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National Oreo Cookie Day -

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National Oreo Cookie Day, celebrated annually on March 6th, pays homage to the world’s most popular sandwich cookie, the Oreo. This indulgent holiday encourages enthusiasts of this ever-loved cookie to go beyond removing its creamy center or dunking it in cold milk, and instead celebrate in a unique way. It becomes especially intriguing when coupled with fun and fashionable women dress themes.

This day not only indulges our sense for sweet treats but also highlights our individual and collective style. It’s a celebration of creativity, both in baking and fashion, offering an ode to all things black and white, just like the inspiring Oreo cookie itself.

History of National Oreo Cookie Day

Developed by the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco), the first Oreo cookie emerged in New York City on March 6, 1912. This unique biscuit, a concoction of two chocolate disks with cream in the middle, stood out and remains largely unchanged in design and taste.

Nabisco developed Oreo to compete with a similar cookie by Sunshine called Hydrox. While Hydrox had a head start, Oreo gained immense popularity and outshone its competition. Today, it is widely recognized and loved globally.

In the passage of time, Nabisco introduced numerous variations to the original Oreo, like the double-stuffed, mint, peanut butter, and birthday cake, amongst others, all loved by various global audiences.

National Oreo Cookie Day was created to honor this biscuit’s continuing success. The day came into existence in the 21st century. Each year, Oreo lovers relish the day by savoring their favorite Oreo cookie forms—whether it’s dunking it in milk or gobbling it up just as it is.

Retailers and Nabisco usually run Oreo-themed promotions and activities on this day. Fans also plan cookie swapping events and share innovative Oreo recipes. National Oreo Cookie Day is more than just a celebration of a cookie—it’s a tribute to the cookie’s sweet nostalgia, encapsulating the joy in each savory bite.

National Oreo Cookie Day Timeline

The Beginning of the Journey

Nabisco, the company behind the creation of Oreo, came into existence.

Creation of Oreo

The Oreo cookie was created in a Nabisco bakery in New York City.

Oreo Name Change

The cookie was originally known as Oreo Biscuit. In 1921, it was renamed to Oreo Sandwich.

Another Name Change

The cookie was renamed again, this time to Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies.

Introduction of Double Stuf Oreos

Nabisco introduced Double Stuf Oreos, with double the cream filling of the original Oreo.

The Centennial

Oreo celebrated its 100th birthday.

Most Popular Cookie in the World

Oreo became the best selling cookie in the United States and the world, proving its universal appeal.

Ideas to Celebrate National Oreo Cookie Day

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Oreo Tasting Party

Invite friends over for a tasting featuring all the different Oreo flavors. From classic and doublestuff to mint, peanut butter, and others like the limited edition flavors. Let each guest rank their favorites and see which Oreo takes the prize!

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Create Oreo-inspired Desserts

Spend the day in the kitchen making Oreo infused treats. This could be Oreo cheesecake, Oreo truffles, Oreo milkshakes, or simply Oreos dunked in milk.

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Oreo Themed Dinner

Plan a entire themed dinner with dishes incorporating Oreos somehow. Start with Oreo encrusted chicken for main course and move to Oreo cheesecake for dessert.

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Oreo Cookie Challenge

Invite family and friends over for Oreo stacking or eating competitions. Film your adventures and share them on social media for a laugh.

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Oreo Movie Night

Plan a movie night with Oreo-themed snacks. You can make Oreo popcorn, Oreo milkshakes or simply enjoy Oreos while watching your favorite movies.

5 Interesting Facts About Oreo Cookie


World's Best Selling Cookie

The Oreo cookie is the best-selling cookie in the world and is sold in over 100 countries.


Oreo's Debut

Oreo was introduced by the National Biscuit Company (now known as Nabisco) on March 6, 1912.


Copycat Turned King

Oreo was originally a knockoff of the Hydrox cookie, which was introduced in 1908. Despite this, Oreo became more popular and is now often misidentified as the original.


Experimental Flavors

Oreo has released various limited-edition flavors, some of which include Candy Corn, Watermelon, Marshmallow Crispy, and even Swedish Fish.


Double Stuf Might Be a Fib

Despite the name, Double Stuf Oreos only have about 1.86 times the amount of cream filling as a regular Oreo.

National Oreo Cookie Day FAQs

Next National Oreo Cookie Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 March 6th Monday
2024 March 6th Wednesday
2025 March 6th Thursday
2026 March 6th Friday
2027 March 6th Saturday
What is the pattern? Every March 6th

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