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The yearly observance of Motivation and Inspiration Day serves as a catalyst to fuel the spark of enthusiasm and hope within us. This special day, celebrated on January 2nd, encourages us not to settle into our comfort zones but rather, strive to achieve our deepest dreams and aspirations, inspiring others in the process.

The essence of the day lies in realizing the transformative impact of motivation and inspiration on our lives and helps stimulate a sense of unity in elevating our world.

History of Motivation and Inspiration Day

National Motivation and Inspiration Day is predominantly acknowledged in the United States. The inception of this day came about in the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy and was initiated by Kevin McCrudden, an ex-professional football player and current entrepreneur from Arlington, New Jersey.

Motivated by the heartbreaking events of 9/11, McCrudden felt it necessary for individuals to focus more on personal growth and goal accomplishment. He saw the beginning of each year as an ideal period for individuals to ponder their past achievements, scrutinize their present situation and strategize their future endeavors.

This day was officially recognized on December 18, 2001, when the U.S Congress passed H. Res. 308, marking January 2 as the National Motivation and Inspiration Day.

The manner in which this day is celebrated has seen variations across various organizations and groups, varying from using it as a stepping stone to New Year’s resolutions, conducting inspiring workshops and lectures, and endorsing motivating literature and materials. Despite being a celebrated day, it still isn’t classified a public holiday but is recognized by the U.S Congress.

Ideas to Celebrate Motivation and Inspiration Day

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Inspiring movie marathon

Plan a series of films that are known for their inspiring narratives such as 'The Pursuit of Happyness', 'Life of Pi' etc. These films offer motivation through compelling stories which can evoke emotive discussions.

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Motivational book club

Establish a reading group where each member tackles an uplifting or inspiring book, then gathers to exchange thoughts. This not only stirs inspiring conversations but also fosters a sense of unity and mutual encouragement.

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Sharing personal success stories

Stage an event inviting participants to share their personal victories or inspiring experiences. This practice can provide a sense of positivity, and help foster an environment of shared motivation and understanding.

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Motivational speaker session

Invite an individual known for their motivational speaking to engage with participants, divulging their own journey and insights. Such an encounter can instill a sense of determination and positivity among attendees.

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Random acts of kindness

Spend your day performing small, kind gestures. These acts not only inspire others but reinforce our own sense of goodness, thereby motivating us to continue making a positive impact.

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Self-improvement workshop

Conduct personal development workshops that foster a positive mindset or introduce new skills. Such initiatives can provide opportunities for individuals to explore their potential, leading to a surge in motivation.

6 Interesting Ways to Increase Motivation and Inspiration


Chocolate can enhance motivation

There's an intriguing link between the consumption of chocolate and the release of endorphins in the brain, which are known to boost mood and motivation. This isn't to say that chocolate should be your go-to motivational tool, but it can certainly lend a helpful hand when used in moderation.


The Paradox of Choice

It's an intriguing contradiction that, according to psychological evidence, being faced with a plethora of choices can actually lead to a decrease in motivation. This is caused by the tendency to become indecisive and procrastinate when presented with too many options. By narrowing down your options, you're more likely to feel motivated to take action.


Incentivized Performance

It's been observed through various studies that employees often respond to non-monetary incentives more favorably than they do to financial rewards. Methods such as offering appreciation, recognition, and encouraging words are likely to inspire more enthusiasm and loyalty among staff members.


Multi-Sensory Inspiration

Interestingly, our motivation can be significantly increased by incorporating multi-sensory appeals into our routine. Whether it's setting up our space with inspiring visuals, incorporating motivational playlists, or lighting our favorite scented candle, each of these factors can contribute to heightened motivation levels.


The 20-Second Rule

Renowned psychologist Shawn Achor proposes using the 20-second rule to foster motivation and cultivate healthy habits. The idea is to make engaging activities as easy as taking less than 20 seconds to start, while making undesirable habits more difficult to undertake in 20 seconds or less.


The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is a proven and effective way of managing time, which in turn augments motivation and productivity. It recommends dividing your work day into blocks of 25-minute sessions (called 'Pomodoros'), each separated by short intervals of rest. It's like mini sprints that keep energy levels high and prevent overwhelm.

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