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Bird enthusiasts mark their calendars for January 5th each year to honor National Bird Day, a day set aside to appreciate the beautiful creatures that enrich our world with their vibrant colors, enchanting songs, and fascinating ability to fly.

This day isn’t just about admiration, though. It also serves as a wake-up call to the imminent threats facing numerous bird species globally. From habitat loss and pollution to hunting and the black market trading of birds as pets, their survival teetering on the balance.

History of National Bird Day

National Bird Day, observed each year on the 5th of January in the United States, provides an opportunity to celebrate and protect birds, both wild and in captivity. The day itself was conceived by two organizations, Born Free USA and the Avian Welfare Coalition, aiming to raise awareness of bird-related concerns.

Initiated by the Avian Welfare Coalition in 2002, the first National Bird Day was designed to raise consciousness about avian issues. It suggests better care for pet birds and attempts to address the pet industry’s bird exploitation. Its aim is not only to discourage purchasing birds as pets but also to promote bird adoption or bird rescue missions.

National Bird Day is also an ideal day for appreciating the wild, native birds flying freely outside our windows, underscoring bird conservation’s importance in their natural habitats. It serves to remind everyone about the species of birds that have become extinct due to human activities and brings to light the various ongoing challenges faced by bird species.

Over the years, National Bird Day has evolved into an international event with bird enthusiasts and ornithologists from around the globe participating.

National Bird Day Timeline

Origin of Birds

Birds are thought to have evolved from theropod dinosaurs during the Mesozoic Era.

Born Free founded

Zoo Check, the charity that has evolved into Born Free was founded.

Avian Welfare Coalition founded

The Avian Welfare Coalition is dedicated to the welfare and protection of captive birds.

Establishment of National Bird Day

The Avian Welfare Coalition and Born Free USA declared January 5th to be National Bird Day.

Year of the Bird

The National Geographic Society declared 2018 the 'Year of the Bird' to mark the centennial of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Ideas to Celebrate National Bird Day

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Bird Watching Expedition

Organize a day out with your nearest and dearest to a local bird sanctuary or natural reserve to view the splendor of avians. Try to capture their elegance through your camera lens.

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Make Bird Feeders

Produce your own bird feeders using simple ingredients like pine cones covered in peanut butter and bird seeds. Put them around your garden to invite feathered friends and give them something to eat.

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Educational Documentary Night

Schedule a night with friends and family to watch an enlightening bird-themed documentary. This can enhance your understanding of various bird species, their living conditions, and their influence on our environment.

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Donate to a Bird Conservation Organization

Celebrate National Bird Day by making a generous donation to an organization dedicated to bird conservation. Your contribution can aid in protecting bird environments and backing scientific research.

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Create a Bird Habitat in Your Backyard

Develop your own bird safe haven in your backyard by planting indigenous plants and installing nesting shelters. This can offer a refuge for local bird species.

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Bird Photography Competition

Run a bird photography contest amongst friends or within local communities. This could encourage individuals to venture outdoors and take up bird watching.

7 Interesting Facts About Birds


Impressive Diversity

Approximately 10,000 bird species are spread across the world. Their sizes range from the petite bee hummingbird to the colossal ostrich.


Long-distance Migrants

The Arctic Tern is renowned for its extensive migration path. Each year, it journeys from the Arctic, where it breeds, all the way to the Antarctic, covering a distance of around 25,000 miles.


Masters of Mimicry

Lyrebirds possess an extraordinary ability to imitate almost any sound they encounter, be it engines, chainsaws, the barking of dogs or even human speech.


Intelligent Feathered Friends

Certain bird species, especially the Corvids (ravens and crows), demonstrate remarkable intelligence. They can utilise tools, solve complex problems, and can even identify their reflection in a mirror.


Lightweight Skeletons

Birds' bones are hollow, contributing to a lighter body weight, which facilitates flight.


The Speedy Peregrine Falcon

The title of the planet's fastest bird, and indeed animal, is held by the Peregrine Falcon. When diving for prey, its velocity can exceed 240 miles per hour.


Helping the Planet

Birds contribute significantly to the balance of global ecosystems by curtailing pest populations, facilitating plant pollination, dispersing seeds, and aiding forest rejuvenation.

National Bird Day FAQs

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