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Recognized every year on the second Monday of November, World Orphans Day is a globally-acknowledged occasion committed to elevating universal consciousness about the condition and circumstances that orphans and displaced children across the globe find themselves in. This noteworthy day advocates for collective efforts from governments, societal institutions, and ordinary citizens to confront and tackle the myriad obstacles these children encounter.

The day underscores the need to facilitate the supply of adequate nutrition, schooling, shelter, and psychological care to these marginalized children, promoting their rights, ensuring their unimpeded growth, and guaranteeing their transformation into active and fulfilled individuals of our global community.

History of World Orphans Day

Established in the 1990s by The Stars Foundation, a Tennessee-based organization, World Orphans Day was conceived as a means to draw attention to the trials and tribulations faced by orphans globally. The organization aimed to raise consciousness about their circumstances and encourage individuals to join the cause in collaboration with other non-profit entities.

Initially, only The Stars Foundation acknowledged this day. However, the scenario transformed in 2006 when it was formally recognized by the United States Congress. They deemed the second Monday of November as World Orphans Day.

This cause has since been embraced by over 50 nations worldwide. Today, it is commemorated on all continents through various activities and initiatives specifically designed to enhance the quality of life of orphans and children abandoned worldwide.

People often participate in World Orphans Day by raising funds through various activities in support of bodies that work directly with orphans. They also organize informative events to educate others about the circumstances of orphans and the necessity of their care and protection. Advocacy campaigns are also prominent on this day, pressuring governments to take actions in support of orphan rights.

World Orphans Day Timeline

UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child

The United Nations adopted a formal proclamation for the rights of children, acknowledging the special care and protection children, especially orphans, require.

International Year of the Child

UNESCO declared 1979 as the International Year of the Child, raising global awareness about child welfare and orphan issues.

World Summit for Children

World leaders gathered at the United Nations to make a joint commitment to protect and assist all children, especially those in orphanages.

Millennium Development Goals

The United Nations developed eight Millennium Development Goals, one of which aimed to improve the lives of orphaned children.

Inception of World Orphans Day

A global charity called The Stars Foundation initiated World Orphans Day to raise awareness about the plights of orphaned children all over the world.

Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations sets the Sustainable Development Goals which includes ending poverty and hunger, which have direct implications for orphans.

Ideas to Celebrate World Orphans Day

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Meet and Greet

Organize a meet and greet event where people can interact with orphans from different homes, learn their stories and share positivity. This can foster understanding, create meaningful bonds and support.

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Fundraising Marathon

Promote a run or walk marathon where participants can raise funds to be donated to orphanages and child care institutions. This not only helps financially, but also raises awareness.

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Visit an Orphanage

Gather a group of friends, family or colleagues and visit an orphanage. Spend the day playing, cooking, reading or just talking to the children.

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Sponsor a Child

Encourage people to sponsor a child and provide regular financial support. This can hugely impact a child's life, providing them with consistent care and better opportunities.

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Care Packages

Create and distribute care packages with essential items like clothes, toys, books and food. This could be a wonderful gesture to bring joy to these children.

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Awareness Campaigns

Run awareness campaigns across multiple platforms like social media, schools, and workplaces to educate people about the struggles of orphaned children, and what actions can be taken to help them.

7 Interesting Facts About World Orphans


Rising number of Orphans Globally

According to UNICEF, there are currently an estimated 140 million orphans worldwide. This number keeps growing due to numerous factors including poverty, natural disasters, conflict, and diseases.


Sub-Saharan Africa Counts Highest

Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest proportions of children who are orphans. It's mainly due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic that has affected the continent significantly.


India Orphans

India has the most orphans of any country in the world, with over 30 million children growing up without parents.


Most Orphans live with a surviving parent

UNICEF notes that 95% of all orphans are over the age of five and most live with a surviving parent or close family members. The word 'orphan' often invokes images of children without any family, which is not the case.


Support Systems for Orphans

Despite the rising numbers, many well-structured public and private systems are enacted to support orphans and enable them opportunities to be successful, such as various local and international NGOs.


Famous People who were Orphans

Many famous or successful figures were orphaned, including Nelson Mandela, Marilyn Monroe, Steve Jobs and Louis Armstrong. Their lives are proof that being an orphan doesn't define one's future success.


War and Conflict

War and conflict significantly increase the number of orphans. According to a UN report, the Syria civil war has left over a million children orphaned.

World Orphans Day FAQs

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