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Every year, on the 25th of March, International Waffle Day is celebrated by food enthusiasts across the globe. This tradition, which started in Sweden, has found a place in many cultures around the world. It’s an event that allows lovers of this delightful dish to satisfy their cravings, whether they prefer their waffles sweet or savory.

This special day encourages people to experiment with a variety of intriguing waffle recipes, showcasing the interesting range of culinary possibilities and the widespread affection for this adaptive and beloved dish.

History of International Waffle Day

International Waffle Day, celebrated on March 25, has its roots in Sweden. The event is called “Våffeldagen” in Swedish, which closely resembles “Vårfrudagen,” meaning “Our Lady’s Day” or “The Annunciation Feast”. Traditionally, this day signaled the arrival of spring and was commemorated with the making of waffles.

Since the Middle Ages, waffles - essentially cakes of cereal-based grain cooked between two metal plates often imprinted with designs - have been a part of global cuisines.

In the cultural heritage of Sweden, waffles hold a special spot, highlighted by a variety of unique and time-honored recipes crafted particularly for this day. The link between Our Lady’s Day and Vårfrudagen emerged due to a linguistic crossover between the two terms. Eventually, this tradition transcended the boundaries of the annual calendar to become a distinct day devoted to the celebration of waffles.

This tradition soon found its way into other corners of the world and was enthusiastically embraced by waffle enthusiasts and chefs alike. It found notable popularity in America, where waffles are a routine part of the breakfast diet. With the advent of this day, people are encouraged to experiment with different kinds of waffles, such as sprinkling them with syrup or fruit for a sweet variant or cheese or bacon for a more savory option.

International Waffle Day Timeline

First Waffle Recipe

The earliest known waffle recipe was published in a book titled 'Le Ménagier de Paris'.

First Patent for Waffle Iron

Cornelius Swartwout received the first U.S. patent for a waffle iron.

Commercial Waffle Iron

Boston's Simplex Electric Heating Company introduced the first commercially successful electric waffle iron.

Frozen Waffles

Frank Dorsa's Eggo Frozen Waffles were sold in supermarkets for the first time.

Belgian Waffles in America

Belgian waffles were introduced to America at New York's World's Fair.

International Waffle Day

To acknowledge the importance of waffles in various cultures, International Waffle Day was first celebrated in Sweden.

Ideas to Celebrate International Waffle Day

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Homemade Waffle Party

Invite your friends and family over for a meal where everyone gets to make their own waffles. Provide various toppings and fillers for your guests to customize their waffles.

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Waffle Recipe Exchange

Exchange your favorite waffle recipes with friends, relatives or coworkers. It's a fun way to discover new ideas and different styles of waffles.

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Waffle Eating Contest

Coordinate a waffle eating contest among friends or family members. Whoever eats the most waffles within a certain timeframe wins a prize.

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Exploring International Waffles

Celebrate the day by preparing waffles from different cultures. For example, try making Belgian waffles, American-style waffles, Hong Kong-style egg waffles and so on.

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Take a Waffle Cooking Class

Look for a local cooking class that specializes in waffles or use this occasion to learn new recipes from an online platform.

6 Interesting Facts About Waffles


Origin of Waffles

Waffles originated around the 14th century in Europe. They were essentially made from flour and water mixture and later cooked between two metal plates decorated with a unique pattern.


Waffle Iron Invention

The first patent for a waffle iron was issued in the United States to Cornelius Swartwout on August 24, 1869. His design included a handle and clasp for flipping the waffle iron during cooking.


Waffles in Space

Astronauts have enjoyed waffles in space. They are typically pre-cooked and then rehydrated with available water aboard the spacecraft.


Belgian Waffles Aren't Belgian

Belgian waffles were invented by a Belgian named Maurice Vermersch, but he actually made them popular from his New York based restaurant. He named them “Belgian“ because he thought Americans wouldn't know where Brussels was.


World Record Waffle

The world’s largest waffle weighed in at 110 pounds (50 kg). It was made in the Netherlands in 2013.


Variety of Waffles

Waffles aren't just sweet treats. They can be made savory with ingredients like cheese, veggies, and bacon mixed into the batter. They're also used in place of bread for sandwiches.

International Waffle Day FAQs

Next International Waffle Day Dates

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2023 March 25th Saturday
2024 March 25th Monday
2025 March 25th Tuesday
2026 March 25th Wednesday
2027 March 25th Thursday
What is the pattern? Every March 25th

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