hall of Fame

Some cities have football halls of fame or stadiums that you can tour.

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Football Movie Marathon

Have a movie marathon featuring the best football-themed films.

8 Interesting Facts About American Football


First Broadcasting

The first American Football game to ever be televised was the University of Pennsylvania vs. Princeton University game on October 22, 1939.


Short Game Duration

Although it might not seem like it, the ball is typically in play for just 11 minutes of an average 3-hour NFL game.


Super Bowl Rings

Each year, the members of the winning Super Bowl team receive a ring. The most decorated individual is Charles Haley with five rings.


NFL Record Breaking

The player who holds the record for the longest field goal in an NFL game is Justin Tucker, who kicked a 66-yard field goal in 2021.


Origin of the Name

American Football was named so to differentiate it from soccer, which is known as football in most of the world.


O. J. Simpson's Record

O. J. Simpson was the first NFL player to rush over 2,000 yards in a season.


American Football in the Olympics

American Football was an official event in the 1932 Summer Olympics.


Super Bowl Commercials

Commercials during the Super Bowl are famously expensive, with a 30-second slot costing up to $7 million.

National Football Day FAQs

Next National Football Day Dates

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2024 July 19th Friday
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2026 July 19th Sunday
2027 July 19th Monday
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