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International Holocaust Remembrance Day -

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day, observed annually on January 27, commemorates one of the most devastating episodes of destruction and genocide in human history, where approximately six million Jews were systematically exterminated by Nazi Germany during World War II.

On this day, nations worldwide remember victims of the Holocaust and engage in various activities aimed at educating future generations about the tragic event to ensure it is never forgotten or repeated.

History of International Holocaust Remembrance Day

The United Nations General Assembly first declared International Holocaust Remembrance Day on November 1, 2005. This decision came about after an unprecedented session was conducted in January of the same year, coinciding with the 60th anniversary of the conclusion of the Holocaust and the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps.

Chosen to commemorate the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the most notorious Nazi death camp, on the same day in 1945, January 27 is remembered globally not just in memory of the six million Jews and multiple other victims who perished during the Holocaust, but also to advocate for human rights and education around this historic atrocity.

The aim behind International Holocaust Remembrance Day extends beyond mere commemoration. It seeks to enforce the principle of “never again” through education, prevention of future genocides and ongoing commitment to human rights.

The observance of this day has evolved and expanded since its inception, with recognition taking place in numerous countries and institutions worldwide. Memorials, educational initiatives, exhibitions and moments of silence are commonplace happenings on this day. Many Holocaust memorial centers and museums also participate in their unique ways.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day Timeline

Dachau Concentration Camp

The first concentration camp opened in Germany by the Nazi regime to hold political prisoners.

Adolf Hitler Becomes Germany's Chancellor

Hitler ascended to power in Germany, marking the beginning of a period of extreme antisemitism.

Start of World War II

Germany invades Poland, initiating World War II.

Auschwitz Concentration Camp

The largest of the Nazi concentration and death camps. Estimated 1.1 million deaths occurred here.

Wannsee Conference

Senior Nazi officials met to discuss the implementation of the 'Final Solution' to the Jewish question - extermination of the Jews.

End of World War II & Liberation of Concentration Camps

Allied forces liberated concentration and extermination camps. The horrifying extent of the Holocaust was revealed.

UN General Assembly Resolution

The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution to observe 27 January as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Global Remembrance

Global commemorations are held to remember the victims and survivors of the Holocaust.

Ideas to Celebrate International Holocaust Remembrance Day

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Candle Lighting Ceremony

A gathering where each attendee lights a candle symbolizing memory of the 6 million Jews lost in the Holocaust, while calling out the known details of a Holocaust victim.

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Film Screening

Put together a viewing of either a documentary film or feature about the Holocaust. This can create opportunity for dialogue and reflection after the screening.

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Educational Seminar

Co-ordinate a discussion or educational session with individuals adequately informed about the Holocaust, whether survivors or scholars, fostering thorough knowledge on the atrocity and its implications.

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Visit a Holocaust Museum

Pay a visit to one of the many Holocaust museums or memorials globally, taking others with you and deepening their appreciation for the experiences of those who suffered.

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Book Discussion

Initiate a reading group that focuses on novels centered on Holocaust narratives, both factual and fictional, fostering increased understanding through literature.

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Community Mural

Bring the community together to produce an expressive mural, honouring the memories of those who endured the Holocaust.

5 Interesting Facts About Holocaust Remembrance


Yom HaShoah

Yom HaShoah is a commemoration day for the Holocaust observed by Jewish people. It's observed on the 27th day of Nisan on the Jewish calendar. This usually falls in spring between the end of Passover and just before Yom Ha'atzmaut. The observance started in 1959 in Israel.


Holocaust Memorial Museums

Countries worldwide have established Holocaust Memorial Museums. Some renowned ones include the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum situated in Washington D.C. and Yad Vashem based in Jerusalem. These museums uphold the memory and teachings of the Holocaust.


The Righteous Among the Nations

Yad Vashem in Israel honors non-Jews who took extreme risks to save Jewish lives during the Holocaust. They bestow upon them the 'Righteous Among the Nations' title. As of 2020, this honor was given to over 26,000 individuals.


Survivor Testimonies

An integral part of remembering the Holocaust includes preserving the narratives of survivors. Institutions, for instance, the USC Shoah Foundation, have collected many such testimonies that are primarily in video recordings. Their goal is to utilize these eyewitness accounts to combat prejudice and foster tolerance.


The Role of Art and Literature

Arts, literature, and cinema play a crucial role in commemorating the Holocaust. Noteworthy works like 'The Diary of Anne Frank,' 'Schindler's List,' and 'Maus' have profoundly impacted the worldwide perception and recollection of the Holocaust.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day FAQs

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