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Globally recognized on the 21st of September each year, International Day of Peace or World Peace Day is a unanimous resolution instituted by the United Nations General Assembly. This annual observance encourages a collective drive towards the promotion of peace across the world, urging nations to halt disputes and cultivate tranquility.

This significant day not only focuses on achieving universal peace but also places importance on nurturing inner peace within individuals. It endorses a world characterized by compassion, security, and respect for everyone's dignity.

History of International Day of Peace

World Peace Day, or more formally called the International Day of Peace, is celebrated around the world every 21st day of September. This global day of ceasefire and non-violence was first introduced by the United Nations (UN) to propagate peace among different nations and peoples.

The inception of the International Day of Peace was in 1981 when a resolution was consciously passed by the UN General Assembly, advocating for peace. The original schedule for this day was the third Tuesday of September, which aligned with the start of the general assembly's regular meetings. This resolution, initially put forward by Costa Rica and the UK, received unanimous acceptance from every member state.

The very first International Day of Peace was hence, officially observed on 21 September 1981. The cornerstone theme of the day was "The Right to Peace of People," which symbolized a global commitment towards fostering peace.

By 2001, the UN General Assembly had taken another unanimous step towards appointing the International Day of Peace as a yearly symbol of non-violence and cessation of hostilities. With 78 member states co-sponsoring this resolution, the assembly firmly marked the day as 'Peacebuilding, a year-round priority' and also standardized the date as September 21st each year.

Year after year, a specific theme serves as the focus for the International Day of Peace. Back in 1982, the theme was "Life Without Nuclear Weapons," followed by themes like "The Right to Peace," "Sustainable Development Goals," and "Climate Action for Peace."

The essence of the International Day of Peace isn't confined to the absence of war or violence. The day equally stresses the importance of fostering justice, maintaining law and order, and upholding respect for all human rights. The realization that peace goes beyond being an idea or a single-day event is rapidly growing, emphasizing that it is a constant process demanding the consistent efforts from nations and their citizens.

The UN Peace Bell, a significant attraction at the UN Headquarters in New York, is traditionally rung to commence the events of the International Day of Peace. This bell made from coins collected from around 60 countries was gifted by Japan. It is a poignant reminder of the devastating implications war brings and an embodiment of an enduring hope for lasting peace worldwide.

International Day of Peace Timeline

Adoption by United Nations

The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution declaring an International Day of Peace.

September 21 as Set Date

The United Nations unanimously voted to designate September 21 as the permanent date for the International Day of Peace.

Peace Day Comedy Program

To mark the occasion, several famous comedians participated in a global comedy program broadcast.

Education for Peace

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declared 'Education for Peace' as the theme for the 2013 International Day of Peace.

Partnership for Peace - Dignity for All

The United Nations used the day to highlight the importance of all segments of society to work together to strive for peace.

Shaping Peace Together

The United Nations marked its 75th anniversary in the midst of a global pandemic with the theme 'Shaping Peace Together'.

Ideas to Celebrate International Day of Peace

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Peaceful Art Exhibition

Set up an exhibition showcasing local artists, centered around the theme of peace. You can include a variety of art forms, such as paintings, sculptures, photographs, and installations, all representing unity, tranquility and non-violence.

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Meditation Workshop

You can bring a yoga or meditation professional to your community to guide a mass meditation. This workshop will teach everyone methods to attain inner peace, which they can continue practicing and manifest in their daily interactions.

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Community Gathering

Plan a warm community potluck where everyone brings and shares a dish with others. Apart from the sense of togetherness and fellowship, you could have soothing music and invite guest speakers to share thoughts about the significance of peace.

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Peace Run/Walk

Coordinate a Run/Walk event themed around peace. Encourage participants to come together in spirit of unity and peace and at the culmination talk about their personal insights on peace.

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Children's Peace Drawing Contest

Plan a creative contest for kids where they express their understanding of peace through art. It's an insightful way to engage children in the conversation about peace and its importance in our lives.

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Peace Lantern Launch

Hold an event where everyone writes their messages of peace on lanterns before launching them into the sky. This act represents the shared community's aspiration for global peace.

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Peace Documentary Viewing

Arrange a screening of documentaries that speak about peace, sparking thoughtful conversations and sharing varying perspectives about peace and its role in global harmony.

6 Interesting Facts About International Day of Peace


Symbol of peace

An olive branch held by a dove is the globally recognized symbol representing peace, which is also the emblem for International Day of Peace.


Annual Theme

International Day of Peace is focused on an annual theme which emphasizes particular areas of concern. 'Shaping Peace Together' was the theme in 2020.


The Peace Bell

The Peace Bell situated at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City is rung on this special day. Originated from Japan, the bell consists of coins gifted by individuals from every corner of the world.


Moment of Silence

There is a tradition to observe a moment of silence at twelve o'clock (local time) as part of the International Day of Peace rituals. This 'Peace Wave' starts from New Zealand and concludes in Hawaii.


Education and Public Awareness

One of the prime objectives of the day is to foster peace ideals among countries and individuals, while also stressing education and increasing public cognizance regarding peace-related matters.



The International Day of Peace is acknowledged and marked by millions globally, irrespective of ethnic background, religious beliefs, or cultural distinctions.

International Day of Peace FAQs

Next International Day of Peace Dates

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2023 September 21st Thursday
2024 September 21st Saturday
2025 September 21st Sunday
2026 September 21st Monday
2027 September 21st Tuesday
What is the pattern? Every September 21st

International Day of Peace Puzzle

  • Harmony
  • Nonviolence
  • Love
  • Kindness
  • Tolerance
  • Respect