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Appreciate a Dragon Day is a unique celebration observed January 16th each year. This one-of-a-kind event was created to acknowledge the important cultural and mythical roles played by dragons. On this day, we reflect on these mythical beasts’ captivating stories and the vital part they play in numerous folk tales, novels, and films across the globe.

With their fire-breathing prowess and legendary treasure hoard, it’s clear to see the extraordinary appeal of dragons. So, on this day, let’s apply our imagination and creativity to celebrate the superb world of dragons.

History of Appreciate a Dragon Day

Donita K. Paul, the esteemed author of the DragonKeeper Chronicles, laid the foundation for Appreciate a Dragon Day back in 2004. The occasion was originally meant to commemorate the launch of her book, “DragonSpell”. Paul wanted to inspire her readers to delve into the wealth of cultural meanings attributed to dragons around the world, while also admiring their representation in literature and various other media.

Paul’s fantasy series, DragonKeeper Chronicles, is steeped in a realm teeming with dragons - where a slave girl is tasked with taming a dragon to defeat an insidious evil. The series, particularly “DragonSpell”, was instrumental in popularizing Appreciate a Dragon Day.

The day serves as a reminder of the immense cultural importance of dragons. From being revered as symbols of wisdom and strength in Asian cultures to being feared as monstrous creatures in Western folklore, dragons have woven themselves into the tapestry of myths and stories worldwide.

As part of the celebrations, dragon enthusiasts are encouraged to bring their favourite dragon from a book, TV show or movie to life, showcasing the richness and diversity of this mythical figure. Over time, Appreciate a Dragon Day has broadened its scope, celebrating dragon figures in video games, movies and more.

Fans of dragon-centric literature like Harry Potter, Eragon, The Hobbit or Game of Thrones or dragon-themed games like Dungeons & Dragons or World of Warcraft, use this day to acknowledge the powerful influence these fantastic creatures have had on our collective imaginations.

Appreciate a Dragon Day Timeline

Dragon Images in Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient civilisations depict dragons in their artwork and mythology.

Chinese Dragons

Dragons start commonly appearing in Chinese mythology, often as symbols of power.

Dragons in Medieval Europe

Dragons have a prominent place in the folklore and mythology of Europe during the Middle Ages.

Viking Dragon Ships

Vikings create elaborate dragon-headed ships.

Scientific study

Naturalists attempt to scientifically study the existence of dragons based on early sightings and stories.

Indonesian Komodo Dragon Discovery

Western scientists discover the Komodo Dragon, a large reptile that further perpetuates the dragon myth.

Depictions in Literature and Media

Dragons feature as prominent characters and symbols in books, movies, and TV shows.

Dragons in Pop Culture

Dragons continue to hold their grip on popular culture through series like 'Game of Thrones' and 'Harry Potter'.

Ideas to Celebrate Appreciate a Dragon Day

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Create a Dragon Artwork

You could tap into your creative side and craft some artwork inspired by dragons. This could take the form of a drawing, a painted portrait, or even a carved piece, symbolizing your admiration for these fantastical beasts.

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Dragon Movie Marathon

Spend the day engrossed in films where dragons take centre stage. This could include popular titles such as 'How to Train Your Dragon' or 'Dragonheart', providing a fun way to honour these mythical creatures.

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Read Dragon Tales

Immerse yourself in narratives about dragons by delving into books that feature these creatures. This could range from timeless epic novels like 'The Hobbit' or more child-friendly options such as 'Dragonology Handbook'.

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Dragon Costume Design

Consider using your inventive mind to design and construct your very own dragon costume. It could make a great talking point at a fancy dress event or even at a future Halloween party.

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Explore Dragon History and Mythology

Be inquisitive and learn more about dragons across history and different mythologies. You can do this by visiting local libraries, museums or even conducting an online search.

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Start a Dragon Collection

Initiate a collection of dragon-related artifacts such as models, posters or trinket jewelry. If you already have a collection, you can seize the day to expand it with new pieces.

7 Interesting Facts About Dragons


Symbolism in Chinese Culture

Dragons are viewed as emblems of might, resilience, and prosperity in Chinese tradition. It was believed that these mythical creatures ruled over rain, floods, and stormy weather.


Types of Dragons

Dragons are broadly classified into Eastern and Western types. Those from the East, prominent in cultures like China and Japan, are often seen as benign creatures, symbols of good fortune and water. Meanwhile, Western dragons, originating from European tales, are usually imagined as winged, quadrupedal creatures with the power to breathe fire.


Dragons in Literature

Dragons have populated a number of literary works, most notably within the realm of fantasy. These fascinating creatures have been intricately woven into narratives such as 'The Hobbit', 'Harry Potter', and 'Game of Thrones'.


Dragon Mythology

The genesis of dragon myths can be attributed to real-world encounters, as some researchers theorize. The sight of large dinosaur fossils possibly caused people in the past to deduce they were remnants of dragons.


Dragons and Zodiac

The Chinese zodiac features the Dragon as one of its 12 signs. Individuals born under the sign of the Dragon are believed to embody traits such as enthusiasm, confidence, intelligence, and drive for success.


Saint George and the Dragon

Among the most renowned dragon tales is that of Saint George, England's patron saint, who allegedly slayed a dragon and rescued a princess. This tale symbolizes the triumph of virtue over wickedness.


Real Dragons

Although legendary dragons don’t exist in real life, several creatures bear 'dragon' in their names, for instance, dragonflies and the Komodo dragon, recognized as the planet's largest lizard.

Appreciate a Dragon Day FAQs

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