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Celebrated each year on the 2nd of March, National Banana Cream Pie Day is a fun and flavorful holiday dedicated to one of America’s classic desserts — the banana cream pie. This day is eagerly anticipated by pastry chefs, sweet-toothed individuals, and even those who just enjoy the occasional treat.

The mouthwatering mixture of bananas, cream, and pastry invites people of all baking abilities to partake in the festive occasion. Whether you’re baking, eating, or sharing this delightful dessert, you’re sure to enjoy this scrumptious national day.

History of National Banana Cream Pie Day

Banana Cream Pie is a classic American dessert, however, the exact origin and creator of the traditional recipe is unknown. The pie’s traceable history dates back to the 19th century, coinciding with the popularisation of cream pies in the United States.

In the 1880s, bananas started to be more commonly implemented into American recipes after more commercial importation from tropical regions, and by the end of the 19th century, banana recipes started appearing frequently in various cookbooks. Around that time, custard or cream pies were also gaining popularity among American households.

In 1951, the banana cream pie was honoured as the United States’ army’s favourite dessert, solidifying it as an American icon. Today, it remains an all-time favorite in many American homes and is celebrated unofficially on March 2nd, known as National Banana Cream Pie Day. It has also gained popularity in other parts of the world.

National Banana Cream Pie Day hence provides an opportunity for all pie afficionados to indulge in this creamy, banana-filled delight while also paying homage to the rich history and tradition of pie-making in America that it encapsulates.

National Banana Cream Pie Day Timeline

Banana Cultivation

Bananas are believed to have been cultivated as early as 2000 BC in what is now Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Bananas Introduced to the Americas

Spanish explorers bring bananas to the new world in the 15th and 16th centuries

Invention of Cream Pie

Cream pies were first mentioned in America in the cookbook "American Cookery" by Amelia Simmons.

Banana Cream Pie Origin

Banana cream pie is thought to have been created in the United States during this period.

National Banana Cream Pie Day Celebration

National Banana Cream Pie Day is celebrated annually on March 2nd across America.

Ideas to Celebrate National Banana Cream Pie Day

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Bake a Homemade Banana Cream Pie

To celebrate the day, try your hand at baking a homemade banana cream pie. Use fresh and ripe bananas, and invite family or friends over to taste your creation.

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Host a Banana Cream Pie Eating Contest

Invite your friends, colleagues, or family members to participate in a fun-filled banana cream pie eating contest. Have prizes for the winners and don't forget to take pictures.

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Try a Unique Banana Cream Pie Recipe

Experimenting with a new recipe can be exciting. Add a twist to the traditional banana cream pie by adding caramel, nuts, or even chocolate into the mix.

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Visit Local Bakeries

Support your local bakeries by purchasing their version of banana cream pie. Enjoy the pie with a cup of coffee or tea and savor each bite.

6 Interesting Facts About Banana Cream Pie


Popular in The United States

In the 1951 poll, Banana Cream Pie was proclaimed to be the most popular dessert in the United States. Since then, it has remained a beloved dessert in many American households.


A Standard American Pie

The Banana Cream Pie is so iconic that it ranks as one of the top five favorite pies in America, along with apple, pumpkin, cherry, and pecan pie.


Adaptable Recipe

One of the great things about Banana Cream Pie is its adaptability. It can range from a simple, homemade dessert to a gourmet creation with added ingredients like coconut or chocolate.


Nutritional Value

Despite being a dessert, Banana Cream Pie has some nutritional value. Bananas are rich in potassium and vitamin C, while the milk in the cream filling adds some calcium to the mix.


The Famous Baker’s Square Pie

Baker’s Square claims to have the 'Best Pie in America'. This includes their version of Banana Cream Pie, which has won numerous first-place awards in the National Pie Championships.


Banana Cream Pie in Pop Culture

Banana Cream Pie has made its appearance in pop culture. It was a notable prop in an episode of the TV show 'Gilligan’s Island', where a giant Banana Cream Pie was used as a weapon.

National Banana Cream Pie Day FAQs

Next National Banana Cream Pie Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 March 2nd Thursday
2024 March 2nd Saturday
2025 March 2nd Sunday
2026 March 2nd Monday
2027 March 2nd Tuesday
What is the pattern? Every March 2nd

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