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National Clean Your Desk Day -

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National Clean Your Desk Day is observed every year on the second Monday of January. This special day is set aside to encourage us to kick off the New Year by tidying up and organizing our workspaces.

The idea behind the day is to create a sense of peace and boost productivity and efficiency. Therefore, on this National Clean Your Desk Day, let’s commit to decluttering and cleaning our workplaces for a more balanced and stress-free work environment.

Ideas to Celebrate National Clean Your Desk Day

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Healthy Workspace Hashtag Contest

Initiate a healthy competition among your colleagues. Everyone should upload before and after pictures of their tidied desks under a unique hashtag.

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Office Deep Clean Day

Dedicate a single day for all employees to focus on tidying and disinfecting their workspaces. Equip them with necessary cleaning gear and resources, including disinfectant wipes for keyboards, desktop surfaces, and handheld vacuum cleaners.

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Cleaning Music

Infuse some excitement into the cleaning process. Play pulsing music for everyone to clean their desk. When the music takes a pause, make an inspection to see whose desk shines the brightest.

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Webinar on Benefits of a Clean Workspace

Bring an expert organizer or psychologist onboard to run a virtual session on why maintaining a neat workspace is beneficial for productivity and mental well-being.

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Cleared Desk, Clear Mind Challenge

Inspire the team to keep their desks clean over a set period of time through a fun challenge. At the end of it, the one with the consistently cleanest desk could win an attractive reward.

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Professional Desk Cleaning Service

Employ the services of a professional cleaning team to thoroughly cleanse everyone's desks. This initiative does not only encourage employees to keep their surroundings clean but also provides a refreshing start

7 Interesting Facts About Cleaning Desks


Food for Germs

When we consume our lunch at our workspace, fragments of food can become lodged in various areas, offering an optimal environment for bacteria to grow.


The Invisible Grime

Your desk can gather hidden filth such as dust, strands of hair, and dead skin cells that can provoke allergic responses.


Dirtiest Spot

Surprisingly, the most bacteria-ridden place on your desk is your computer keyboard.


Illness Spreading

If a workspace isn't cleaned regularly, it has the potential to spread diseases like the common cold and respiratory illnesses.


Keyboard Crumbs

Keyboard keys can be a hiding place for around thousands of microbes per square inch due to tiny particles of food and liquid spills.


Work Productivity

Maintaining a neat and tidy desk can help boost productivity at work and alleviate stress among employees.


Frequency of Cleaning

It's suggested that you clean your workspace at least once every seven days and sanitize areas that are touched frequently on a daily basis.

National Clean Your Desk Day FAQs

Next National Clean Your Desk Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 January 9th Monday
2024 January 8th Monday
2025 January 13th Monday
2026 January 12th Monday
2027 January 11th Monday
What is the pattern? second Monday of January

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