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International Day of the Seal, celebrated on March 22 each year, is a special day dedicated to raising awareness on the importance of conservation and protection efforts for seals worldwide. On this day, individuals, environmental organizations, and animal advocates unite in spreading knowledge about the various threats faced by these amazing marine mammals.

The focus is on promoting sustainable practices, fighting against illegal hunting, climate change, and pollution, all of which can harm seal populations. It is a day to cherish the role seals play in maintaining the balance in our marine ecosystems, as well as an affirmation of our commitment to safeguarding their survival and well-being.

History of International Day Of The Seal

In the 1960s, the seal industry was a major economic driver especially in Canada. The seals were hunted primarily for their outer skin, but their meat, fatty tissues, and organs were also sought after. The inhumane hunting methods faced heavy public backlash and demands for halting commercial seal hunting grew louder.

The rallying cries against these cruel practices reached fever pitch in the 1970s when several renowned figures such as Bridget Bardot stood up in resistance. Their involvement helped shine a global light on the issue and influenced several nations to forbid the import of seal products.

The 1980s marked a significant turning point in this struggle, as numerous sealing restrictions were put into action. For instance, the European Union disallowed the import of products derived from whitecoat harp seals and blueback hooded seals. This was succeeded by Canada’s ban on offshore hunting of the same.

In recent years, the strategy has evolved to involve more lobbying for other nations, and global bodies, to incorporate similar bans. Advocacy for stronger laws against animal cruelty received significant focus.

Every year on March 22nd, the International Day of the Seal is observed as a part of numerous global initiatives to condemn seal hunting and endorse their well-being and preservation. This day serves to enhance awareness about different seal species, the challenges they encounter, and the potential solutions to safeguard their existence.

International Day Of The Seal Timeline

Peak of Seal Hunting

This period marks the peak of commercial hunting for seals, primarily for their fur. The large-scale hunting operations caused drastic declines in many seal populations.

Marine Mammal Protection Act

The United States passed the Marine Mammal Protection Act, making it illegal to harm, harass, or kill any marine mammal, including seals.

The First Seal Day

This event was organized by wildlife conservation groups to raise awareness about the threats seals are facing.

Canadian Government Ban

The Canadian government bans all commercial hunting of sealing pups under the age of one year after international outrage over its seal hunting practices.

European Union Ban

The European Union bans all products made from seals.

Current Progress

Continued efforts are made worldwide to protect seals on this day. Awareness is raised regarding the effects of hunting on seal populations.

Ideas to Celebrate International Day Of The Seal

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Seal Documentary Night

Host a movie or documentary night about seals with family and friends. This would not only entertain but also educate everyone about these marine animals.

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Visit an Aquarium or Zoo

Celebrate this day by heading to the nearest aquarium or zoo that houses seals. Learn about their behaviors, feeding patterns and care.

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Beach Clean-up

Celebrate by organizing a local beach clean-up. Seals are often victims of ocean pollution, this action will help their living environment and other marine creatures as well.

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Educational Seminar

Invite a marine biologist to give a talk or webinar about seals. Enhance your knowledge and understanding about these wonderful creatures and their importance to the ecosystem.

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Adopt a Seal

Many organizations offer 'adopt a seal' programs where you can contribute funds to support the health and wellbeing of a seal. This also makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift for loved ones.

8 Interesting Facts About Seals


Masters Of Underwater Slumber

Seals possess the fascinating ability to sleep underwater. They can hold their breath up to 2 hours which is essential for their deep-water siestas.


Land Speed Champions

Despite their cumbersome appearance, they can actually move on land faster than humans can. Some can reach speeds of up to 20km/h.


Unparalleled Divers

Seals are known for their astounding diving abilities. The Weddell seal holds the record for deepest dive, going as far as 600 meters down.


Airplane Ears

Seals have little ear holes with no external ear flaps. Their ears are adapted to function better underwater, much like those of an airplane's structure.


Their own Snow Cribs

During the winter months, Weddell seals will create dens by blowing air onto the snow, causing it to melt, then refreeze into a solid structure, giving themselves a cozy snow den.


Temperature Regulators

Seals possess a layer of body fat known as blubber which helps them to maintain body heat and buoyancy in frigid waters.


Blind Spot

Unlike humans, seals have a blind spot right in front of their nose due to the placement of their eyes on the sides of their head.


Teeth Over Time

Seals have a consistent set of teeth throughout their life, unlike humans and other mammals which usually have two sets. Seals' teeth also last their entire lifetime which can span several decades.

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