National Cousins Day, marked annually on July 24, pays homage to the treasured relationships we share with our cousins. It’s a day meant to honor and celebrate that unique familial bond. The holiday serves as a reminder to show appreciation to our cousins, who often become our first friends and closest allies in the journey of life.

This day an ideal time to reconnect with cousins, share stories, laughter, and reinforce the unbroken bond of family.

History of National Cousins Day

Cousins often share special bonds rooted in childhood memories and experiences. National Cousins Day serves as a gentle reminder to reconnect with these important individuals and make time for quality interaction. Since the early 2000s, companies, including Hallmark and American Greetings, have been encouraging people to use this day to express their gratitude towards their cousin-relationships with cards and thoughtful messages.

National Cousins Day is celebrated in several parts of the United States and beyond, symbolizing the significance of kinship bonds. It has gained increased recognition in recent years due to social media, with individuals utilizing these platforms to share images and posts commemorating the day.

On this day, people usually arrange family reunions, exchange presents, or simply spend time with their cousins. Celebrations also extend to simple gestures like sharing a phone call or arranging a meet-up. The primary objective of National Cousins Day is to foster a strong family connection, illustrating that cousins often serve as our lifelong friends and trusted confidants.

National Cousins Day Timeline

Greek Recognition of Cousing Relationship

Greek societies start to categorize between first and second cousins and regulate marriages according to the relationship.

Recognised Cousin Relationship in Literature

Characters depicting cousin relations start to feature prominently in literature, enhancing the recognition and understanding of this relation.

Cousin Relationship in Pop Culture

Cousin characters become more prevalent in films and TV shows, reflecting the dynamics of this relationship to the wider public.

National Cousins Day Trend on Social Media

People began sharing photos, memories, and tributes to their cousins on social media platforms.

National Cousins Day Today

The day continues to be celebrated annually, strengthening the bonds between cousins across continents and generations.

Ideas to Celebrate National Cousins Day

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Family Reunion Picnic

Organize a family reunion picnic where all cousins can come together, play games, share meals and create new cherished memories.

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Photo Album Collection

Create a photo album together, gathering old family photos. It can be a great opportunity to reflect on shared memories and histories.

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Movie Marathon

Arrange a movie marathon with all of your cousins' favorite movies. Provide popcorn and other favorite snacks for a fun night in.

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Shared Cooking Experience

Host a shared cooking experience, where each cousin prepares a unique dish to share with the rest. This can also help learn more about each other's favorite foods.

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Online Game Night

If you cannot meet in person, you can still host an online game night. Choose multiplayer games that accommodate everyone or even organize a digital trivia night.

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Exploring the Wild

Plan a camping trip or a hike together to not just enjoy each other's company but also connect with nature.

8 Interesting Facts About Cousins


Cousins Share Ancestors

The children of your aunts or uncles are considered your first cousins because you share at least one set of grandparents. It means you have 25% of your genes in common


Cousin Removals

A 'removed' cousin is a generation away. Your first cousin's child is your first cousin once removed.


Famous Cousin Marriages

Several famous figures from history were married to their cousins, including Albert Einstein, Edgar Allan Poe, and Charles Darwin.


Double Cousins

Double cousins are the result of siblings from one family marrying siblings from another family. They share 25% of their DNA instead of the usual 12.5%.


Royal Cousins

Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, are third cousins—they share the same great-great-grandparents, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.


Numerous Cousins

If each of your parents has one sibling who has two children, you have four first cousins. If each of those cousins has two children, you have eight first cousins once removed.


Cousin as an Expression

'Cousin' is sometimes used colloquially to refer to any relative outside of the immediate family, particularly in multicultural urban environments.


Cousins in Fiction

Cousins are a popular topic in literature and media. From 'Harry Potter’s' Dudley Dursley to Katniss Everdeen’s Gale Hawthorne in 'The Hunger Games', cousins play pivotal roles in plot development.

National Cousins Day FAQs

Next National Cousins Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 July 24th Monday
2024 July 24th Wednesday
2025 July 24th Thursday
2026 July 24th Friday
2027 July 24th Saturday
What is the pattern? Every July 24th

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