Every year, we set aside May 31st to celebrate World Parrot Day. It’s a day devoted to enhancing our understanding and appreciation of the wide variety of parrot species, their behaviors, and natural habitats. More significantly, it acts as a critical reminder of the threats these vibrant creatures face. World Parrot Day encourages and promotes the conservation and education of these delightful birds that bring an extraordinary mix of color and chatter into our lives.

Regardless of whether you’re an avid bird watcher or just appreciate animals of all kinds, this day underscores the urgent need to safeguard and preserve these brilliant avians.

History of World Parrot Day

Initiated by the World Parrot Trust in 2004, World Parrot Day is celebrated annually on May 31 with the goal to focus global attention on the need for parrot protection and preservation. The World Parrot Trust, a global leader advocating for parrots since 1989, recognized the importance of raising awareness about the threats these vibrant birds face.

Parrots are among the world’s most endangered birds due to human activities such as deforestation, illegal pet trade, and climate change. Around one-third of parrot species worldwide are on the brink of extinction.

On World Parrot Day, the global community comes together to raise funds for parrot conservation, organize campaigns against illegal trade, educate the public on parrots’ natural behaviours, and encourage adopting parrots over buying them.

World Parrot Day has gained global recognition over the years, with countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, and others joining the movement. The day is marked with a variety of activities such as educational programs, fundraising, social media campaigns, and more.

World Parrot Day Timeline

Parrots in Pre-Columbian Societies

Various species of parrots were kept and traded by Pre-Columbian societies in Central and South America.

Parrots Discovered by Europeans

Christopher Columbus and his crew members discovered parrots in the New World and brought these colorful, noisy birds back to their homeland.

Parrots as Status Symbol

Parrots gained popularity among the European upper class as a status symbol, due to their rarity and exoticness.

Parrots in Art

Parrots began to appear in European art, symbolizing exotic beauty and the wonders of the New World.

Parrot Trade

The international trade in parrots grew and they became popular household pets around the world, particularly in the USA and Europe.


Parrots are included in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), to better regulate their trade and prevent overexploitation.

Inception of World Parrot Day

Steve Brookes, the Director of the World Parrot Trust, declared 31st May as the day to raise awareness about various issues related to parrots.

Current Day Observance

World Parrot Day is recognized and celebrated globally by bird enthusiasts, pet owners, and environmental activists to protect and conserve parrots.

Ideas to Celebrate World Parrot Day

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Parrot Educational Seminar

Organize a gathering where an ornithologist or parrot specialist could talk about different types of parrots, their habits, and their natural habitats. This could raise awareness about the incredible variety and the preservation of these birds.

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Parrot Art Contest

Host a parrot-themed art contest where people can submit their drawings, paintings, or digital art featuring parrots. This could engage kids as well as adults and help to promote love for the beautiful bird species.

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Parrot Photography Exhibition

Arrange an exhibition where photographers can display their best shots of parrots. This can serve to accentuate the splendid beauty of parrots and their vibrant colors.

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Adopt a Parrot Programme

Initiate a campaign where people can adopt a parrot from local pet shelters or bird conservation organizations. This will promote affections towards parrots and also help towards their conservation.

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Park Visit to Feed Parrots

Plan a local park visit where parrots dwell and encourage community members to feed them with appropriate food. Educate participants about what types of foods are healthy for parrots.

8 Interesting Facts About Parrots


Longest Living Parrot

The lifespan of parrots varies widely, but some species such as the cockatoo and the Amazon parrot can live up to 75 years or even longer. The oldest recorded parrot lived to be 83 years old.


Parrot Vocabulary

African Grey parrots are famous for their intelligence and ability to mimic human speech. They are capable of learning hundreds of words and can form simple sentences.


Parrot's Colored Feathers

Despite the array of vibrant colors seen on their feathers, parrots have only two types of color pigments: melanins which produce black and brown, and lipochromes that produce red, orange, and yellow.


Parrot Abilities

Parrots have zygodactyl feet – two toes face forward and two back. This sets them apart from most bird species and enables them to use their feet much like humans use their hands to grab and hold objects.


Flock Behavior

Parrots are incredibly social animals. In the wild, they usually congregate into flocks and even sleep in communal roosts. Their social nature is why they are so responsive to human interaction.


Parrots and Pirates

The association between parrots and pirates is due to Robert Louis Stevenson's novel, 'Treasure Island'. The pirate Long John Silver had a pet parrot named 'Captain Flint'.


Night Parrot

The elusive night parrot of Australia was thought to be extinct for over a century. Sightings since 2013 prove that these nocturnal parrots still exist, though they remain critically endangered.


Parrot's Diet

While most people associate parrots with cracking and eating nuts, many parrot species also enjoy fruits, vegetables, and even chilli peppers. They can eat spicy foods as they can't taste capsaicin, the heat-inducing compound in chilli.

World Parrot Day FAQs

Next World Parrot Day Dates

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2023 May 31st Wednesday
2024 May 31st Friday
2025 May 31st Saturday
2026 May 31st Sunday
2027 May 31st Monday
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