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International Podcast Day, observed on September 30th each year, is a celebration of the power of podcasts as a medium to connect people across the globe through storytelling, education, and entertainment. This occasion offers an opportunity for people to explore new shows, share their favorite episodes, and engage in events and discussions that highlight the diversity and creativity of podcasts.

Podcasts have seen an exponential increase in popularity over the years, offering content on virtually every subject imaginable, from true crime to health, personal development, history, and comedy. International Podcast Day marks an essential date for content creators and listeners to celebrate the evolution of this medium and its role in shaping modern storytelling and information sharing.

History of International Podcast Day

Celebrated annually, International Podcast Day is a tribute to the world of podcasting, a special occasion for those who create, listen to, and love podcasts to unite and share their enthusiasm for this form of digital media. This event was introduced in 2014 by Steve Lee from the Modern Life Podcast Network, who recognized the increasing influence of podcasts and envisaged a day to honor the medium, akin to other media celebrations such as World Radio Day.

Initially termed National Podcast Day, the inaugural event unfolded on September 30th, 2014. This particular date was selected for its significance in the podcasting timeline—it marks the period in 2004 when developments by pioneers like Dave Winer and Adam Curry catalyzed the growth of podcasting. They introduced a program facilitating the automatic download of internet radio broadcasts to iPods, hence providing the genesis for what would become the podcasting revolution.

The initial celebration caught the attention of enthusiasts beyond the U.S. borders, prompting Steve Lee and his son, Dave Lee, to broaden the scope of the celebration. From the following year, 2015, the day was rebranded as International Podcast Day, expanding its reach and inclusivity. Consequently, the initiative took on a new dimension, attracting participants from around the globe and acknowledging the international appeal and diversity of podcasting.

Each subsequent September 30th has presented a curated roster of keynote speakers and influential podcasters, who partake in live sessions covering a spectrum of topics pertinent to the podcast community. These discussions range from the art of narrative to the intricacies of technology, audience growth, and pathways to monetization.

International Podcast Day has witnessed parallel growth alongside the podcast industry itself. With the medium’s transformation into a mainstay for a blend of entertainment, knowledge dissemination, and news, the day serves as a reflection of podcasts’ far-reaching potential and varied offerings.

International Podcast Day Timeline

Term 'Podcasting' Coined

Journalist Ben Hammersley suggests the term 'podcasting' as a name for the burgeoning technology in an article for The Guardian.

Apple Supports Podcasting

Apple adds support for podcasts to iTunes 4.9, providing a massive boost to the podcasting community.

First Podcast Conference

The first podcasting conference, the Portable Media Expo and Podcasting Conference, takes place in Ontario, California.

Podcast Added to the Dictionary

The word 'podcast' is added to the New Oxford American Dictionary and is also declared their word of the year.

International Podcast Day creation

International Podcast Day was established by Steve Lee, founder of the Modern Life Podcast Network.

Spotify Invests in Podcasting

Spotify makes significant investments in podcasting, purchasing companies such as Gimlet Media, Parcast, and Anchor.

Podcasting Becomes Mainstream

Podcasting becomes a mainstream medium, with major media companies heavily investing in podcast production and acquisitions.

Ideas to Celebrate International Podcast Day

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Host a Podcast Listening Party

Invite friends or colleagues over or host a virtual event where everyone listens to an episode of a popular or new podcast. Discuss the content after listening, share your insights, and perhaps even reach out to the podcast creators to let them know you featured their work during your celebration.

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Podcast Marathon Challenge

Encourage your social media followers or community to participate in a podcast marathon. Each participant can choose a series and binge-listen to episodes for the day. Later, participants can share their experiences, reviews, and recommendations on their preferred social platforms with a special hashtag for the event.

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Community Podcast Creation

Organize a workshop that brings together aspiring podcasters to collaborate on creating a special International Podcast Day episode. The session can include brainstorming ideas, scripting, recording, and basic editing. This would be a great chance for participants to learn and celebrate the medium by creating content.

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Support Indie Podcasters

Highlight and support independent podcast creators by featuring their shows on your social media, writing reviews, or even donating to their platforms. Make an effort to share diverse and lesser-known podcasts to give them the spotlight on this international day.

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Educational Webinar or Panel Discussion

Organize an online webinar or panel with experienced podcasters discussing the evolution of podcasting, tips for beginners, or trends in the industry. Listeners can gain valuable insights and potentially ask questions live to the experts.

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Podcast-Themed Quiz Night

Create a fun and interactive quiz night based around popular podcasts and podcasting trivia. Host it in person or through an online platform, offering small prizes or shoutouts for the winners. It’s a great way to celebrate the culture of podcasting in a community setting.

7 Interesting Facts About Podcasts


The Birth of Podcasting

Podcasting as we know it today can be traced back to 2004. The term 'podcasting' itself is a portmanteau, blending 'iPod'—the popular Apple portable media player at the time—and 'broadcasting'. Despite the name, podcasts can be played on a multitude of devices, not just iPods.


Massive Show Library

As of 2023, there are estimated to be over 5 million podcast shows available. These cover a dizzying array of topics, from true crime and news to education, self-help, and niche hobbies. Anyone with a microphone and internet access can start a podcast, contributing to the medium's exponential growth.


Joe Rogan's Lucrative Deal

In May 2020, Spotify signed a licensing agreement with Joe Rogan, host of 'The Joe Rogan Experience', one of the most popular podcasts in the world. The deal, reportedly worth $100 million, moved Rogan's podcast exclusively to Spotify, highlighting the significant value and competition in the podcast market.


Podcasts Can Improve Your Health

Listening to podcasts can have health benefits. They keep the mind engaged, improve listening skills, and can be educational, all of which contribute to better mental health. Podcasts that focus on self-improvement or those that are relaxing to listen to can also help reduce stress levels.


The Podcasting 'Long Tail'

Much like in books and music, podcasting has what's known as a 'long tail'. While there are blockbuster podcasts that garner millions of listens, there's also a vast number of 'niche' podcasts with smaller yet highly dedicated audiences. This phenomenon allows for a greater diversity of content and communities.


A Boom in Learning

Education is one of the fastest-growing podcast genres. Podcasts like 'Stuff You Should Know' and 'RadioLab' demonstrate that people enjoy learning through audio storytelling. This has given rise to a new form of distance learning, where listeners can expand their knowledge on-the-go.


The Renaissance of Audio Drama

Podcasts have led to a resurgence of audio drama, a format that was hugely popular in the early to mid-20th century with radio shows. Modern audio dramas, like 'Welcome to Night Vale' and 'The Magnus Archives', offer intricate storytelling and high production values, attracting a new generation of listeners.

International Podcast Day FAQs

Next International Podcast Day Dates

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2025 September 30th Tuesday
2026 September 30th Wednesday
2027 September 30th Thursday
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