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Every year on the 11th of July, we take the time to celebrate International Essential Oils Day. The purpose of this day is to acknowledge the amazing qualities and varied applications of essential oils that we’ve come to appreciate in our everyday lives. These nature-derived oils are invaluable across a spectrum of uses - from aromatherapy and holistic remedies to their inclusion in household cleaners, cosmetics, and even in the preparation of food.

International Essential Oils Day serves as a unique opportunity for experienced practitioners, enthusiasts, and beginners to come together and share their passion and knowledge about these wonder-filled aromatic oils with the world.

History of International Essential Oils Day

Essential oils enthusiasts globally celebrate International Essential Oils Day each year on July 11th, a special event created to bring awareness to the benefits of essential oils for health and lifestyle. The day also pays tribute to the impactful work of a significant figure in the essential oils scene, namely, D. Gary Young. As the brainchild behind Young Living Essential Oils, the world’s leading essential oils company, Young was committed to demonstrating the life-changing potential of these natural products.

The inaugural International Essential Oils Day was marked on July 11th, 2018, which would have been D. Gary Young’s 68th birthday. The day was designed by Young Living Essential Oils as a means of honoring its founder’s extensive contributions to the field.

During the event, people who love, use or sell essential oils come together to celebrate, share experiences, pass on information, host activities, and participate in educational opportunities. All these collaborative efforts aim to spread knowledge about the multifaceted applications of essential oils, ranging from healthcare to beauty, to household use, and even culinary uses.

Additionally, International Essential Oils Day also underscores a philanthropic endeavor attached to the Young Living Foundation. This initiative strives to empower individuals to reach their potential and overcome obstacles. Net proceeds from the event are channeled towards the foundation in order to establish opportunities and foster significant change in communities worldwide.

International Essential Oils Day Timeline

Use of Essential Oils in Ancient Egypt

Essential oils were used in Egypt for embalming and medicinal purposes, as well as in cosmetics and perfumes.

Usage by Hippocrates

Hippocrates, the 'father of medicine,' was known to use essential oils in his practice of medicine.

Invention of Distillation

The Persians invented a method for distilling essential oils.

Increase use in Europe

Essential oils began to be more widely used for medicinal purposes in Europe during the Renaissance and Enlightenment periods.

Modern Aromatherapy

French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse coined the term 'aromatherapy' after discovering lavender oil's healing properties.

World Journal of Essential Oils

The World Journal of Essential Oils was first published, promoting scientific research into essential oils.

First International Essential Oils Day

The first International Essential Oils Day was observed to honor the birthday of Gary Young, pioneering figure in modern essential oil distillation.

Ideas to Celebrate International Essential Oils Day

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Aromatic Spa Day

Create a calming environment at home by using essential oils in your personal spa rituals. Use lavender for relaxation or citrus scents for invigoration. Share your experience on social media to celebrate the day.

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DIY Essential Oil Workshop

Host a virtual or in-person workshop teaching your friends how to make their own blends, diffuser jewelry, or bath products with essential oils. Share their benefits and how different oils can be used for various purposes.

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Essential Oil Recipe Exchange

Invite friends or online followers to an essential oil recipe exchange party. Each participant can share a recipe they love that uses essential oils and try out recipes from others in return.

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Candle Making

Do a DIY candle-making session using essential oils. Share the process online, in person, or create a tutorial video. This can be a relaxing activity to celebrate International Essential Oils Day.

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Plant-Based Perfume Making

Blend your favorite essential oils to create a unique perfume or cologne. Share the method with your friends or followers, fostering creativity and encouraging a move towards natural alternatives for scents.

8 Interesting Facts About Essential Oils


Ancient Origin

Essential oils have been in use for thousands of years. They were well-known in ancient civilizations, such as Egypt and China, for their medicinal and aromatic properties.


Plenty of Plants

Approximately 400 different kinds of plants contain useful essential oils, and there are over 3,000 known varieties of these oils.


Not Really Oily

Despite the name, essential oils aren’t ‘oily’ at all. They got the name 'oil' because they don't mix with water, similar to how oil behaves.


Powerful Purity

Essential oils are extraordinarily potent. For example, it takes around 50 lemons to produce one bottle of lemon essential oil, around 150 pounds of lavender for one pound of lavender essential oil, and more than a thousand kilograms of roses for one kilogram of rose essential oil.


Healing Scents

Many essential oils have therapeutic properties. For instance, lavender is thought to help induce sleep, peppermint helps with digestion, and eucalyptus helps relieve congestion.


Natural Pesticides

Some essential oils can be used as natural pesticides. For instance, citronella oil can work as a mosquito repellent.


Edible Exceptions

While many essential oils are unsafe to consume internally, there are some exceptions like peppermint, lemon, and grapefruit essential oils. Always ensure it is 100% pure and labelled as food grade before considering internal use.


Mood Enhancers

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to boost mood and mental state. Research shows that the 'smell' receptors in your nose communicate with parts of your brain serving as storehouses for emotions and memories.

International Essential Oils Day FAQs

Next International Essential Oils Day Dates

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2023 July 11th Tuesday
2024 July 11th Thursday
2025 July 11th Friday
2026 July 11th Saturday
2027 July 11th Sunday
What is the pattern? Every July 11th

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