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Celebrated annually on January 31st, Gorilla Suit Day is an unusual but entertaining event that is observed unofficially around the globe. The unique day finds its origins in a comic strip named “Mad,” created by Don Martin. It invites individuals worldwide to wear gorilla suits and inject a dose of fun into their routine lives.

No matter if you’re going to your office, doing your daily chores, or taking a stroll, this day infuses joy and amusement into your otherwise ordinary activities. In essence, Gorilla Suit Day is filled with giggles, unexpected amusement, and lots of furry suit shenanigans!

History of Gorilla Suit Day

Gorilla Suit Day, observed every 31st of January, has an interesting origin. It dates back to the work of Don Martin, an American cartoonist well-known for his contributions to Mad Magazine. Martin’s intriguing collection of comics called “Don Martin Bounces Back,” published in 1963, brought this unique day to life.

Within this collection, there was a fictitious holiday named ‘National Gorilla Suit Day.’ This comic storyline revolved around a character named Fester Bestertester, who stubbornly denied the existence of such a day. Ironically, he found himself under constant gorilla-suited attacks throughout the comic, starting from January 31st.

Over time, Martin’s unconventional and humorous depiction appealed to audiences, gradually leading to actual celebrations of Gorilla Suit Day. Initially, the day caught the fancy of readers of Mad Magazine and comic enthusiasts who appreciated Martin’s light-heartedness and irreverence. Soon the ‘national’ was removed from the day’s title, leaving just Gorilla Suit Day.

The traditional celebration of Gorilla Suit Day often involves wearing a gorilla suit and engaging in pranks, mirroring the events in Martin’s original comic strip.

Gorilla Suit Day Timeline

First Mention of Gorilla Suits

The short story "Mr. Columbus Coriander's Gorilla" by Noah Brooks featured a young man who dresses in a gorilla suit.

Gorilla Suit in Films

The first known instance of an ape suit appears in the silent film "Tarzan of the Apes".

Legacy of George Barrows

George Barrows, an American actor, was known for his gorilla suit called 'Ro-Man.'

Introduction in comic work

Gorilla Suit Day was introduced in 'Don Martin Bounces Back' by Don Martin. It featured a series titled 'National Gorilla-Suit Day'.

Ape Woman films

The Ape Woman films feature numerous examples of Hollywood gorilla suit performances.

Latest Innovation with CGI

The movie War for the Planet of the Apes used computer-generated imagery (CGI) rather than relying on traditional gorilla suits.

Ideas to Celebrate Gorilla Suit Day

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Gorilla Costume Party

Why not throw a party with a twist? Ask all your friends to dress up in gorilla costumes. You can enhance the fun by setting up a jungle-themed ambiance with appropriate food and decor.

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Charity Fun Run in Gorilla Suits

What could be better than combining fitness, fun, and charity work? Set up a fun run event where everyone takes part dressed up in gorilla suits. This will not only mark Gorilla Suit Day but also contribute to a good cause.

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A Day at the Zoo in Gorilla Suit

For an amusing and memorable Gorilla Suit Day, consider donning your suit and heading to the zoo. You'll be the center of attention and ensure a lot of smiles.

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Gorilla Flash Mob

Why not surprise your city with a spontaneous flash mob, gorilla-style? Gather friends and family dressed in gorilla suits and dance to catchy, jungle-themed tunes in a public area.

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Gorilla Suit Photoshoot

Get your family together for a unique photoshoot where every member poses in a gorilla suit. It will definitely be a fun bonding experience and create lasting memories.

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Gorilla Suit Movie Marathon

Make your Gorilla Suit Day more entertaining by hosting a movie marathon featuring all your favorite gorilla-themed films like 'Planet of the Apes' and 'King Kong'. Enjoy the show in your cosy gorilla suits.

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Gorilla Suit Prank

Put your gorilla suit to mischievous use by playing good-natured pranks on your friends or even strangers. Capture their reactions for plenty of laughs.

5 Interesting Facts About Gorilla Suits


A Symbol of Comedy

Gorilla suits have often been utilized as comedic elements in various TV shows and films - they brought laughter to audiences in productions ranging from 'The Addams Family' to 'The Big Bang Theory.'


Gorilla Suits in Space?

In an unanticipated event in 2016, astronaut Scott Kelly was seen sporting a gorilla suit inside the International Space Station. This unusual attire was discovered within a gift package sent by his twin brother, Mark Kelly.


Gorilla Runs

One can witness an extraordinary sight of individuals sprinting through city streets wearing gorilla suits during certain annual 'gorilla runs'. These events are held to generate money which is then given to charity, especially for the preservation of gorillas.


Expensive Gorilla Suits

Top-tier, meticulously created gorilla suits can set you back by a few thousand dollars, mainly due to the exceptional craftsmanship, top-quality materials and the striking realism they infuse into the suits.


Gorilla Suits in Music Videos

Several music artists including Bruno Mars have utilized gorilla suits to add a unique dimension to their music videos. Mars’ video for 'The Lazy Song' stays memorable for his hilarious antics in a gorilla suit.

Gorilla Suit Day FAQs

Next Gorilla Suit Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 January 31st Tuesday
2024 January 31st Wednesday
2025 January 31st Friday
2026 January 31st Saturday
2027 January 31st Sunday
What is the pattern? Every January 31st

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