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Flossing Day is a recurring event that is commemorated annually to promote the benefits of this vital oral hygiene habit. The occasion, traditionally marked on the day after Thanksgiving, serves as a timely reminder to care for your teeth after enjoying the feast during the holiday season.

The objective of this day is to raise awareness about the significance of flossing in maintaining dental health, supplementing regular brushing and dentist check-ups. So, let’s pick up our dental floss and participate in marking a day that contributes to our dental hygiene.

History of Flossing Day

Flossing is a way to clean between your teeth, using a thin thread to get rid of food bits and plaque that your toothbrush can’t reach. Long ago, even before history was written down, people used stuff like small sticks to clean their teeth.

A man named Levi Spear Parmly, who was a dentist, is often mentioned as the person who came up with the idea of dental floss. In 1815, he suggested people should use a piece of silk thread as a way to clean the hidden spots between teeth. As time went on, a company started making silk floss in 1882. When World War II happened, silk was hard to come by, so they started using nylon because it didn’t break as easily and did a better job.

Dentists have always told us that flossing is important if we don’t want to get gum problems or holes in our teeth from the areas a toothbrush can’t clean. To spread the word about keeping our teeth clean and to encourage everyone to floss, National Flossing Day was started in the U.S. It happens right after Thanksgiving, on Friday, amidst all the big sales and busy shopping.

National Flossing Day is a friendly nudge to all of us to not forget about our teeth, especially after we’ve just enjoyed a big holiday meal. The day is all about remembering this key step in taking care of our smiles.

Flossing Day Timeline

First Known Evidence of Flossing

Anthropologists have discovered usage of tooth-sticks in ancient times with evidence of floss like grooves from items such as horsehair in human teeth.

Invention of Modern Dental Floss

American dentist, Dr. Levi Spear Parmly introduced the idea of using a silk thread to go in-between teeth.

Mass Production by Codman & Shurleff company

Codman and Shurtleff company started the mass production of unwaxed silk floss for the general public.

Johnson & Johnson's Commercial Dental Floss

Johnson & Johnson Corporation took over the game by patenting dental floss and presenting it to the general public in a commercial manner.

Introduction of Nylon Floss

With the advent of World War II, silk became a necessary material which led to Dr. Charles Bass introducing nylon floss as a replacement.

Waxed Floss and Floss Holders

During this period, floss was innovated with a smooth waxed version and it become easier to use due to the invention of Y-Shaped Floss holders.

National Flossing Day

On November 27th, United States observes National Flossing Day to raise awareness about the importance of flossing for oral hygiene.

Ideas to Celebrate Flossing Day

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Educational Webinar

Invite a dentist or oral health expert to hold an online webinar about the importance of flossing. It can be an informative session with tips and techniques on how to floss effectively.

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Personal Flossing Kit

Create a personalized flossing kit. It can include dental floss types, mouthwash, and a good toothbrush. Share the kit with family and friends to encourage them to floss regularly.

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Movie Night - Dental Awareness Edition

Host a themed movie night featuring films and documentaries about dental care. Include a flossing demonstration during the intermission and provide guests with free dental floss.

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Spread the Word

Use social media platforms to promote the importance of flossing. Share facts, tips, personal experiences, and challenge others to join you in adopting this healthy habit.

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Floss and Discuss

Create an online forum for people to discuss their oral health challenges & success stories. This could provide motivation and practical tips from those who have successfully incorporated flossing into their daily routine.

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Donate Dental Supplies

Support a local charity, shelter, or school by supplying them with dental hygiene products, including floss. This will help in promoting good dental hygiene practices within your community.

5 Interesting Facts About Flossing


Flossing & Lifespan

Some studies suggest that regular flossing might extend your life. It is believed that cleaning between your teeth to remove plaque helps to prevent gum disease—which has been linked to health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.


Floss Material Evolution

The original floss was made of silk. Today, it's typically composed of nylon or Teflon.


Amount of Floss Used

If you use the recommended length of floss every day for a year, it will add up to about 5 miles of floss.


Popular Flossing Time

According to a survey by the American Dental Association, most people prefer to floss at night.


Flossing Myth

Contrary to popular belief, flossing after eating should be done before brushing. Flossing first helps to loosen and remove food particles that can be brushed away afterwards.

Flossing Day FAQs

Next Flossing Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 November 24th Friday
2024 November 22nd Friday
2025 November 28th Friday
2026 November 27th Friday
2027 November 26th Friday
What is the pattern? Every November undefinedth

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