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National Cake Day, celebrated on November 26th each year, indulges our taste buds and satiates our sweet tooth cravings. This delightful occasion brings people together to appreciate the artistry and deliciousness of cakes in all their glory.

From fluffy buttercream frosted masterpieces to decadent chocolate layers, National Cake Day is a joyous celebration dedicated to all things cake.

History of National Cake Day

Cakes have been part of our cuisine for a very long time, originating from ancient societies. The term “cake” is derived from “kaka,” a word from the Norse language, and originally these treats were more bread-like, typically enhanced with honey, fruits, and nuts.

In the times of ancient Egypt, baked goods were often part of celebratory events, while during the Roman era, these goods were akin to what we recognize today as cheesecakes, with a consistency that’s quite similar.

Transitioning through the ages, particularly in medieval Europe, the availability of sugar, butter, and fine flour led to the creation of the sweeter, more indulgent cakes we are familiar with. The invention of baking powder in the 1800s brought about a new era for cakes, making them fluffier. Additionally, technological progress during the Industrial Revolution advanced baking tools and ovens, contributing to the variety and complexity of cake recipes available.

Cakes have long been associated with celebrations and notable moments, including birthdays and weddings. In America, the enjoyment of these confections is highlighted by National Cake Day, a day observed on November 26th. This day has gained popularity as a day for those who love cakes to relish a piece of their preferred flavor, and to acknowledge the enduring, sweet legacy of cakes through the ages.

National Cake Day Timeline

Introduction of Icing Sugar

The concept of icing sugar was introduced, which is now a crucial part of cake baking and decoration.

Mass Production of Baking Soda

Mass production of baking soda began. This allowed bakery businesses to start as the process of baking became simpler and more accessible.

Introduction of Baking Powder

Eben Norton Horsford created the first modern baking powder which revolutionizes the baking industry worldwide.

Introduction of Cake Mixes

John Duff created the first boxed cake mix under the name “Duff’s Molasses Cake Mix.” This was revolutionary because it made baking easy for everyone.

Birth of the Wedding Cake

The multi-tiered wedding cake came into popularity, becoming a symbol of prosperity and fertility.

Rise of Designer Cakes

Designer cakes gained popularity as people started to celebrate occasions with customized and theme-based cakes.

National Cake Day

A day designated to appreciate and enjoy the dessert known as cake.

Ideas to Celebrate National Cake Day

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Cake Baking Contest

Host a cake baking contest at your home or workplace. Invite friends, family or colleagues to bring their best homemade cake recipe for judging. The winning cake could win a fun prize.

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Visit a Local Bakery

Take time to visit a local bakery and enjoy a slice or two of professionally made exquisite cakes. It's also an opportunity to support local businesses.

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Cake Decorating Class

Sign up for a cake decorating class. It's a fun and creative way to celebrate this day while also acquiring a new skill.

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Cake Tasting Session

Host a cake tasting session in your local community. This can include cakes from different cultures to taste and enjoy.

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Watch Cake Related Shows or Movies

Kick back and watch some cake-related TV shows, documentaries, or movies. 'The Great British Bake Off', 'Cake Boss', and 'Cupcake Wars' are just a few suggestions.

5 Interesting Facts About Cakes


Upside Down Birthday Cakes

In Russia, some families celebrate birthdays not with a standard cake but with an “Upside Down Cake”. It's a rich sour cream and cherry concoction with the birthday candles on the bottom.


The Tallest Cake Ever

The tallest cake ever made was 108 feet, 3 inches high (33 meters) and was made in Indonesia according to Guinness World Records.


Royal Wedding Cakes

The most expensive wedding cake ever commissioned cost $52.7 million. The cake was made by a bakery in Chester, England and it was for the National Gay Wedding Show.


Oldest Cake

The world's oldest known cake is a cake baked between BCE 2251 and 2157 during the reign of Pepi II in Egypt.


The Black Forest Cake

The name of the popular German 'Black Forest Cake' is derived from the specialty liquor of that region, known as Schwarzwalder Kirsch(wasser) which gives the cake its distinctive flavor.

National Cake Day FAQs

Next National Cake Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 November 26th Sunday
2024 November 26th Tuesday
2025 November 26th Wednesday
2026 November 26th Thursday
2027 November 26th Friday
What is the pattern? Every November 26th

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