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Every year on the 28th of March, we celebrate a unique holiday known as Respect Your Cat Day. This day is set aside to honor and recognize the special bond we share with our beloved feline friends. It acts as a kind reminder to always respect and understand our pet cats’ needs, paving the way for a deep and harmonious relationship that’s based on mutual care.

Cats, with their independent nature, playful antics, and unique ways of showing affection, bring a sense of joy and enchantment to our lives. Such invaluable companionship undoubtedly deserves respect and acknowledgment.

History of Respect Your Cat Day

Looking back to Ancient Egypt, cats were held in great esteem due to their prowess in keeping away harmful creatures like rats and mice that posed threats to food supplies. The Egyptian goddess Bastet, portrayed with the head or body of a lioness or a domestic cat, symbolized protection and good fortune.

In the culture of Japan, the ‘Maneki-neko’, or the beckoning cat, is seen as a charm that brings good fortune and luck to its owners. In contrast to some European cultures which perceive a black cat crossing one’s path as an omen of misfortune, certain communities view it as a sign of good things to come.

The 19th Century saw the beginning of the trend of keeping cats as domestic pets in Western cultures. Today, cats have established a place in millions of houses globally, standing as one of the most common pet choices.

On Respect Your Cat Day, many cat caregivers take the opportunity to indulge their pets with extra affection, playtime, special treats, meals, and general pampering. While cat parents typically offer love and care to their pets on a routine basis, this day underscores the significant role that cats play in our lives and highlights our duty to provide them with a safe and nurturing environment.

Respect Your Cat Day Timeline

Egyptian Cat Worship

Cats were considered sacred animals in Ancient Egypt.

Cats in Rome

Ancient Romans began keeping cats as pets for their ability to catch mice and other rodents.

Cats Introduced to Europe

Cats were taken to Europe by traders. They became quite popular there for their mouse-catching abilities.

First Cat Show

Harrison Weir organized the first competitive cat show, held at the Crystal Palace in London.

Establishment of Cat Fanciers' Association

The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), an American organization that conducts cat shows, was established.

Garfield Debut

The comic strip Garfield debuts, leading to increased popularity and adoration for orange tabby cats.

Current Respect Your Cat Day Observance

People all over the world continue to celebrate 'Respect Your Cat Day', honoring their feline friends.

Ideas to Celebrate Respect Your Cat Day

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Feline Spa Day

Treat your furry friend to a day of pampering. This could mean giving them a new comfy bed to lounge in, some delicious treats, or even brushing their fur. Cats love being groomed and it's a great way for you to show your love and respect for them.

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Gift a new toy

Cats love to play. Show your respect by getting them a new toy that stimulates their minds and exercises their bodies. This could be a ball, a feather wand, or a laser pointer.

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Prepare a special meal

Cats are carnivores and many of them love a good fish or chicken meal. Celebrate the day by making them a special feast. Make sure it's cat safe and doesn't contain any foods dangerous for cats.

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Respect their space

One way to show respect to your cat is to respect their space. If they have certain places they like to hang out, make sure these areas are clean and comfortable for them. If they are sleeping or lounging, try not to disturb them.

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Ensure Regular Veterinarian Checkups

Showing respect to your cat also means prioritizing their health. Make sure they have regular check-ups to the vet and are up to date with their vaccinations.

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Learn more about cats

Spend some time learning more about cats. Understanding their behavior better can help you respect them more. There are many great books, documentaries, and websites where you can learn more about our feline friends.

6 Interesting Facts About Respect Your Cat Day


A Day for Bonding

The day encourages cat owners to build a healthy relationship and bonding with their feline friends.



Respect Your Cat Day could be celebrated through various activities such as playing with your cat, feeding them their favorite food, or simply spending quality time with them.


Healthy Vibes

Respecting your cat can promote their well-being and happiness, leading to a healthier life for them.


Promotes Adoption

Respect Your Cat Day also encourages individuals to adopt cats from shelters instead of buying.


Ancient Tradition

The respect and worshipping of cats can be traced back to ancient Egypt where cats were considered sacred animals.


Improves Owner Well-being

Research shows that spending time and bonding with cats can also have positive impacts on the owners like reduced stress levels, lower blood pressure, and improved mood.

Respect Your Cat Day FAQs

Next Respect Your Cat Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 March 28th Tuesday
2024 March 28th Thursday
2025 March 28th Friday
2026 March 28th Saturday
2027 March 28th Sunday
What is the pattern? Every March 28th

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