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Every year on November 14th, World Diabetes Day is celebrated internationally with the objective of bringing attention to the growing danger associated with diabetes. The day was established by the World Health Organization and the International Diabetes Federation, which utilize a blue circle symbol to represent global unity in the fight against diabetes.

This global observance mobilizes millions around the world to advocate and bring greater understanding of diabetes.

History of World Diabetes Day

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) established World Diabetes Day in 1991 as a global response to the increasing prevalence of diabetes. This worldwide observance takes place annually on November 14th.

Sir Frederick Banting, who made a monumental breakthrough in 1921 by discovering insulin along with Charles Best, was born on this day. The administration of insulin is a critical form of treatment for diabetes, a disease caused by a deficiency or insensitivity to this hormone.

The decision to create World Diabetes Day stemmed from a desire to raise global awareness about the expanding number of diabetes cases and to spotlight strategies for preventing and managing the disease.

World Diabetes Day is commemorated through a variety of international and local activities annually, each with a specific theme that addresses different facets of diabetes. Some of the past themes included human rights, lifestyle, obesity, disadvantaged populations, and the impact of diabetes on children.

The blue circle is the symbol for World Diabetes Day. The color represents the sky that connects all countries and aligns with the color of the United Nations flag. The circle is a sign of global unity in facing the challenge of the diabetes crisis.

World Diabetes Day Timeline

Early Record of Diabetes

Ancient Egyptian Hesy-Ra makes the earliest known record of a condition that resembles diabetes.

Term 'Diabetes'

The term "diabetes" was first coined by Araetus of Cappodocia.

Discovery of Insulin

Insulin was discovered by Sir Frederick Banting and Charles Best.

First Person Treated with Insulin

Leonard Thompson, 14, became the first person to be successfully treated with insulin.

Establishment of World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day was first created as a response to growing concerns about the increasing health threat posed by diabetes.

Official Recognition by United Nations

The United Nations passed a resolution in December 2006 to recognize diabetes as a chronic, debilitating, and costly disease.

Ideas to Celebrate World Diabetes Day

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Educational Workshop

Organize a workshop to raise awareness about diabetes, its causes, symptoms, and how to manage the disease effectively. The event could include health professionals who can offer advice, answer questions, and provide insightful lectures to the participants.

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Diabetes Screening

Arrange free diabetes screening events at local community centers or hospitals. Early detection can prevent complications. It will also help in raising awareness about the importance of regular check-ups.

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Wear Blue Day

Encourage everyone to wear blue, the color symbolizing diabetes awareness, on World Diabetes Day. This could also extend to decorating homes or workplaces in blue. This simple act of solidarity can raise a lot of awareness.

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Social Media Campaign

Launch a social media campaign where people can share their own stories and experiences with diabetes or show their support for others dealing with the disease. Use a specific hashtag to create a sense of community around the cause.

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Healthy Cooking Masterclass

Invite a local chef or nutritionist to hold a masterclass on cooking healthy, diabetes-friendly meals. Participants will not only learn new recipes, but also essential cooking techniques and tips to maintain a healthy diet.

5 Interesting Facts About Diabetes


Diabetes and Antarctica

People diagnosed with diabetes were not allowed to explore Antarctica until 1998. This was due to concerns over their ability to manage their condition in such extreme conditions.


Dogs Diagnosing Diabetes

Some specially-trained dogs can smell a drop in their owner's blood sugar and will alert them so they can eat something. These 'diabetic alert dogs' are trained to detect blood sugar levels from their owner's breath.


Sweet Urine Revelation

The word 'Diabetes' means 'siphon' in Greek, describing the characteristic excessive thirst and urination of patients. Diabetes was first described in ancient times by physicians who noted that ants were attracted to the sugary urine of affected individuals.


From Fish to humans - Insulin Evolution

Insulin, the hormone that is crucial in the regulation of blood sugar and the one that people with Type 1 diabetes cannot produce, has been found to be almost exactly the same in most vertebrates from fish to humans.


Diabetes and Eyes

Diabetes is the leading cause of new cases of blindness in adults. High blood sugar can lead to damage in the blood vessels in the retina, causing a disease called diabetic retinopathy.

World Diabetes Day FAQs

Next World Diabetes Day Dates

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2023 November 14th Tuesday
2024 November 14th Thursday
2025 November 14th Friday
2026 November 14th Saturday
2027 November 14th Sunday
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