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National Apricot Day -

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Every year on the 9th of January, we pay tribute to the flavorful apricot by celebrating National Apricot Day. The event draws attention to the unique taste and nourishing qualities of apricots, while shedding light on their history and various culinary applications.

It’s a day that unites apricot enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. Whether you delight in tasting them fresh, love them dried, or relish them mixed into your favorite recipes, National Apricot Day offers the perfect chance to revel in the rich flavor profile of these bright, orange fruits.

Ideas to Celebrate National Apricot Day

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Make Apricot Jam

Consider spending the day creating your own apricot preserve or jelly. Maybe you could even invite some friends over and turn it into an enjoyable group activity.

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Apricot Dessert Bake-Off

Why not host a dessert competition with apricot being the central ingredient? The baked goods can range from cookies and pastries, to cakes and pies. Make it fun by rating each dish on taste, appearance, and originality!

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Apricot Tasting Event

Visit a nearby farmers market or grocery store to pick up different apricot varieties and then host a flavor exploration event. This allows everyone to engage with the distinct features and tastes of each type.

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Apricot Planting

If it's the right season, commemorate National Apricot Day by planting your very own apricot tree. You'll be able to enjoy its bounty year after year.

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Apricot Picnic

Consider arranging a picnic where all the dishes feature apricots. From snack items and beverages to dessert, each food and drink could have a hint of apricot.

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Healthy Apricot workshop

It might be fun to set up a workshop where attendees can learn about the health benefits of apricots. This could be coupled with cooking demonstrations and tasty samplings.

7 Interesting Facts About Apricots


Origins of Apricot

China is considered the original home of apricots and Spanish explorers introduced this fruit to America in the 18th century.


Name Origin

In Latin, apricot translates as 'precious', showing the fruit's early ripening and valuable nature.


Nutritional Value

Vitamins A, C, and E are abundantly present in apricots. They also are a significant source of dietary fibre.


Low Calorie Fruit

With a mere 48 calories per 100 grams, apricots serve as excellent dietary additions for those aiming to shed weight.


World's Largest Apricot Producer

Turkey currently holds the title of the highest producer of apricots worldwide, taking the fruit's popularity to the extent of organizing an annual festival.


Related to Roses

You can trace apricots back to the Rosaceae or Rose family, which also includes cherries, peaches, and plums.


California Gold

California is responsible for the production of over 95% of apricots in the United States, hence their moniker 'California Gold'.

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Next National Apricot Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 January 9th Monday
2024 January 9th Tuesday
2025 January 9th Thursday
2026 January 9th Friday
2027 January 9th Saturday
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