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Every July 13th, we dedicate the day to the celebration of the distinctive and harmonious sound of barbershop music. As a genre, barbershop music is known for its a cappella performances and emphasis on chords. This distinctive style recalls simpler times when such melodious tunes were frequently heard in local barbershops.

The day serves as a platform to delve into, appreciate, and enjoy the beautiful and nostalgic harmony that is synonymous with barbershop music.

History of National Barbershop Music Appreciation Day

Every July 13, music enthusiasts across the country celebrate National Barbershop Music Appreciation Day. Many believe that this day was inaugurated to honor the first barbershop quartet, which was said to be registered with the Barbershop Harmony Society on this date in 1938.

The unique American art form of barbershop music originated in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This genre of music is defined by its harmonious a cappella singing, with performers creating chords without any need for instruments. The term ‘barbershop’ is believed to have been brought about because quartets often practised their harmonies in local barbershops, which were known for their excellent acoustics.

Yet, the formation of National Barbershop Music Appreciation Day came much later, in 2005. This special day was initiated in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by Shannon Pearce, whose grandfather was Owen C. Cash, the founder of what would become the Barbershop Harmony Society.

From its inception, the goal of National Barbershop Music Appreciation Day has been to celebrate and promote barbershop music. It not only encourages the continuation of the music genre but also motivates future generations to appreciate this form of music. Today, in honor of this day, fans of barbershop music across the United States celebrate with special performances, music nights, historical presentations, and by sharing stories and experiences about their favorite music genre.

National Barbershop Music Appreciation Day Timeline

Roots of Barbershop Music

The traditional barbershop quartet music has roots in the African American culture where harmonizing was an essential part of their songs.

Formation of the Barbershop Harmony Society

The Barbershop Harmony Society was established by Owen Clifton Cash in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Women's Barbershop Music

Softball player Edna Mae Anderson organizes a group of women into a barbershop chorus, marking the start of women's involvement in barbershop music.

Barbershop Music Appreciation Day

In honor of Edna Mae Anderson's birthday, barbershop singers around the world celebrate the Barbershop Music Appreciation Day every year on July 13th.

Ideas to Celebrate National Barbershop Music Appreciation Day

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Host a Barbershop Music Concert

Invite a local barbershop quartet to perform at a community venue or public park. This will not only honor the day but also foster a sense of community. Make sure you follow any local COVID-19 guidelines.

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Barbershop Music Listening Party

Create a playlist of classic barbershop music and invite friends and family for a listening party. Enjoy this unique form of a capella harmony together.

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Learn and Sing a Barbershop Tune

Challenge yourself or a group of friends to learn and sing a barbershop tune. Share your performance on social media using the hashtag #NationalBarbershopMusicAppreciationDay.

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Support Barbershop Musicians

Consider supporting local and upcoming barbershop musicians by purchasing their music or donating to their platforms.

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Barbershop Music Karaoke Night

Host a barbershop music karaoke night. This would be a fun way to appreciate and engage with the music.

6 Interesting Facts About Barbershop Music Appreciation Day


Barbershop Quartet

The typical barbershop quartet includes four parts: lead, tenor, baritone, and bass. The harmonizing style is a quintessential element of barbershop music.


Significance of Sweet Adelines International

Sweet Adelines International is an organization of female singers committed to advancing the musical art form of barbershop harmony through education and performances.


Influence on Popular Music

Beyond just the barbershop scene, this genre has been influential on popular music including doo-wop and rock and roll, especially through acts like The Beach Boys.


African American Roots

Though it's often associated with white, Midwestern culture, barbershop music has roots in African American southern singing traditions.


Popular Cultural Reference

Barbershop quartets have been famously depicted in popular culture, including in the opening sequence of Pixar’s movie, 'The Incredibles 2', where an animated quartet sings the movie's theme song.


Barbershop Music in Schools

There are organizations such as the Barbershop Harmony Society that promote barbershop music as an educational tool for students to learn about harmony and teamwork.

National Barbershop Music Appreciation Day FAQs

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